James Webb, UFO Disclosure and Our Human Biosignature

This is big—much bigger than it first appears.

An announcement from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) program could be coming regarding the discovery of alien life on an exoplanet 120 light years away. 

Such a discovery of life “out there” could have reverse implications for us down here on Earth, our understanding of the UFO/UAP phenomenon and the possibility of contact with non-human intelligence (NHI). 

If we are ever visited by an NHI, this may be connected to the human biosignature we have unknowingly transmitted, which they have detected, analyzed and now acted upon. 

More on that below. But first, let’s consider the possibility of disclosure of the existence of alien life, both in the universe and within our own world.


Ufology and the space sciences (astronomy, astrobiology) are fields that have never coexisted well and at times seem to resist each other in their premises and approach. It’s understandable, but unfortunate as they are both seeking to uncover the same reality, only from very different angles.

But now the findings of these fields may be intersecting in important ways. 

The discovery of life in the universe will eventually come and this could represent a “double disclosure” event in our near future. 

The discovery of life in the universe AND the discovery of alien life presently visiting our own world—arriving in roughly the same period of time—would be findings that mutually corroborate each other and combine to create a massive ontological event for humanity, shaking the very foundations of our understanding of who are, our origins as a species and our place in the universe.

Obviously, the second of those two discoveries—an alien visitation to our world—would be more massive. But together they converge and present a new set of possibilities and risks we may not have considered. 


Some are anticipating a James Webb announcement or paper is forthcoming on the discovery of life on a specific, identifiable world: 

“Potentially, the James Webb telescope may have already found [alien life]… it’s just that they don’t want to release or confirm those results until they can be entirely sure, but we found a planet that seems to be giving off strong signals of biological life.” – @astro_timpeake

If we can ultimately detect the biosignatures of life on an exoplanet light years away, then life on Earth could be observed in the same way by another civilization more advanced than our own.

But wait, is alien life already here? 

An announcement of the discovery of life in the universe would come out at a time when the US government is admitting to the long-term study and tracking of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in our skies and growing whistleblower evidence pointing to government knowledge and possession of craft of non-human origin and possibly even the biological remains of their inhabitants.

So if—just if—we’re already being visited, who cares about the discovery of alien plankton on a remote exoplanet?

Because it’s possible Earth’s biosignature is what prompted an alien visitation that is occurring in our world right now. And understanding what prompts alien visitation may help us understand the motives of the visitors themselves. 


Imagine for a minute what the earth biosignature would be. What would Earth be saying to those watching from afar?

The Earth would give off much more than the life-bearing chemical signature of dimethyl sulfide. 

Earth would be lighting up like a Christmas tree with the evidence of industry and technology, the rapid alteration of our terrestrial environment and a massive dump into the atmosphere of the by-products of irresponsible civilization: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons, all in a very rapid period of Earth history.

The Earth may be a blinking beacon in our part of the galaxy, screaming: “I have life. I have advanced life. I have a destructive civilization. My habitability is being altered.” The message would be loud and clear to anyone looking.

If our planet is already transmitting the message of life and life-bearing capability, then we are adding to that message the words: “civilization, alteration and destruction” and it’s possible that message can be discerned, leading to some kind of response. 


A planetary SOS in our planet’s biosignature could be the event that draws advanced life to Earth, at which point they could easily observe the details of our unfolding civilization and seek to influence it in some way.

Given that Earth-like worlds are rare (or at least more rare than common) and that rarity confers value from a resource perspective, we need to be aware of the signal we are putting out into space. 

Imagine what we humans would do if we detected a valuable planet putting off such a distress signal and we had the capability to travel the distance to see what was happening and affect the outcome in some way—probably for our benefit. If we humans would do it, it’s safe to assume another civilization might also.


In our isolation as a species, we have developed almost no awareness of how our civilization, operating on the exposed surface of our world, may already have been detected and observed over time. 

And this observation may not be happening from light years away, but from right at our doorstep.

Our lack of awareness of our “earth-space boundary” and the need to monitor and track what transits that boundary could represent a major vulnerability for the human species right now. 

But it’s not just what comes in, it’s what we put out. And that could represent an even greater vulnerability to us on the ground. 


Humanity has been broadcasting high-frequency radio, television, and radar communications into space for decades, blasting our local universe with massive amounts of human data.

All of our geopolitical struggles, our culture wars, our technological accomplishments and the growing crises enveloping our human species—all have been laid bare to the universe around us, and to any advanced intelligence that might be passing by or observing us directly. 

And we have also opened up our human psychology for complete analysis, revealing all the data points required to master an understanding of our human weaknesses, strengths, desires and tendencies—everything that makes us do what we do.

This is much more than just observational information. This is the data of our human species.

In fact, we’ve already unknowingly relinquished our human “data sovereignty” to the universe around us and we can’t get it back. From here on, we have to assume that any visitation by any non-human intelligence will be able to analyze and study—or more concerning: to systematically utilize this data in their dealings with the human species.


This all might sound like “what ifs” and “hypotheticals.” 

But not now. Not anymore. 

Given the present evidence of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, these are now possibilities to be taken seriously.

Starting around 80 years ago, widespread sightings began of anomalous craft appearing in our upper and lower atmosphere, in our oceans, and on land. These widespread sightings began around the time of the last World War and following the detonation of nuclear weapons. 

And the rate of sightings and reported phenomena has grown in lock step with the technological ascent of the human species, the destruction of the Earth’s terrestrial environment, and our alteration of its climate.

This phenomenon is currently being observed worldwide, with thousands of sightings reported a year, admission of concern by current government officials, whistleblower evidence revealing government possession of “craft” and “biologics” and decades of in-depth UFO research all coming together to shed light on the real possibility that these are craft of non-human origin, operated by a non-human intelligence (NHI) of some kind.

Whatever they are, these objects or craft are transiting through our Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere (air, land, ocean) at will, evading our detection and for purposes that have not been disclosed.

What was hypothetical is now possible and, as I argue below, is in fact becoming a new probability, in ways that are urgent and alarming. 


Again you could say this is wild conjecture and that all of the above are just sci-fi musings remote, if not irrelevant, to the findings of the James Webb Space Telescope and to modern science and astronomy.

But again—not now, not anymore.

It is very possible we have unknowingly transmitted into the universe a planetary bio-signature that can be detected by non-human intelligence and which could prompt observation and visitation to our world. 

It is possible that we have added a “civilization signature” to that biosignature, through our industrial activity and alteration of the planet. 

It is possible that, once in the vicinity of the Earth, an observing or intervening NHI could use our sovereign data and the records of our civilization to fill in all the gaps of understanding, and answer all the remaining questions about who and what we are—everything about us.

And it is possible that this “ultimate data-set” on the human species could be used to analyze, influence or intervene in our species in ways we don’t want, ultimately being used to supplant us as the apex species in this world.

Given the value of the world and the fact that we are destroying that value at breakneck pace, these possibilities are worth considering. 

Yet beyond considering, given the evidence that non-human intelligence may be present in our world in the form of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, and considering the concerning behavior and activities of this NHI across the spectrum of observable “contact phenomena,” I believe these possibilities are becoming probabilities now.


We like to think of ourselves as the protagonists in the great “story of the frontier”—mastering new land, water, air and now space. “If anyone will be in the role of the discoverer, it will be us.” But we have to consider the possibility that we will not be the discoverers, and that we will be the ones to be discovered.

We have revealed our biosignature to the universe around us and have told the universe about our species.

We have minimal capability to detect and track craft in our solar system and possibly even within the Earth’s atmosphere and terrestrial environments. 

We have transmitted our sovereign human data out into space in an unrecoverable way, and continue to do so every second of every day.

We need to turn our attention to our border with space. We are vulnerable, and we are being visited. 

We have drawn interest and inquiry into our world, and now possibly some form of intervention into human affairs. 

We do not know who they are, why they’re here and what their purpose is.

We know nothing about them. But they may know everything about us.

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