Contact With Extraterrestrial Life Has Consequences

Hello, my name is Reed Summers. I write and speak on the UFO/UAP issue and work to present a comprehensive and logical framework for understanding Contact and our human evolution in a universe of intelligent life. 

My focus is on the activities and agenda of the alien visitation occurring in our world, unraveling the mystery of why these beings are here, their activities, and the overarching purpose propelling their involvement in our world.

I am also a principal teacher of a curriculum for developing the greater capabilities of our human spiritual intelligence and learning how to apply these capabilities to meet the growing environmental, social, and political challenges we face, as well as the frontiers of interaction between human beings and non-human, extraterrestrial intelligence from beyond our world.

On my site, I work each day to bring clarity, logic, and a nuanced approach to understanding the event of Contact. I explore the intricate dynamics at play between the UFO phenomenon, government disclosure, and the environmental, social, and technological trends already reshaping our world. Additionally, I’m deeply fascinated by the ontological and existential questions surrounding Contact and how this event will impact our human societies, religions, and even our own personal lives.

Overall, I believe Contact represents a major evolutionary hurdle for the human species—one that will challenge our existence as never before but also offer us real paths to greater unity and cooperation that are desperately needed right now in the world. 

And I also believe the individual is the key actor in this picture, and that we can only overcome this hurdle through enough inspired contribution and thoughtful, conscientious involvement by individual people like you and me, and many others.

Contact is a species-to-species interaction, and we are the individual members of the human species. Nothing represents the reality of our species more than each individual human being. I believe the extraterrestrial intelligences visiting our world know this based on their intense scrutiny and involvement with individual people over 80 years. And I believe we need to know this as well.

We shouldn’t relinquish our part in this equation to either human or non-human forces. And in fact, this is a big part of my work: to re-empower the individual and help them see how to become involved in constructive and healthy ways and bring forward their unique contribution.

Therefore, I believe Contact belongs not under military or government purview but instead out in the open, in the citizen space. Here we become empowered to become the prime actors in this species-to-species equation now taking shape and contributors to bettering this equation on behalf of the human race.

So let’s dive in, get grounded and informed, and find out how to become involved in what could be the biggest event of our lives and of the human species as a whole.

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