The Allies of Humanity and the Greatest Event in Human History Interview

Read Reed Summers’ interview with ‘Beyond the Forbidden’ TV, Oct 6, 2019.

MJ: For those that might be unfamiliar with you and your father, what led you down this lifelong research? And I guess, give a summary of your father’s work with Allies of Humanity. 
RS: Well, my father Marshall Vian Summers has been involved in a very long process of receiving an off-planet communication from a set of beings who call themselves the Allies of Humanity, and then presenting that to the world, and with it, a preparation for this great seminal event in history, which is contact with intelligent life from beyond our world. I grew up in the context of that. That was…our family was, in a sense, enveloped in this very mysterious process. Marshall never set out to make all this happen. He wasn’t a researcher. This kind of…He was selected for some reason to receive these Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. 

And growing up, you know, I had my own plans for life and my own direction and I was pursuing that. And yet periodically, I would turn back to look home, to look to Marshall, and realized in time that, my God, my father is in possession of an urgent message about the reality of extraterrestrial contact, and he will need help to bring this to people, to clarify what it means, and to present this pretty revolutionary material to people. So that’s why I’m here at the moment. 

MJ: What was that spark though, Reed? What was that spark? Because a lot of people it was…Like what was that spark to realize that your father was on to something? Because a lot of people, their spark with awakening, I don’t know, did JFK, 9/11, whatever it is, what was that spark? What was it that kind of puts you on that awakening process? 

RS: For me, it was something very mysterious. I was living and working in the Middle East in Jordan at the time, at that moment, when this happened. And I happened to be out, way out, way out in the desert with a fellow and a Jeep, driving literally through sand, spending the night under rock cliffs and waking up to, you know, pink dawn over the deserts of Wadi Rum and Jordan. And I woke up and looked at the world and looked at the people around me and realized that this world is inexorably going towards—racing towards—a future that is not simply to engage human to human, but human to extraterrestrial, that our world is a part of a larger cosmos of worlds already and it always has been. And everything is pointing to that direction for us as a race.

You know, our own inclination to unite, I believe, as a human family, to learn about each other, to bridge our differences, is simply a step towards engaging with other forms of life, the rest of the universe in essence. So this is the direction our world is taking. And I felt that very powerfully in that moment. 

And it was an awakening for me. I did not feel like I was alone. I did not feel like this was just my life for me, for my own plans and goals and, you know, personal gratification. I felt like I was a part of something. 

And at that point, I already understood what my father had been receiving for many years at that point, which was a preparation for contact that is for people of all religions or no religions, but that does come from a Divine Source as well as an extraterrestrial source—two sources. And we can get into that as we go on. 

MJ: Exactly, and we will. Now, my awakening—I’ve said it many times—I guess, my, the big awakening…I’ve always been fascinated by UFOs. And I grew up watching UFO documentaries with my grandfather, and JFK documentaries. But what really hit me hard was 9/11. I was a sophomore in high school during that time, and so I joined the military. And I did eight years, or six years of active and two years of inactive ready reserve. But think about how I felt when I was already in the military and I joined in ‘05 and my awakening probably to this, I guess, this matrix that we live in, this clown world, this crazy world that we live in was ‘06. And I saw, like, what did I get myself into, you know? But it was definitely everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t go back and change anything. I believe everything plays into the role of everybody’s conscious awakening and the evolution of one’s own spiritual path, whatever path that may be. But let’s go and get into it because I just got a little bit of time with you because I know we could go on to what I just said right there for probably an hour, you know. 

RS: And I know many of your viewers, if not all of them, have had this moment that tells them there’s something more to life than what I’m looking at, seeing in others, what’s being presented to me. I’m here in the world for a reason, I’m connected to the movement of life on Earth. And that movement is not all that’s told about it. There’s something else going on. And this, what I call the Greater Community, the GC component, the Greater Community being the reality of life, the community of life that we’re a part of, this could be a major key for people to understand themselves and this awakening they’ve experienced and their own nature, like, why are you the way you are? And why have you not been able to fit with the way things are? Well, that’s because potentially you bring something that is different from the order of things today. And that’s because you’re a person of the future, you’re a person of this Greater Community, and so very exciting to talk about that. 

MJ: I think a lot of it is about ego, too, Reed. I think people…which a part of ego is the fear—I guess it’s ego—the fear of what others will think of them, you know, which the mental concept plays a role. And just the fear of what my family, my friends will think of me if I start talking about UFOs, if I start talking about consciousness, if I start talking about extraterrestrials. And I’m guilty of that too. There’s a lot of people in my family. I have a lot of friends…

RS: You’re human, but you’re doing it. You’re doing it. 

MJ: Yes, exactly. 

RS: So…

MJ: It’s just, I will get blackballed. I think a lot of people are in my shoes, but probably worse. And they’re afraid that they don’t want to get put on the sideline with their family where their just left out and they just feel like the odd child, the weird one. I think that’s the big struggle with a lot of people. I think there’s a lot…there’s more people that are awakening to things like this, things that you and your father have been talking about, and other researchers out there also. But like I said, I think it’s the fear that keeps them from pushing forward

RS: Yeah, well, push forward we must, so let’s just do this.

MJ: Now with all these books your father Marshall Summers has written, exactly how did he get this information? And over how many years, I guess the time frame, did this information come to him, which eventually led to him having this material?

RS: Yeah, well, Marshall’s awakening itself happened in 1982. And up to that point, he’d been a teacher for the blind, a special educator and, you know, had worked in different fields—really nothing to do…certainly nothing to do with contact, very little to do with spirituality. And then something happened. Something called him out, called him into the mystery of his own experience and compelled him to wander for a time.

And I think this has happened throughout history. People are called out of the crowd; they’re called off the highway of life into the wilderness. And why? It’s not coming from them. It’s not a personal agenda they have. It’s authentically happening. It’s mysterious. 

And yet, what comes, what occurs in the Mystery, brings something new into the world. And that’s what began to happen through Marshall. What began to come through him was a powerful voice experience from an Angelic Presence that said it was intending to reveal a preparation for humanity to emerge into a larger universe of intelligent life and a teaching about what that would mean at every level of individual life and society itself. 

And so that began to flow through Marshall, what is now called the New Message from God. It is a Divine Revelation that is really here to prepare us for this next great step out into a larger cosmos. 

So that went on for a number of years. And much of this is free online. You can listen and read the original revelations that Marshall received over this time. 

And for many years he was living somewhat in seclusion with my mother and myself and a few other people there to assist him. And he was a mystic. He was receiving something from a mysterious Angelic source and it was profound and revolutionary and practical and modern. And it was speaking directly to the need of this modern time, especially as it relates to what it called the Greater Community, or life in the universe. 

In 1997 Marshall was called to receive another communication. Now, this would not be Angelic in nature, this would be extraterrestrial in nature. And the Angelic warned him of this and said that he would be called to receive a set of Briefings from a small group of extraterrestrial observers who called themselves the Allies of Humanity. And these individuals represented free worlds in our vicinity in space who were called to come to the Earth to observe the very dangerous extraterrestrial colonization program that was underway here and had been for some decades. 

They came to deliver their Briefings, their assessment of this colonization, which they called the Intervention, the alien Intervention, and to speak alongside this Angelic communication as almost witnesses to what would be required to maintain humanity’s freedom and sovereignty as we step out into a larger cosmos. 

And so that began in 1997. That was Book One of the Allies of Humanity; Book Two, year 2000; Book Three, 2008 and Book Four, 2016. And Book Four was just released a couple weeks ago. 

So Marshall’s journey here spans many decades. He’s given his life to receive this. And whether you feel this is authentic or plausible, I understand; it’s quite a claim. It’s quite something to say you have received this, but let me tell you, he’s received something. And as his son, I can tell you Marshall has given his life to faithfully render this, publish it, make it free online. He’s a wonderful individual, very grounded, very, very practical and a brilliant teacher. And I really encourage you to just look at some of his videos on YouTube. And I mean, this man knows what this world is facing and has something really special to offer. 

MJ: And Reed, I’ve seen this in a few posts. And I’m going to play devil’s advocate just for a minute, Reed. Now, what do you say to those who may say this is just another New Age type of propaganda movement to push certain ideologies? 

RS: It’s a message. It’s a communication. Now you can contest the source, you can contest the agenda behind it, but it’s fundamentally a Message. So I wouldn’t label it New Age or old age or what, you know. It’s simply a communication that speaks very clearly about the position of our world as it relates to other forms of intelligent life who are here. So I would encourage those before they judge or label it to consider the Message itself. 

As for a certain belief system or…no, absolutely not. I mean, unless you don’t believe there is a Creator, unless you do not believe that there is good at the heart of humanity and that that is our greatest gift and strength that will carry it forward, well then, yes, we are at odds on that because that is its belief system, you could say. It’s that as its truth system. I mean, this is the truth that it puts forward that is at the heart of all the world’s religions. It is moving in the hearts of people of all religions and of no religions. This is what the New Message calls Knowledge, or conscience, or our deeper spiritual Mind. And the New Message is here to encourage people to become aware of that spiritual Intelligence and to follow it in their own life, to whatever end, to whatever direction that takes them. 

MJ: Well said, Reed, well said. And so, now so are there different factions of extraterrestrials that are here on Earth with…and do each of them have their own agendas, possibly with the benevolent and malevolent ET’s? And is there a secret clandestine war going on behind the scenes with these ETs, Reed? 

RS: Well, the Allies of Humanity, again this group of off-planet observers who have come to observe contact as it’s occurring and report on this to us, I’ll share with you what they had said about who is in our world, what they represent and what the end game is for those different parties. 

The Allies have confirmed that contact has occurred throughout history on Earth for thousands and thousands of years, but more of an exploratory nature, scientific nature—not a colonization program. That began only decades ago and is underway today. 

Before that began, yes, there may have been our neighbors in space or other beneficial forces who are here to observe, to watch, maybe to input positive information. But after a certain point when the colonization program became more widespread, those beneficial forces retreated from our world to create a clear and unambiguous situation for us, the natives, to discern. 

Because if there’s ten different races in the world and they all have different names and they claim different origin and they all say they’re here to help us—and some of them are actually here to help us and some are not—how would we discern? Even beneficial forces could confuse the picture for us badly. And that is what the Allies have said, and that is partly why they’ve never come to the Earth itself to plant their flag to establish diplomatic relations. They have been simply observers at a distance…

MJ: Well, I don’t mean cut you off, but just like in Star Trek, is it the prime directive, I believe, something like that, to where… 

RS: I’m not a Star Trek viewer. Help me out on that one.

MJ: I’m hope I’m not saying that wrong, but the prime directive or something like that where…and I’m gonna feel stupid if that’s not the right term, but I’m sure…

RS: I think that’s it, I think that’s it. I’m not quite sure exactly what…

MJ: Let’s say me and you are out in space, you know. We’re highly advanced and we’re exploring space. And we can’t go to another planet and try to implement our ideologies, our beliefs, and things like that. They have to groom themselves and evolve. We can’t mess with their evolution.

RS: Correct. And you know, the Allies speak about that. They say there are rules that govern interaction in this region of space, and those rules will stipulate that invasion is not allowed. Only if the natives allow you, vocally support you being there, is presence permissible. This is in fact what the alien Intervention is promoting, is they’re trying to generate human support for their presence here, despite the activities they’re really engaged in so that they can be here.

And going back to your first question about basically who’s here and what are they, what do they represent. The Allies say that what we are facing are a set of economic collectives who are in our world for really one purpose. And that is to gain access to the world, its resources, and us as a resource and as a workforce, to gain access to the Earth’s resources. That’s all; those are the only ones who are in the world at this time. All those who may have been friendly or beneficial to us have retreated, knowing that only the natives can establish the terms of engagement, and multiple forces in the world competing with each other would only generate conflict and confusion. 

So what we’re facing is a colonization program by multiple collectives, some of whom are in competition with each other, to gain access to this rare gem of a planet that we live on. And they’ve been here for multiple, many decades now. 

And this is really the greatest threat facing our world, greater than any human conspiracy, any elite group, or government, or faction of government, or military with any other agenda—greater than that is the threat of this Intervention. We can talk about specifically why that is. 

MJ: And we will here in just a minute. And it also…I just googled it while you were speaking. It is the prime directive that they were talking about in Star Trek. But I’m glad I got that clear because I didn’t wanna get bashed by some of those, yeah…I don’t want to get bashed by some of my listeners because it’s been a while; I watched it when I was a kid. 

So the reason why I asked you a while ago with the different—I guess with the war—is there a secret clandestine war going on behind the scenes because it seems like there’s a malevolent race of extraterrestrials here. And I guess seems like certain rogue factions in the world have dark agendas that seem to be keeping the human race in the dark with our physical, spiritual and conscious evolution here on Earth. And it just seems like also that are the bad, the malevolent extraterrestrials, if they’re here, it seems like they are winning this war. I don’t know if it’s technically a war but if it is, it seems like they are winning because over the past centuries up to today, we have nothing but violence, wars, division and it’s just…it seems like…I’m not a pessimist, I’m a very optimistic person, but it seems like things are just getting worse, Reed. 

RS: Yeah, well, we are at war…or you could say…although it’s not a physical war. The Intervention is never going to bring physical might to take over the world, in part because they want the world and they don’t want to destroy the world or the people in it, and also because they’re a very small expeditionary force, and force is not their force—physical force. That’s a very human thing to think of, you know, just invading and taking over and destroying the infrastructure. That’s just not how things work in the universe.

Something much more subtle is employed as a weapon. And that is the weapon of influence and manipulation in the mental environment. And yes, there are dark agendas. There may be a deep state and a black budget and all these things operating in the world, but the mother of all those conspiracies is this alien Intervention. 

They are the ones who are offering technology to different factions in the world without the knowledge and consent of people. They are the ones flying in our skies, engaging the governments of the world, taking people against their will. And all of this is generating downstream effects in human society and government where some governments are getting technology that would lead to supremacy militarily. Some corporations are getting technology that would lead to unbelievable profit. Some religions are even being promised—some religious leaders—the promise of supremacy of their faith tradition in the world. 

So lots of inducements…basically every little crack in the wall is being explored and potentially exploited by this presence. Whatever we want, whether it’s spiritual salvation, the return of a religious Savior, free technology, free energy, the ability to go beyond our solar system, propulsion—all of these needs and desires, some of them authentic and some of them not, are being targeted by this alien presence. And promises of power, peace, technology and wealth are being made to specific individuals in positions of power. And I have no doubt that that is creating downstream agendas, you could say, to capitalize off that presence.

But the big problem here is the presence itself. It is the alien presence, which has not disclosed its purposes and is basically generating a smokescreen of conspiracies to hide the really big conspiracy, which is that it is here quietly and slowly taking over at the level of our thinking, at the level of government, at the level of technology, and even at the level of biology because there is an extraterrestrial human hybridization program underway and the Allies of Humanity speak about this.

MJ: And we’ll talk about that hybridization here in just a minute. And do you want to go ahead and move on to the, I guess, the Intervention? Or was that some of it that you were already talking about, Reed?

RS: Yeah, well, the Intervention is what the Allies of Humanity call the overall phenomena, a phenomenon of extraterrestrial visitation by these economic collectives. And so this is what we’re facing. And I know there’s a lot of speculation out there about who’s here: good ET, bad ET; the government is the problem and that ET is trying to help us. And the Allies of Humanity turned the light on in that dark room. They finally cast light on the basic simple truth that we are the native peoples of a new world being discovered by technological powers who are making claims and promises about beneficial intent, but are really here for a much darker purpose. 

And if true, that is the greatest event in human history—period, hands down. And that needs to be taken out of the dark alleys of conspiracy and, you know, the dark corners of the world and of discourse and brought into the mainstream of discourse. And slowly here and there, people are becoming aware of this through major news releases of military involvement and research and study into the reality of contact. More people are becoming aware, but they need to be made aware of not only what is happening, meaning UFOs, abductions, but what it means. 

That’s really the second phase of the questioning that we haven’t quite gotten into yet. And the Allies of Humanity, my God, it is a primer. It is a distillation of decades and decades of research and investigation into all of the phenomena surrounding contact. And basically they just shine the light and say, “This is what’s going on.” Simple as that.

MJ:  Well said, Reed. And one of your previous interviews…I took a screenshot—I was traveling today—I actually had to work. I was traveling and I took a screenshot on my phone of this comment on the—I forgot who was interviewing you—and this person said, “Awesome and inspiring.”  The name is Welcome Om One. This was a one year ago, so I guess one of your interviews about a year ago. “Awesome and inspiring…Thank you, Danny and Reed. I see what you and Karl Mollison have been doing in the channeling series, now connecting the Allies of Humanity, Steps to Knowledge body of work as a powerful collaboration. And I was spontaneously brought to tears at the 56 minute mark in that interview where the story was told of the Allies sacrificing themselves and their ship so as not to be caught by the Intervention in their mission to deliver a message and a gift to Marshall, that they had such faith in our species to risk everything to help us rise to our potential.” Explain a little bit more on that, Reed. What is this person talking about, the Allies sacrificing themselves and their ship?

RS: We’re getting into the story of the Allies of Humanity. The Allies of Humanity made an early mission to Earth and attempted to reach Marshall, my father. And this was a very mysterious and confusing time in our family. We were called out of the city where we were living and to travel to a series of locations that had a Greater Community presence, an off-planet presence. And Marshall undertook those journeys—I was like six months old—I was, you know, a newborn, essentially. And we were on the road on this wild adventure, prompted by an unseen Angelic Voice to go here, and then there, and then there. 

And there were no Allies of Humanity at this point. We had no awareness of this. And Marshall was a spiritual teacher. He was a mystic. He wasn’t even involved in this field, so he didn’t know what was going to happen. 

And Marshall was called to a location. And it was there that first contact was made with a mission by a small group who had come to the Earth to impart perspective and information and an education about the Greater Community in which we live, and also to warn us about this Intervention in our world. This would be back in the 80s—probably 1985. 

This mission was detected by the Intervention, was hunted. And half of the mission terminated themselves and their craft to avoid being captured and much worse. This sacrifice…Basically just think about it: a small group of beings would travel like over 13 years to get to this planet from a variety of different worlds out of a gesture or a need or a recognition that we are a young world on a beautiful planet valued by others, and that we will not make this transition successfully. We will be enslaved, either slowly or quickly, or overtly or subtly; it will happen because of the ground we are standing on. 

You know, we are the native people standing upon the world’s largest oil well, essentially, in the Greater Community, and we don’t know it. We don’t know what we have. We’re destroying it as fast as we can. We have 180-plus countries in the world vying for commercial power, political power. You know, we’re divided; we’re tribal. 

And so these individuals, these Allies of Humanity, made this journey to Earth to impart their perspective, being members of races who had gone through this already. They had been emerging worlds. They had been intervened with. They had reclaimed their freedom. And they had secured their survival in a larger universe of life. 

And seeing our position, they made this journey to impart that perspective.  They, for, I don’t know, for mysterious reasons, identified my father Marshall to receive their Briefings. They attempted to deliver them; they were discovered and they terminated themselves, and the Briefings were not given. That was in the 80s —1985.

And then what happened is a second mission from the Allies of Humanity was launched. And it would take about 12, 13 years to get to this planet again. And that, in 1997, brought forward the first book of Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. 

But what this individual is feeling is this unbelievable…it’s the sacrifice of one race for another, to sacrifice your life for not your own kind. I’ve felt this, seeing people in the world stick their neck out and pay the biggest price for people of another religion or another nationality, and it is moving. 

It’s powerful. It’s almost like this is how God works in the universe. God moves you to reach across the aisle—not to the person sitting next to you, per se—across the aisle of life to reach someone different. And in so doing, you in a sense reclaim a relationship. You bring relationship into you that is a permanent establishment. And so there’s something very mysterious and even spiritual about that sacrifice.

MJ: Well, yeah, this person was touched, Reed. But just like she said, it brought her—I don’t know if it’s a she or he—but it brought them to tears, you know, whatever the way you’re talking about it. And also I have a quote by your…and if this isn’t a quote from your father, I apologize, but it sounds like something that came from him because I didn’t get it from the book; I got it from some website. [ An interview with the Messenger ]

 A Greater Darkness is in the world. It is unlike anything that humanity has ever faced before. Contact has begun, but it is Contact with a dark purpose. In addition, we are facing converging waves of great change—climate change, environmental deterioration, diminishing food and energy resources and the growing threat of conflict and war.

My message has come from the Angels of the Creator who are urgently attempting to enable humanity to recognize this and to prepare for encountering these new realities with wisdom and sobriety. These are the greatest events in human history, but humanity is unprepared.

That’s pretty powerful.

RS: That’s the essential message of my father across 34 years of giving his life to receive this communication and to share with others, is we are. We are facing a Greater Darkness in the world and what that is is the alien Intervention. It is a force that is technologically far beyond us, is psychologically capable of influencing us at various levels, and has an agenda to gain access to this world, and to essentially make us a client in a larger collective state so that the resources of this world can be extracted and used off-planet, thinking—as they think—that better that than we, the natives, destroy it ourselves. And in their view, we don’t have the right to be here. This isn’t our world, necessarily. So that is the Greater Darkness. 

And at that same time, as that quote said, we are facing environmental change on this planet that we have created. We have put ourselves in a position of extreme vulnerability in the universe. Our environment is now changing and is unstable, resources are declining, we have problems on Earth that we are not resolving. And here comes an off planet power with claims that they can resolve it for us.

And people are feeling increasingly desperate for some sort of off-planet salvation, or divine salvation, or salvation from someplace other than their own hard work and our own collaboration as a species. And so, yeah, that passage you read is essentially the New Message in a paragraph .

MJ: And I agree, we are definitely in darkness and dark times and we do need salvation. I agree with that. But the thing is, do we just give everything to an outside force without exactly…because what if that force is not benevolent? What if they have evil agendas? That’s the road, that’s the long hard journey that we have to come to grasp with humanity. What do we need to do? How are we going band together?  Because I do agree. It seems like we almost need help, but the thing is how do we reach out knowing that they will have true intentions and they will have good things for the human race? You know, that’s the only scary thing when it comes to this.

RS: Right. Well, there are…The universe is kind of like Earth. There’s the good, the bad and everything in between. But those we are encountering in first contact are not the good. They are those who have made this journey to this planet for a reason, and it is their reason, not our reason. So we have many hopeful expectations. This is exciting; it’s new; it’s different. It feels almost like we’re stepping out of our human realm into a greater cosmos, and we have a lot of ideas about what that could mean or should mean. And we have needs, right, that we’re not meeting on Earth. So it’s very understandable to want something from contact. 

But in the end, you can’t want anything from this. It is a natural event. It is nature. It is one species moving in on another. This is what happens in nature. We can see this in the world. This is what’s happened in human history. 

Look at the native peoples of North America, South America, East Asia, where a stronger force that has come this distance, for one reason, which is resources, identifies a place and a people and begins to make claims, right, and play into the native peoples’ own narrative, whether it’s religious or spiritual or political, and weave their way in, and all the while undermining the native peoples’ own sense of confidence that they can lead and govern themselves, inflaming tensions and conflicts between tribes. Divide and conquer. 

And so I know what you mean, we are facing what we’re facing. There’s no other way but for humanity to identify the problem and band together to resolve it. And that’s what the Allies ultimately call for. 

And some would ask, “Well, how can we know the Allies are real? How can we know that they are who they say they are?” Very valid question because there are many purported alien messages from forces who say they’re here to do great things or to help us, enlighten us, or what have you. How do you know? 

Well, in the end, where does the power go? Who gets the power? Is it an off-planet power? Is it our government? Is it a religion? Or is it the people? Is it basically the individual? And this is where the ultimate end of the Allies message is the empowerment of the individual to follow what they know, to discern the truth for themselves, and to begin to undertake a preparation for what this will mean, and to give what they came to give. 

And they’re not here to bring power to themselves or to bring us into a galactic federation or anything like that. There’s no hook, you know, there’s no bait. It’s simply a confirmation of what is clearly happening and what we know we need to do about it.

BF: I hate to get all spiritual and everything, but you know, with me living in the South, there’s a lot of…I grew up in a Christian Church, and you always heard the term faith. Now okay, I’m just bringing up a good point, you know, that kind of correlates with what you’re talking about. But if religious people, Christians for example, if they want to have…they have faith in God and Jesus and the Bible and the Word, the message. And you hear it all the time: you gotta have faith. So what’s wrong with having faith in what you’re talking about? I know it sounds crazy. It might to a lot of people. But what’s wrong with having faith in what you’re talking about, what your father’s talking about, compared to—that they’ve never seen or met—compared to Christianity and Jesus and God that they never met. Faith is faith, something that you believe in, you know.

RS: Hopefully, faith is what holds you to the truth when your vision of the truth comes and goes because it’s very difficult to discern reality all the time. Being alive is a very complex matter, and our perception can be skewed. It’s very difficult to have objectivity all the time. 

So see the truth and then have faith in your certainty that that is true. But you have to see the truth first. If an extraterrestrial force comes to this world claiming that they’re from X star system, that this is their backstory, that this is their goal on Earth, that they can fix this, this, and this, that we are, in essence, not capable of being the stewards of this world and we need their help—no other way. Don’t have faith in that. Is that true? Is it plausible? Is it based on observable phenomena? And ultimately, where does it put the power? Because don’t abdicate your power. I feel very strongly about that. 

The individual…and this is in the New Message from God and in the Allies Briefings, the individual is really the actor in the universe, the individual claiming their individuality, their individual authority and giving it in collaboration with others to create a movement, a community, organization. This is what moves the universe. So don’t give away your authority through faith. And I see this all the time. 

Many people, they identify some love and light message and they need it, they want it, they have faith in it—not going to be convinced. 

MJ: With you saying that, Reed, with you saying that, now you’ll…like what I said earlier, you know, how can you say that this isn’t just what—you know, being devil’s advocate—that this is just some new-age propaganda movement? With you saying that, it kind of makes me realize that a lot of other movements out there, they want you to believe in them, everything that they say, without trying to gather answers and trying to come with truth within yourself and try to do your own due diligence homework, and they want you to. So that right there, I guess that’s a plus, a plus right there. 

And now we have about 20 more minutes with you. I got a few more questions so let’s go ahead and get into this. I want to ask you a little bit about—here in just a moment—the artificial intelligence because I believe it’s scary just thinking about that. I just wanna see what your opinions are on that and has your father talked a little bit about that, the threat of AI? But with, now, let me see here, earlier you mentioned the hybridization programs. Now what do you think is the agenda behind these hybridization programs? Because I know it seems pretty disturbing, but is it actually for the benefit of humanity, to jump start our own natural evolution in the universe?

RS: No. Absolutely, it’s not to the benefit of humanity to intervene in our biology.

MJ: I ask that—I don’t mean to cut you off—I ask that because I actually saw several people that were on—not of yours—but maybe a David Jacobs interview or somebody, that actually were kind of, you know: “It’s for the benefit of humanity for these hybridization programs, to push us forward, to help us become more conscious, consciously awoke to, you know, more spiritually evolved.” There’s a lot of people out there that are on the deep end. 

RS: Yeah, slippery slopes I would say. Basically, the hybridization program is a multi-decade program to create a new leadership for humanity, one that looks human, walks human, talks human, but is fundamentally not human and is not aligned to humanity. It’s aligned to the Intervention. And this is the endgame behind the abduction phenomenon. This is the darker side of the Intervention. 

This is not all it’s doing. But in a way, it’s sealing the deal for them because how can you get this out of our genetics, out of our biology? You can mitigate it. And the Allies do speak about this, saying the same things happened to them. 

In the universe, AI is not the threat. In the universe, more advanced and unscrupulous forces who are able to manipulate the mental environment, the environment of thought and emotion, they are the threat. And the Allies speak about the requirements to maintain your freedom and sovereignty in the universe. It’s a pretty tricky business. 

Again, this is reality. This is not an adventure in consciousness. This is not what we would want it to be. But when you step out of wanting something from it, you can finally see what it really is. It is inspiring because we are stepping into the cosmos. We are bridging out of our isolation, this island we’ve been on. This is where our destiny lies. We are meant to take this step. It just means that the first we will encounter are not our friends. They are prosaic forces with an agenda and we have to be able to discern that and deal with it at that level. 

On the other side of that, humanity has a future in this Greater Community. We have gifts to give, and the Allies speak about that. We actually, as they say, are a very spiritual race. We have a lot of spiritual and religious experience alive in our world. 

We are largely…we live in a largely technological universe where worlds are governed by very strict hierarchical governments. Spirituality and religion has been snuffed out in many worlds. It’s been seen to be threatening—a higher power. What could be more threatening to a worldly power? And that’s a hard one to swallow. We want the universe to be more spiritual than we are on Earth today. But the Allies say that that’s not the case. 

So I know the hybridization program and other facets of the Intervention are dark, but that’s not the thing to focus on, I wouldn’t say. We do need to communicate a clear message about what’s going on and give people this perspective. But beyond that, it’s about preparing for life in the universe and undergoing something of a spiritual awakening around that. 

MJ: If you had to put a timeframe on it, Reed, how in our evolutionary process right now, with everything, when do you think that we will be able to join, I guess you could say, our brothers and sisters out there in space? How far down the road are we looking at? A hundred years? Fifty years? Hundred years? A thousand years? I’m not asking you to speculate… 

RS: Yeah, well, you know, the Allies and the New Message from God say a pretty long time. It’s not decades away. We will not be able to leave the solar system for quite a long time. And, again, those who are here are the door-to-door salesmen, you know. It’s not your best friend next door, okay? And we are like the children stepping out of our front door onto the city streets now. And we think everyone’s friendly. We think everyone cares about us.

And welcome to life. Not so. And those who come to your door are often coming to sell something. But more than that, they’re not just coming to our door. These are intruders. We are dealing with an intruder in the house. And so basically, you’re upstairs and there’s someone downstairs, and it’s in the middle of the night and the front door is wide open. Now you can think: “Well, this is our spiritual destiny,” or “This is good,” or “They’re intervening in our biology to upgrade humanity.” That’s all nice thinking. But the truth is you have an intruder downstairs. 

And if you’re okay with that intruder borrowing your children for a few hours or days, I would question your overall ethical framework and your sense of right to be on Earth. People are very quick to give that up. “We have no right to be here. They are the progenitors. They gave birth to us. This is their world.” So quick to give the planet over to anyone who shows up who’s not us.

So it’s time to act like the owner of the house, and to know that we have an intruder. And that intruder has to be dealt with. 

But the city is not evil. The universe is not evil. There are good and bad out there. But first we have to secure our home and then learn the neighborhood and then learn the city. And it’s a large process. 

And this is exactly why the New Message from God has been given because who but God, who is watching this universe unfold, could reveal how the universe works to us? I mean, our science can’t detect that. Even a visiting race can’t really tell us the full picture, either because they don’t know it, or because they have an agenda. And it would…

MJ: No, really? 

RS: Exactly, right? Free information. I mean, there’s no free lunch in the universe. And we need to understand that.

MJ: So with the the Allies, or do the Allies of Humanity Briefings talk about how life began here on Earth, Reed?

RS: The Allies do not, but the New Message does. And this is the Angelic communication. And it does speak about the Earth and its place in this cosmos. It confirms that God set in motion the forces of evolution in the universe, that those forces are under way on their own. There is no Divine power overseeing the universe, controlling the universe. The universe is now in motion at a geological, biological, timescape level, and we are in that.

So the New Message confirms much of what science has found to be true about the evolution of life on Earth, the evolution of humanity. There have been visitations in the past. There have been alterations to humanity in the past, but those are of a very different nature than what’s being attempted today.

MJ: And a while ago, I meant to ask you this but I didn’t want to intervene. Now with the gray extraterrestrials that have been known throughout the UFO research community and certain UFO abduction cases, now are there other races of ETs that are partaking in this abduction phenomena?

RS: Yeah, well, in Allies of Humanity Book Three, the Allies speak about the collectives—their organization, how they function. Basically, these are multiracial organizations. So some of those beings that people are encountering in the abduction phenomenon are potentially the lower-level workers in this system. I don’t know to be honest. And it would be speculation for me to start, you know, identifying races and physiology and stuff like that. But these are multi-racial organizations. 

And again, this is where we have to be careful, I think, of our natural brain response to novelty, you know. You go on the internet and someone’s talking about a new race with a new name from a new star system, and how they’re in competition with this other race. And there’s drawings of them and, you know, all of this.

And it’s interesting. The problem is, is that some of it’s not true. You know, there are actually conspiracies being born by the Intervention simply to obscure the truth. But these conspiracies do contain a little bit of truth, a little bit of falsity. They’re then associated together. And people build this matrix within their own mind—you want to talk about the matrix—a matrix of different data points, some of which are not authentic, some of which are planted. And you build a worldview. You build a view of our world and of contact that is fundamentally not true. It actually is not accurate at all.

And so I see people, you know, trying to piece the puzzle pieces together. But the problem is, is that the puzzle pieces have been manufactured not to fit together. Don’t attempt to take all of this information out there and make it into a coherent picture. You’re not going to be able to. And this is one of the services of the Briefings is, you know, here’s an off-planet observer saying, “This is what it is, just so you know. This might help.” So useful.

MJ: Well said, Reed. And I’m enjoying this conversation, I’m enjoying it. I’m starting to get…I get goosebumps every now and then just just thinking about some of this stuff. Now what are the…I don’t know if you talked about it a while ago. You’re spilling a lot of information out there, so I’m trying to yeah…I’m trying to…

RS: It’s a big picture.

MJ: It is. It is. I’m trying to gather all these puzzle pieces that you’re throwing out there. So what are the four questions your father, Marshall Summers, has for humanity? 

RS: Four questions…Well, there are four questions that the Allies have presented and that Marshall has presented…

MJ: Okay, okay.

RS: …about the nature of contact itself. And this would help people potentially step into it. First is: What is happening?

Second: Why is it happening?

Third: What does it mean for us individually and collectively?

And fourth: What do we do about it? What is the course of action required in light of it? 

So a lot of research and investigation has gone into the first question of what is happening, the phenomena of UFOs, abductions, mutilations, implants. All of this stuff has been researched for many, many years and I and Marshall greatly appreciate that—very important work.

Second: Why is this happening? Very hard to discern. However, when you add up all the phenomena, it is pointing towards a negative intent by and large. I’m not seeing anything go on that demonstrably shows a beneficial altruistic intent by those visiting our world. They can say they are. They can they can give channeled messages saying, “Oh, no, actually the abduction phenomenon is good. It’s part of a plan to upgrade you.” That’s just a statement. I mean, if you’re going to justify the taking of people, the violation of their individual right to be in their body without their permission and working with forces in government and military without the knowledge of people at large, you better have a better explanation than that.

So the Why is it happening, I think we can discern that from the phenomena itself. And it is a bit frustrating to see decades of gathering information, reports, and people are still scratching their head asking, “What’s going on?” To me, it’s becoming pretty clear what’s going on. This is a subtle takeover.

MJ: I agree.

RS: This is a course that is working with different governments, but in a way that is very divisive, promising one government one thing and another government another thing, supporting human conflict behind the scenes. It’s all happening.

Third question: What does this mean? And this is really where the New Message from God comes in, and the Allies of Humanity Briefings, because what this means would be very hard to discern here on Earth just looking up at the stars. We don’t even know we’re a part of. We don’t know what’s going on out there.

And so a Divine Revelation is in the world to help us know what’s going on out there. This is literally the Creator of all life saying this is what’s happening in the universe around you. This is your local neighborhood. This is your neighbor. And this is the local gang or the local commercial force operating in your neighborhood. You need to be aware of it—extraordinarily important information that we probably couldn’t have otherwise. And so it is my belief that the Allies Briefings and the New Message are a key to understanding the What does it mean?—that component.

And finally is the fourth question: What do we do? And this again, this is where the New Message really brings something new into the world. It brings a preparation, a daily practice called Steps to Knowledge, which is free online and is being studied by people all over the globe. 

The goal of this is to bring you your thinking mind into contact with the deeper spiritual Mind within you. Why? Because the thinking mind is vulnerable. It’s vulnerable to greater minds, minds of greater power in the mental environment. 

Our thinking can be manipulated. And I think many people feel the effect of this in the world. And the Allies speak of it. They say there is nonhuman intelligence in the world, and that alone is enough to change the landscape of the mental environment here .

And so it’s not just…our world is not out of control, spinning, you know, barreling towards danger and a cliff only because of us, only because of our desire for technology or, you know, whatever. It’s also because there’s a nonhuman intelligence in the world that is altering and shifting the landscape .

So Steps to Knowledge is really to bring the thinking mind into contact with the spiritual Mind, which cannot be manipulated. This is who you really are. This is beyond thought. This is being. Being cannot be manipulated by another thinking force.

And so it’s critical at this stage in human evolution, where we are coming in contact with minds that are vastly more powerful and concentrated than our own, to connect with this spiritual Mind, which by the way, will support us in all aspects of our life. I mean, this is how we find the people, the place, the purpose that has our name on it in life.

And you know, human beings have been finding this spiritual Mind for millennia, and following it here and there, in all religions and no religions. So the Allies confirm that this is our greatest protection. This is how you protect your mind.

And then with Steps, there’s a whole teaching on Life in the Universe, an education about our local neighborhood of space: What goes on out there? What is it like? What could we…what should we expect? Who will we meet? All of those questions are answered in the New Message and in the Allies Briefings.

And so those four questions are what the Allies put forward as a framework for understanding this phenomena and what we need to do about it.

MJ: Well said, Reed. And that’s about what we’re going to…I think that’s a good stopping point for this segment, part one of our conversation. Now you pretty much explained…that was a good way to end off for this time, but is there one last message or anything else you may want to say before before we leave for this time?

RS: I just want to confirm that, you know, there are people in the world who have a Greater Community nature, like a nature that is connected, inherently connected, to life beyond the world. And no wonder life on Earth has not made sense because life on Earth…Humanity is more or less in denial or in ignorance of life beyond. And so but for some of us, we have this nature. And it’s very…it’s almost like an awakening itself to realize that and to know that you’re not alone, that there is a community of people in the world who also have that deeper nature and are stepping forward to undertake a preparation for it. 

And that’s what Marshall is leading. That’s what I’m helping lead with him. And you know, the material is there for people to study on their own. It’s all free online. And there there are people around the world gathering to learn this education, to undertake this preparation and really to kind of finally fit the puzzle pieces together.

And I think when that begins to happen for you, there’ll be a great sense of relief, almost like, “Okay, finally I can be here, you know? I know how to fit.” Because if the…this is a statement from the New Message. It says if the world makes sense, you don’t make sense. If you make sense, the world doesn’t make sense.

MJ: That’s pretty powerful.

RS: You make sense. That’s the truth. You make sense and the world does not yet make sense. But by finding what makes sense about you and about where you came from before this life and are going in this life and how you’re connected to the larger phenomena affecting life on Earth, you begin to understand where the world is in its evolution and what you can do, how you can participate.

And I think that finally puts to rest some of the gnawing edge to life for those who have this deeper nature and this destiny to participate really in the greatest step forward that the human family may ever make, which is stepping out into a larger universe of life as a free and united world.

MJ: Well Reed, well said. And everybody that’s watching or listening to this, who I’m gonna have it as a mp3 format also, go to some of these websites: You can go to, And go to Amazon. Check out the the Allies of Humanity Books One through Four. And Reed said Book Four is free online, correct?

RS: Correct, yep. And it’s one dollar on Amazon at the moment.

MJ: That’s awesome. And everybody check it out. And I will give all the links in the description below, and just let me know what you think of this interview. What do you think of the Allies of Humanity? And ask some questions within the comments because I will have Reed back on in the near future, hopefully within the next month or two, and we can have part two of the discussion. Reed. Reed Summers. Man, I’m telling you, this was mind-blowing. I appreciate it. I salute you, my friend. And you have a good night, sir.

RS: Thank you Mike.  

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