on UFOs and Contact with extraterrestrial life

  • What is the UFO/UAP phenomenon?
  • Are these craft of non-earth origin?
  • Does this represent ET contact?

1.The evidence surrounding the UFO/UAP phenomenon indicates that craft of non-earth origin are present in our world.
2.These craft are intelligently piloted and represent an incursion into our world by one or more non-human intelligences.
3. These visitors may already know everything about the human species by studying our human biosignature, the technological fingerprints of our civilization and the decades of radio and satellite transmissions that have released our human sovereign data into space.
4. Our response to Contact requires a non-military-based approach and must involve human society and governance beyond national boundaries and with the goal of transparency, ethics and a unified human response.
5. Contact is a species-to-species interaction and the information regarding this interaction belongs in the citizen domain, with individual human beings the stakeholders in deciding the outcome for our species.
6. Our governments and militaries are clearly concealing information from the public regarding UFO activity, recovered craft and materials and possible agreements over recovered or transacted ET technology without public awareness or consent.

Discerning UFO/UAP Origins & Intentions

Who are they & Why are they here?

When considering explanations for this phenomenon:
consider the possibilities,
but pursue the probabilities

The Alien presence is not revealing its intent. Given this secrecy, we should look to their activities.
Behavior reveals intent. 

From this behavior we can begin to begin to identify the “zone of probability” regarding their intentions, differentiating what are the more/less likely explanations.

The UAP phenomenon needs to be reframed


We know nothing about them.

but they may know everything about us.

The Way forward for UFO Disclosure

  • Why are they unwilling to disclose the UFO/UAP phenomenon to the public?
  • What will the government ultimately reveal?
  • How can we gain actual disclosure of the alien presence?
1. Disclosure needs a clearly defined set of goals and methods as well as a statement of direction and intended outcomes.
2. The reality of the phenomenon should determine the goals and approach to its disclosure. We need to understand what it is we are even trying to have disclosed.
3. The purpose of disclosure should be to reveal the Alien presence—its activities and agenda. This is more important than disclosure of government secrecy.
4. Government secrecy operates within a larger alien secrecy.
5. Disclosure of government secrecy cannot fully reveal the alien secrecy that stands behind it.
6. Controlled vs Catastrophic? There is a third option: Focused Disclosure.
7. Ultimately, we will need to go around and above government to gain the disclosure we need.

We are asking for disclosure from those we do not trust, hoping we can trust what they disclose.

Alternate Paths for Disclosure

The government and military establishment will always resist disclosure, foster ridicule in the public and seek to intimidate whistleblowers and prohibit information being released.

We therefore need to pursue alternate routes to disclosing the alien secrecy without relying on willing admission by government, military and the private sector/contractors involved.

  • Examine all Contact-related phenomena against recent revelations of government involvement in UFO/UAP phenomena provided by government whistleblowers, including reports of:
    • UFO sightings (air, land, ocean)
    • Alien abduction
    • Intrusion into military facilities and restricted airspace
    • Altercations with military weapons platforms
    • High-risk behavior around civilian aircraft
    • Animal mutilation
    • Human technological implantations
    • Agreements and tech transfers made with certain state/non-state actors
  • Study the dynamics of species interaction using the human behavioral sciences and our historical understanding of human societies, conflicts and colonial interventions
  • Consider corroborating information from possible ET Observers, “Neutrals” or a potential alien whistleblower

We need disclosure of the Alien secrecy, not just government secrecy. It is critical now to focus on a broader set of sources which can be used in developing a logical framework for understanding Contact and the intentions and activities of the non-human intelligence now present in our world.

The Goal: Develop a logical approach to Understanding Contact that differentiates possibilities from probabilities, synergizes the findings of 80 years of UFO research and takes a Cautious and defensive “native mindset” while remaining open, grounded and rational in our approach