Myths, Misconceptions and Logical Fallacies Regarding Alien Contact

Below is a growing catalog of the beliefs, assumptions and logical fallacies that keep us from being able to understand the presence of the non-human alien intelligence (NHI) currently present in our world.

This is an attempt to document “the problem of human denial” which is something we need to address within ourselves as we go through the ontological shock of reconciling our human beliefs, traditions and sense of identity within a larger universe of intelligent life. 

It is natural to have hopes and expectations of Contact and of life beyond our world. But now life is requiring that we move beyond these initial responses, in order to deal with the reality itself.

Initial Responses and Assumptions

  • Assuming humanity is special in the universe and, therefore, a unique object of interest or attention.
  • Assuming the visitors are probably interdimensional, given their technological capabilities in the face of ours and our scientific understanding of physical reality.
  • Opportunistic and frontiers-thinking in our view of space and the visitors. Free energy, new worlds to colonize, a tech fix for our planetary crisis.
  • Projecting our human aspirations, dreams, and ambitions for something better onto the visitors E.g. “space brothers” – “adventure in consciousness” – “greener pastures”—“Everything happens for a reason”—“There are no coincidences in the universe.”
  • Believing we can gain from the visitors the technology we need to solve our problems on Earth.
  • Thinking they are here to save us in our planetary crisis, elevate our consciousness, redeem us in our failed state and for this reason, they’ve come just at the right time.
  • Thinking this is the return of ancient aliens, distant ancestors, or a master race that seeded humanity.
  • Thinking these beings must be fallen angels—because they defy the laws of God’s universe and operate in aberrant ways. Because of the overarching truth of the Bible there must be a biblical explanation for their existence.

Myths, Misconceptions and Logical Fallacies

  • If they’re not attacking us, they must be here to help us.
  • If they wanted the world, they wouldn’t have wiped us out and taken it already. 
  • Because they haven’t made any overtly aggressive moves against us, they must be here with some kind of positive intent.
  • The visitors must have transcended war and conflict to be technologically capable of traveling between stars to reach Earth. If they have the tech to do what they can do, then they must have transcended obstacles like war, conflict, disease, and limits to lifespan.
  • If the visitors are technologically advanced then they’re probably spiritually advanced as well
  • There can’t just be bad ETs, there must also be good ETs. It’s probably a 50/50 thing.
  • Rhetorical evasion and “whataboutism” to distract from what ET is doing—e.g. What about us harming animals, what about the deep state, what about government abductions, what about the illuminati/bilderbergers/this-that-the-other conspiracy?
  • The ET’s wouldn’t need the resources of this world as they already have mastered free energy and space travel.
  • ET would be better stewards of Earth than we are. Maybe they should take it from us. Given what we’re doing to the planet, they have the right to come here and become the natives themselves.
  • The Government is the bad actor keeping secret what could be a good event for humanity. Bad Government. And therefore probably good ET.
  • The government is planning an alien false flag operation or psy-op to shock people with the fear of alien invasion in order to consolidate their power and further enslave the planet.

Common refrains and cop outs

  • You create your own reality—if the ETs are here, even if doing negative things—we brought that on ourselves, we are to blame because everything that happens is a result of us creating our reality.
  • Don’t manifest evil with your negative thinking. Fear is not your friend. Anything “fearful” (cover for “I’m feeling afraid hearing this”) cannot also be truthful. Negative thoughts about ETs are just our own negativity. We need to manifest love, and see the visitors as loving.
  • Everything happens for a reason. If Aliens are here, it is meant to happen; we just don’t understand why. ”Whatever happens, is the right thing.”
  • You don’t understand the higher dimensions, and we are all moving higher into quantum blah-blah, ascension, and the Aliens are here to help us reach this higher state.
  • God set in motion the natural forces of evolution; everything is unfolding according to God’s will in perfect expression because God is the author of all. Clearly this ET phenomenon represents God’s will in some way.
  • Reality is an illusion anyway—matter is not real because atoms are as vacuous as outer space. What we see isn’t even there, so… “these UFOs are probably quantum, dimension, energetic, vibrational blah blah blah…”
  • We live in a holographic universe; everything you think you see is not real, ETs included, so why worry?
  • Ascension; 5-D graduation; Levels, hierarchies, orders of development; Dimensions—all meaning that to see these as physical visitors with physical goals is lower order thinking.

Pro-Intervention, Pro-colonization Arguments

  • Until you get your own house in order and stop torturing animals, Stop pointing fingers, the ETs are doing nothing worse than what we’re doing.
  • The evil governments are mutilating cattle and abducting people. Aliens would never do that.
  • Human DNA is flawed, needing improvement or husbandry.
  • Earth is a “prison planet” and is quarantined until we make reforms.
  • Humanity is intrinsically flawed, except those souls from beyond who come to assist: Lightworkers, Starseed, Indigo, Crystal, Star children, Walk-ins.
  • The oneness of everything—we should join with the visitors because to not do so is to reject the oneness of all life.
  • Humans are ruining the planet, destroying life. Aliens must be better.
  • Look what we do to animals. Who are we to point a finger at them for what they do to us?

Pro-Abduction Arguments

  • You agreed to be taken (abducted) before coming into this life; long ago you made a “soul agreement.”
  • Aliens must be harmless because abductees are returned “unharmed” and claim to have had an inspiring or uplifting experience.
  • Gaslighting: psychologically and physically traumatic abduction experiences are due to the shortcomings or “fear-based consciousness” of the abductees themselves.
  • ETs are simply unaware of human beings’ physical pains. Because we feel pain or fear doesn’t mean they meant to inflict this upon us.
  • Most abductions are human military abductions. If the ET’s abduct people, its with a specific beneficial intent.

Human Tendencies and Susceptibilities that Can Be Manipulated

  • Susceptibility to novel and gratuitous information, especially technological, controversial, or salacious in nature.
  • Guilt regarding the state of human affairs and our destruction of the Earth and its natural environments, animal life, and human life; dereliction of responsibility for the planet and the fear of our human future as a result.
  • Desire for rescue, escape from responsibility, dependency needs, desire for independence without self-reliance.
  • Hope that somehow we will be exempted from our plight, or that a “god in a box” (deus ex machina) could come down at the end and save the day.
  • Solipsism, the individual form of being anthropocentric, where we think the world revolves around us.
  • Denial: the mind’s tendency to shut down to new information when facing the complete unknown.
  • Seeing advanced technology as magical and seductive because the mechanism is not understood.

Human Beliefs and Aspirations that Can Be Manipulated

  • Our longing to end Separation from God, spirit, oneness.
  • Our sense of personal destiny, purpose, or calling to do something important, feeling your life is special.
  • Knowing there is a greater reality and that space/the universe may be connected to that.
  • Feeling our human future is in space, as part of a greater association of worlds.
  • Religious and spiritual aspirations looking above to the heavenly abode, confusing outer space with heaven.
  • Altruism-a sense of mission to be of service to others and to life itself.
  • Our religious experience and longing for a heavenly home or reality beyond physical life
  • Personal sense of past lives in other worlds.
  • The need to personally and spiritually advance in our lives.

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