Exopolitics TV interview with Alfred Webre

On January 3rd 2018, Alfred Webre invited me on his show Exopolitics TV to provide a briefing on the truth behind UFOs, Contact and the possibility of Disclosure from the perspective of the Allies of Humanity, an off-planet group of observers monitoring the activities of the alien presence in our world.

In the first hour, Alfred invited me to present an overview of the perspective and information provided in the Allies of Humanity Briefings. In the second hour, Alfred asked me to apply the Allies perspective to a case of purported contact: “interdimensional craft in Spain transmits message to humanity.”

The full two hour interview was broadcast live on Facebook and was later published in full on Exopolitics TV. I’m publishing here the first hour of the interview with higher quality audio/video.

It is essential now that we see the reality of Contact for what it is: an intervention into our world by ET forces who are here with an agenda of integrating into human society in order to gain access to our planet and its resources.

For the clearest distillation of this realty, be sure to read the Declaration of Human Sovereignty, a powerful document drafted by Marshall Vian Summers and a small group of individuals aware of the ET Intervention and working to bring this awareness to millions of people.

Alfred Lambremont Webre: Welcome everyone. We have the distinct privilege of being with Reed Summers, who, with his father, Marshall Vian Summers, for the the work of Allies of Humanity, an organization that Marshall Summers started in 1992. And Reed is also the director of, of the Society for a New Message. Thank you for, for coming on to this. I guess it’ll be a multi-level event; and one that, for me, has been in the making for, for many years; because [echo] issue in that, oh I have to, I have sound coming more from the, from the Facebook over here. Because in in the summer of 2–, 2005 my own book, Exopolitics, which was credited with founding the fledgling science, according to some, of Exopolitics; and that is the study of a populated universe and multiverse, populated and organized by intelligent species and interdimensional civilizations. 

At that time I was invited to my first public conference. And I was invited as the keynote speaker by Professor Leo Sprinkle at the University of Wyoming to deliver an Exopolitics address, and right there was a very handsome stand by the Allies of, Allies of Humanity. And during the breaks we struck up a conversation speaking with each other. And I was really struck by the advanced thinking which was coming out of the people there, because I had just spent this amount of time thinking about the same issues. So I was so struck by that. So I’m very happy that at this time 12 years later our paths finally come, come together. And as I understand it you are now going out around the communities giving briefings on the Allies of Humanity. And now with all of the leaks that are coming out about ET disclosure at the quasi official level; that is you’ve got the, at least in the US, you’ve got organs like the New York Times and CNN dealing with issues of extraterrestrials; which, if you go to the website of Allies of Humanity, which I urge everyone here to do, there’s some very deep concerns here.

Reed Summers:  Uh huh.

ALW: And so what I thought is that for the first hour of our two hours being together here, approximately, you could brief us and bring our audience and myself fully into the perspective of the Allies of Humanity, which is, as I understand it, they are true Allies of humanity. There are, these are the views that have been shared by some advanced communities out there; and you’ll be telling us all about that. So without further ado, please.

RS: Right, Alfred. Well thank you for that intro and the opportunity to share what is really a tremendous body of work that’s been coming through my father, Marshall Vian Summers, for near on 34 years. It’s been a multi-decade journey. And the Allies of Humanity Briefings are part of that Message that has come through my father; and they present a sobering but deeply grounded and clear assessment of the reality of contact that’s happening in the world today. It has been happening for some decades. And I feel the Allies briefings really represent kind of one of the first starting points that people should, should stop at in their journey of this of exploring the phenomenon around UFOs and contact, and disclosure as well. It’s perhaps the most clear distillation of decades and decades of research by thousands of individuals around the world that I think has been provided to the world. And what better place to start than a clear objective assessment of what visitation is and what we personally and collectively need to do about it?

So I’ll talk a little bit about how the Allies Briefings came to be. And then I’ll just basically present the essence of what the Briefings say about contact; what is happening; why it is happening; what it means and what must we do, each of us personally and collectively, about contact.

So in about the year 1997 my father, Marshall Vian Summers, was deep in the process of receiving a communication from an Angelic Source about the future of our world in what it called a Greater Community of Life, a Greater Community of worlds in the universe of which we have always been a part. Every minute, hour and year of human existence has played out in this Greater Community. And yet we are unaware of it and unprepared for it. And this Message coming through my father, which even in the year 1997, was many thousands of pages in length and which is now called—you can find this message online—it’s called the New Message from God; and much of it has been released online for people to read and to hear. Even in 1997 thousands of pages had been given already, and the reality of contact was was kind of the emerging next piece of the puzzle being given at that time in Marshall’s life.

And it was at that time that a remarkable contact was made; and my father was not looking for it, expecting it. In fact, the preparation for it went back many years before 1997. But it was in 1997 that the Angelic Presence that my father had been working with over many years, receiving these Divine communications for the world which related to our emergence into this universe of life, signaled that another Message must be received; but not from the Source that he had been connecting with for so many years up to that point. Instead it would be from a group of off-planet observers who called themselves the Allies of Humanity. And Marshall went through some waves of reluctance and anxiety about what this would be. You know, “What am I receiving here?” You know, “Can I trust this? Is this where, where is this gonna take me in my family?” And though he was involved in the world of contact to some degree his emphasis was more on teaching what he then called the Greater Community Spirituality, spirituality that is universal to life in the universe that is being introduced into our world for the first time. And the book, Greater Community Spirituality, by Marshall Vian Summers, was, was released in that time frame. You can go read that online. It is an unbelievable cosmological and theological window through which to look into the, into the larger cosmos in which we live. It really is a very special text.

And so with reluctance and some anxiety, Marshall accepted to receive this communication coming from this group of off-planet observers called the Allies of Humanity. And it was in 1997 that Book One of the Allies of Humanity Briefings was given. And this was given to Marshall really in a state of revelation whereby the Angelic Assembly was acting as the conduits for it, for this communication to be spoken through my father’s own voice into an audio recorder and then to be transcribed and published, which is how all of the Revelations he’s received have been delivered. And the Allies of Humanity stated that they did not want to use a technological means of conveying their information because it could be tracked, could be thwarted, maybe even manipulated in some way. And, and so this spiritual connection was, was made possible. And of course, Marshall had been engaged in this for years at that point, and so his connection was quite strong with the Angelic Presence.

So what came through Marshall in that year was a book of briefings by the Allies of Humanity that really set forth to observe and detail the activities of the hidden extraterrestrial presence in our world: why they’re here; who they are; and what they’re doing and why—to answer those fundamental questions. And Book One of the Allies of Humanity was, for me—and it was an amazing text—let’s see, I was somewhere around 13 years old at the time. And I do remember reading it, uh hah, certainly on my own, on my own initiative a couple years later. And what this book opened up was a world of connection, really, a connection with the Greater Community. And it activates it. It speaks to it. It calls it forth. And it, and it recognizes it in us in a way that is really special. So I really recommend everyone go and read the Allies of Humanity Briefings Book One—it’s free online—and have that experience for yourself.

So, this book really opened up a whole world through, that, that would later be revealed in unbelievable detail through Marshall and the years following; and I’ll talk a little bit about that later. But the essence of the Allies’ Message in Book One is that we are an emerging world. We are a young adolescent race stepping out of adolescence into adulthood. And we are literally standing at the threshold line in evolution that separates our adolescence from, really, the emergence of our race as a free and sovereign people in a vast universe of life. This is the step that we are about to take, or maybe the shoe has, you know, left the floor but hasn’t landed yet. We’re somewhere in the middle of taking this big step at an evolutionary level out into the Greater Community. And just like an adolescent in a big city, stepping out onto pavement of the big city, we’re leaving the familiarity of our home and environment and entering an environment of tremendous influence and challenges and survival; but also greater relationship and connection as well. It’s really a greater panorama of reality as we see it here in the world. And yet to function and survive, and even succeed and thrive, we need something. We need a preparation. And we need a set of Briefings from those free worlds in our vicinity to tell us about the environment we’re stepping out into, and to reveal to us clearly the form of contact that’s underway that really is forcing our world out into this greater environment of life. You know, this isn’t going to be on our terms. We’re being compelled out, beyond our doorstep, onto the big city streets because contact is underway. Contact has been underway for over five decades. It’s been underway for a very long time, in ancient times; but not in the form it is today. What we’re experiencing today is a very different form of contact with a very different agenda and outcome. And heretofore we, even those who are aware of contact have not been able to assess this clearly, to assess who is here, why they’re here and what they’re doing and why. And so this is why the Allies of Humanity briefings were sent.

And so in the briefings the Allies both talked about our emerging world, this evolutionary track that all worlds take as they step out into a larger universe of life; and the great challenges that that brings—challenges of going from tribes to nations, going from nations to a world community, the challenge of facing environmental destruction, which the Allies reveal most races who emerge take that course; and basically causing vast destruction to their natural environment, rendering them very vulnerable in the future. So we have this beautiful picture provided by the Allies about the process of emerging out of isolation in the universe where all we do is interact with each other—human to human—to being a world involved and connected to the Greater Community of worlds where interaction will occur with other forms of intelligent life.

So we have that beautiful picture painted by the Allies of Humanity, and then we have a very sobering exposé of the reality of contact as it is occurring now, not by the Allies, but by what they call the intervention. And the Intervention is in essence a consortium of groups who are here in the world primarily because of the resources of the world, in, as well as its strategic position in our local region of space, and the receptivity and usability of the human species. So in essence, as we step out into this larger universe, we don’t encounter scientists and enlightened races and ascended masters and all of this. We encounter in the prosaic: resource explorers—those willing to make the long journey to get here for a reason—because there is something valuable about this world and about us humans. And this the Allies call the Intervention.

And the Intervention is really a set of economic collectives who are here to explore our world, try to integrate themselves into this world—and into humanity—in order to make this world a part of their collective. And it’s not the picture of contact that any of us wanted, for sure. It’s, it was sobering at first for Marshall and, and myself and everyone around him, because naturally we want to think the best and want to hope for the best and we want to find something in contact that inspires us, that takes us beyond the limits of the human realm and, yeah, gives new possibility to human life, new technology, new realms of social structuring or governance or something. And so we all have this natural optimism facing the unknown, which is entirely appropriate and, well, acceptable, given our long in isolation, you know? All we’ve had is our own imagination and some degree of scientific inspection of the universe through optics and other forms of science, but we haven’t had anything to really give us a full heartbeat on what life is like out there, to really wake us up and give us a sober view.

So the Allies presents that sober view. It is reality based. It is grounded in our experience of nature. And it basically paints the picture of life in the universe and the reality of first contact here on earth in ways that are very plausible; that are verified by the phenomena of contact such as UFO sightings, abductions, mutilations, implants and so forth; verified by that phenomenon. And also it’s a message that is fundamentally bringing power back to us, the natives. It’s not a message that’s taking power from us and saying it belongs with an extraterrestrial power. It’s putting power in the hands of us because we are the natives of a new world being discovered for the first time.

And we are divided into over 170 nations. We are in contention on almost every imaginable issue. We can’t find common ground on much, (chuckles) especially the things that really matter like the state of our environment. And, and contact is underway—a very dangerous form of contact—and we are not seeing it clearly in responding to it.

So the Allies of Humanity bring forth that perspective. They talk about what the Intervention is doing; and they present its four fundamental activities. And I’ll read those activities to you now. These are the four areas of action the Intervention is engaged in in order to further their agenda of gaining access to the world and its people.

The first activity is influencing individuals in positions of political and commercial power. So the intervention recognizes that they need to gain access to the halls of power and authority in our world whenever and wherever possible. And being that we are a world of many, many hundreds of countries with separate economies and governance structures, that presents quite a challenge, I’m sure, but also an opportunity for them to work with different individuals and groups in different ways; and unfortunately generate conflict and division as a result. So the Intervention is engaged in reaching out to individuals in positions of power, promising them wealth, preeminence in the world, technology that others don’t have—free technology—things that can be used to amplify the power of that group or that government. That’s the first area of activity for the Intervention.

The second is creating hidden establishments in the world from which they can project influence upon large population centers, essentially influencing the thinking and the emotions of millions of people at a time in subtle ways; shifting humanity into a more weakened, depleted, conflicted state—basically a state that renders us open to intervention even wanting intervention. And the Allies of Humanity call this program underway “the pacification program.” It is a concerted attempt to pacify the native peoples; to bring our sense of reality down, to actually disperse our sense of reality, to actually put in question our sense of reality; to amplify and encourage certain thoughts and emotions that are negative, hostile, weak; and giving over of our authority. And so it is from the these hidden establishments that they are able, through technological means, to project that influence in what the Allies call “the mental environment.” And now the mental environment: new idea. And this is, there are so many new realities presented in the Allies Briefings and in the New Message from God that it begs going to it, reading it, seeing what’s there and, and learning. Because this is an education. This really is a new reality of awareness and education that’s come through Marshall. And it’s too much to say in a few minutes.

And one element of that new reality is what the New Message and the Allies call the mental environment, which is the parallel reality to the physical. It’s an environment where thoughts are generated, extend themselves in unpredictable ways and influence other thoughts, the thoughts of other thinking sentient life. And now in our, in our world we have forms of intelligent life with vastly different brains and ways of thinking, and much more powerful ways of thinking, where they can, in a very concentrated manner, generate thoughts that influence others. And of course as humans we’re somewhat weak. We’re somewhat impress–, impressionable and influenceable, even by each other. And none of us are really developed in the mental environment. And so, unfortunately, that renders us vulnerable to this pacification program, which is occurring in this mental environment. So that’s the second area of activity is hidden establishments and the creation of a pacification program.

The third area is manipulating our spiritual and religious beliefs. Now this is a whole world we could talk for hours on. Humanity is a people quite rich in spiritual traditions, diverse views; and a quite remarkable aptitude for devotion towards the Divine, an unseen force or devotion to other forms of unseen power: spirits, ancestors and so forth. We have many, many religious traditions. The Allies say this is an asset. This is actually a huge gift that we have to offer the Greater Community. Because the Greater Community, being a challenging physical environment, has led many worlds to become highly technological, highly secular; to have very strict top-down structures of authority; and, by and large, to lose their native spirituality and religious traditions, if they ever had them. It is not the spiritual universe that we want. It is not a universe where, you know, the next-door neighbor is enlightened and so as his neighbor; and there’s a few bad ones, but mostly good, or maybe half good. That’s actually not the picture that the Allies of Humanity present. It’s much more akin to the world we see today, just on a vast scale and at a level of technological achievement beyond what we can believe. But, it is a world—it is a universe, not a world—it is a universe of competing powers. It is a universe of territory. It is a universe of interaction and influence for trade and for other reasons. And as technology has amplified amongst races and then copied and developed basically influence and the ability to exert your will upon others has transitioned in some ways out of technology and into the mental environment, into the power of group mind, focusing itself to generate and influence over another—another race, in this case. So it is a universe of many challenges, many physical realities. Many natural laws that we can observe here in our world hold true there, too. It’s a universe of competition. It is a universe, however, with a spiritual direction. And this is really what the New Message from God presents, which is the spiritual direction that the universe, however slowly, is moving, inching in the direction of. And the importance of our world as a world rich in spiritual traditions—the memory of people who have transcended a human awareness only and have achieved some degree of spiritual advancement—that our world actually has a gift to offer, a gift to contribute to this Greater Community of life. And yet at the same time though, we have this gift—it can be used against us. And this really is the third activity of the Intervention, which is influencing our religious beliefs, our symbols in ways that benefit the Intervention and in, in this sense we have many, many open doors, many back doors into our own minds, unfortunately, where we believe in the coming of a savior or a messiah or an imam. We are opening ourselves to what we believe are angels or mediums or ascended masters and so forth, opening ourselves, in essence, to unseen forces. And in the mental environment, unseen forces can be generated, can be created and directed. And that is what is happening. Our religious beliefs are being turned to face the ET presence. We’re being turned to think that they are the enlightened saviours of this race; that they created humanity in the ancient past; that they created our religions; that our great prophets and messengers may have even been extraterrestrial in origin; turning our, really our prostration, our belief and our faith towards an off planet physical presence that is in our world. And there are so many innumerable ways that this can be done—and is being done. And it’s, it’s, quite concerning and been very dangerous, unfortunately. And in addition people are very sensitive to visions of saints, of saviors; to religious experience. Religious experience, spiritual spiritual awareness are these gifts that we carry. And yet the intervention has the power to project an image into our awareness; to cause us to see a saint or a prophet or a messenger in our, in our own mind’s eye. And this is happening around the world. So this is the third area of activity of the intervention.

And then, lastly, and perhaps most disturbing, is a hybridization program to integrate the awareness and the intent of the extraterrestrial presence into humanity at a physical, genetic level in order to create a being, or class of beings, who is fully human—looks, walks, talks just like you and I—but is fundamentally aligned to the Intervention and receptive to it and possesses some of its remarkable abilities, as well. And the goal here is to create a leadership for our world; a leadership that looks human and, by all accounts can’t be anything but human, but in truth is fundamentally not human. And this is accounted for tremendously in the literature and in the research of many individuals. David Jacobs comes to mind, who’s  done a life, a lifetime of research into the phenomenon of abductions. And really the goal and outcome of the abduction phenomenon, which has become clear as day to any who see it clearly. So this is the picture.

This, these are the four activities of the intervention. This is the local universe into which we are emerging. This is our position in our evolution as an emerging world. And the Allies of Humanity present what really is a compelling call for us, the natives, not to submit to any ET power, not to receive technology from any ET power; but to see the situation clearly, to take ownership of our position as the native peoples of this world and to do what we must now do to secure our freedom, to repel the intervention and to prepare for our emergence into this universe of life at many different levels—physical, mental, spiritual, social, political, economic. The preparation is huge. And Marshall really has been teaching this preparation for many years now. The New Message from God presents it very clearly. And there’s a community of people actually around the world who are gathering night and day, undertaking that preparation. And if you go to the New Message website, there’s a link to the Community of the New Message, which is a community of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people around the world who are undertaking the preparation that the Allies of Humanity called for and that has been given through Marshall  through the New message from God. 

So that’s a brief, that’s a brief picture on the Allies Briefings. And what we might walk away with it from is a clear sense that we have hit the tipping point; we have crossed the line in our evolution. There’s no going back. We have been an isolated world for how, how many millennia or longer? And now we are stepping out into a, an advanced playing field of different forces and influences with different intents. And we must, must, must: a) be a part of it; not just queue out and be a human and live our lives distracted and, you know, oblivious to this larger evolution, evolutionary track we’re taking. But even as we participate and become aware we have to educate and prepare ourselves in the reality—not the preferred reality, not the reality we might want or make—but the reality that is. And for that we need a reality based preparation. And that is fundamentally what the Allies of Humanity are calling for. They’re calling for enough people to become forerunners for the human race to prepare in a Greater Community education and awareness; and then contribute that to the world in ways that are unique to them, unique to our own gifts and purpose for being in the world at this time.

And the preparation that the Allies speak of and that the New Message provides is called Steps to Knowledge. Steps to Knowledge is a book of 365 daily steps. And it is a journey into contact with the deeper spiritual mind within each of us. And it is a preparation for the thinking mind, the surface mind, and the deeper mind to unite in this life in a way that supports humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community. So Steps to Knowledge—a remarkable book. I started it when I was 16, briefly. I think I got maybe 40 or 50 steps in and then, you know, wasn’t quite ready for the rest. But I have since done it many times. And there are thousands of people around the world studying it daily. And it’s bringing a tremendous sense of perspective about their own personal affairs and the state of the world and a real salt-of-the-earth preparation to actually take you and me somewhere we haven’t been before—not a bunch of fancy terms or names and dates and, you know, research into the UFO phenomenon. Instead, it’s a preparation that we can take day by day that actually begins to change the look and the feel of life and begins to orient you to participating in the world with a Greater Community awareness; an acknowledgement of life out there, an acknowledgment that you, as an individual, may have had a past lineage out there; and that your sense of divinity, your sense spirituality, is not just human; it’s connected. It’s connected to that vast web of life. And that there are experiences and memories and a deeper orientation that comes alive when you begin to think of yourself as a human with a Greater Community awareness.

You become a Muslim with a Greater Community awareness; a Christian with a Greater Community awareness. And this begins to heal many ills and address many unsolved questions about life, and also let go. It allows you to let go of some things that you’ve been attached to, maybe all your life; and, and really embrace a completely new kind of picture about what we are as human beings, what we’re a part of and where we’re going; and our connection to the Great Coordination that’s underway in our world at this time, coordination on behalf of the Angelic Presence to prepare this world to safely and wisely emerge into the Greater Community.

So all of this begins to come alive with Steps to Knowledge. And I recommend everybody at least go download the PDF that’s free online and read the introduction; and, and look at these Steps. These are remarkable Steps. This book was given through my father in a matter of days—non-stop. He spoke it. It was recorded. And what you read is what was recorded. I can’t imagine any individual writing a book of that quality. And I urge you to go look at it and discern its quality for yourself. And if you feel that contact and the reality of life beyond the world has always called to you and that there is an innate sense of heritage, of history there, and a sense of consequence about your life—that you’re here in the world when we’re emerging at the time of our emergence, if you feel that—then begin Steps: Step number one. You can begin it at any time. And it begins a journey of unfolding the layers, you know, the layers of what the world has conditioned in you; but also the layers of deeper experience and connection and awareness that you brought into the world. Those are also there.

And so Steps a Knowledge an amazing journey to take, and many people taking it in the world. And that’s, that’s so important; because enough people have to be oriented, as you know, as rational, thinking people to the reality of life, to the reality of contact, to the reality of the Intervention; and all that that says about the importance of human unity, of the unity of religions and their common source; of the preciousness of our environment; of the need to make personal compromises for a greater good, as the world faces slowly shrinking res–, as a world of slowly shrinking resources, as it faces a climate that’s been altered and so forth; that individuals, enough people, make that compromise for a greater good. All of that comes through the Steps to Knowledge, so. And so that really is the preparation and the way forward.

And as we step back and kind of look at it in total, what do we have, okay? What do we have? We have a phenomenon of contact with other forms of intelligent life underway for over 50 years time. We have governments being contacted. We have individuals being taken. We have a variety of activities underway that are likely not signs of good intent by those visiting us. We have a plethora of messages from ET sources claiming enlightenment, claiming to speak, to save us or bring us into a new golden age; tapping into all of our religious ideas and symbols: ascension, the Aquarian age, Jesus, that, you know, everything can be tapped into and is. We have that going on.

And we have a growing number of people around the world waking up to the fact that the greatest event in human history is happening. Contact is occurring. Our isolation is over. And yet as they enter that world of information and perspective, it’s not clear what’s happening and why. And so we have people researching, researching that forever and ever, asking the first two questions: What is happening? Why is it happening?, never really getting to the second two questions: What does it mean? And what must we do? They’re really important questions. And the Allies of Humanity Briefings, in my experience, provide a good deal of what we need to know about what is happening and why. It’s right there. It’s as clear as day.

We are the native peoples of this world just like the native peoples of the North American continent, South American continent. Throughout the historical record on earth the native peoples sitting on top of valuable land, resources controlled by others, who see tall ships coming over the sea, over the horizon of the known world; and are faced all of a sudden, forced to face: Who are these individuals? Why are they here? What does it mean? What must we do? And that is currently the position of humanity.

And we may project onto the visitors all of our hopes and desires; our desire for something fresh and new; our hope to be a part of something more spiritually important in the world than just working a job and living a life. And yet it’s time now to get sober and clear and reality-based regarding what contact really is.

We are the native peoples and this is an intervention. These are forces coming to our shores with their own intentions. And if we don’t discern those intentions, if we demand disclosure from one another but not from them, then we are making ourselves wide open and vulnerable to all manner of influence and manipulation. And, and so I really, really do compel people to stop and think and, and really assess this from, kind of, ground up. You know, before we leap to conclusions of who the visitors might be or how great they might be or where they come from, what their names are, let’s look at the situation.

You know, we are a world of seven billion individuals world that is divided in conflict daily, a world whose environment is being destroyed every year. And yet this world is a biological gem. It’s a gem in the universe of barren worlds. And here we’re being visited, and the activities of the visitors are not beneficial. You know, they’re, these are not good activities, abducting people against their will, placing technology or some sort of transmission device in their body, mutilating animals, causing harm to personal life and property, engaging the military in ways that are very dangerous—these are not disclosed intents. These are not, these are surreptitious activities that all signal intervention all across the board. And yet that most people have leapt to the conclusion that these are enlightened visitors who are here to rescue us in some way, or unite the world, or that they owned us, or that they authored us.

These, these are understandable first thoughts and impulses. But we need to mature out of them. It’s time now as a race to realize we’re the native peoples. We need to unite for the preservation and the protection of Earth. And, and that in a nutshell is really the Allies of Humanity Briefings. I encourage everyone to go read the briefings because there’s only so much I can do in 45 minutes to present them. There are three sets of Briefings. They’re all free online.

And after reading the Briefings, go look at Steps to Knowledge. Go look at some of the, some of the videos and interviews of Marshall, my father, Marshall Vian Summers, and, and get the full picture on what we’re really facing with contact; and, and see if this speaks to you at a deeper level. Because the Message of the Allies may not be what we want. I think I can probably say it’s not what we want. You know, what we want is something brighter and more full of hope and love and new panoramas and, you know, fascinating contact experiences. That’s what we want.

That’s okay, you know? But reality is reality. We’re facing a real phenomenon. This is nature playing out.

And we have to go beyond what we want. And, in fact, we need to not want things from the visitors because when you want something from someone it compromises your discernment. Now all of a sudden you have a vested interest in an outcome. We need to step back from that, I feel, and really gain an objective assessment of contact that has occurred heretofore; see ourselves as the native peoples which, we clearly are; see the value of this planet, which is clear as day; and really take the Steps individually; not waiting on government, not waiting on elite groups and the deep state to reveal the secrets that they know. That is empowering the very forces that may or may not be working with the intervention. We are the people who need to be empowered. And that is precisely what the Allies Briefings are. The Allies Briefings are disclosure. They are the disclosure that we need. They disclose the intent of those visiting our world. And they disclose what we need to do, collectively and individually, about it. That’s the disclosure we need. Waiting on government for another five, ten, twenty, thirty years to reveal documents and juicy details and names and dates and meetings this is not—actually whether it happens or not, whether it’s authentic or not—going to actually tell us what it means and what we need to do. And that’s why I, I feel the Allies briefings are the place to start as you explore contact.

And they may be, maybe, for some the place to end, as well; where once you know, you know. You know, take the North American, Native American tribes in North America two hundred, three hundred years ago. Here they were facing visitors to their shores, Europeans from different countries with strange garb, strange technology. Some of them, some of the tribes welcomed these visitors; some repelled them. There was dissension between the tribes regarding how to react to this, how to take advantage of it. And I’m sure to them, at that time, it looked wonderfully interesting, complex, you know? Are these spirits? Are these, are these our ancestors? Are these powerful emissaries from another world? Who are they, you know? And I’m sure there was much debate about who the visitors were and what to do and whether to welcome them or how to cooperate, trade with them. But the the now, in perfect hindsight, we know that the simple, that the picture was abundantly simple. These were forces intervening in the native world of North America, there to take advantage of the people and the resources, and to take what they had. That is, in essence, the simple truth. And it really is simple. Contact is complex in all the facets of its phenomena. But, in essence, it is not as complex as we think, so…

And with that, I think that kind of reveals in some ways what, what is standing in the way. It’s not the government. It’s not the deep state. It’s actually us in some ways, because in all honesty I don’t know if we want the mystery to end. I don’t know if we want to see the picture clearly; because to see the picture clearly means you have to do something about it. You have to take a stand. You have to commit some amount of your life or your resources or your energy to responding to it. You know, to see the picture clearly means you can move on from the question of what is it to the question of what must I do. And we’re, none of us, you know, likes to change a whole lot, you know? Change is not easy, especially change on this order. This is about the biggest change you could ask a human to make. This is transcending our tribal, religious, national identities to some level. This is embracing our enemies among the human family to some level. This is making sacrifices personally. This is not having the life of grand fulfillment and creativity and expression we thought we should. In fact, it’s something else. It’s a life of purposeful contribution to our world, acceptance of our world; going back in, re-upping our commitment to humanity, our faith in human leadership.

You know, many people have given up on humanity and human leadership. That’s actually one of the core messages of the Intervention. Basically when the intervener comes, they have to displace the native people’s sense of reality and commitment to one another. So they undermine our sense of commitment to our leaders. They undermine our sense of commitment to our spiritual traditions and our cultures. They degrade those. They say, “They’re lesser; they’re fear-based. What we bring is love-based.” They disturb our sense of reality. You know, they teach that, all sorts of things. They teach that humanity was authored by an alien power or that the earth is flat or who knows, disturbing our sense of reality. This happened throughout the history of humanity when advanced powers interacted with weaker, less advanced powers, and took advantage of them; this same story of intervention took place. And though the universe is not necessarily a replica of what’s happened here—no way. The truth is, we do have a world of seven billion sentient life-forms that we can, that has a history, a historical record, that we can analyze. And that is called humanity.

And so I do feel we need to start there, start at the ground level, which is nature, science, history, human experience; and not leap to some belief system that embraces, you know, enlightened multi-dimensional beings, with no no questioning of them.

So this is kind of the important next step that sits before us, those who are aware of the phenomena of contact. We have to be courageous enough to go beyond the first question of what is happening; and step into and really transition out of it, you know? How much more research do we really need? How much disclosure do we really need to know that there’s an intervention and that we actually have the power, as the Allies say, to thwart it without too much effort? It’s actually quite vulnerable in its position. We have the power to do this. But we who are aware of it have to acknowledge that it’s real and that this has to do with us and that we’re willing to play our part.

So you know, this is the essence of the situation. It’s a calling to people around the world who have this sense of connection to this time, to this step, this leap out into the universe in which we live, who have the sense of connection to contact, who have a sense of history or memory about life beyond this world. These people the New Message calls Greater Community people. They’re people who were born into this time to serve the world at this point in its evolution. And they come bearing gifts. They come bearing a greater awareness. And there are millions of these people in the world. And I would have a fair, I’ll make a fair guess there are a good many watching right now, listening to this right now, who have this sense of a Greater Community connection; who haven’t, no matter what they’ve done and tried, been able to satisfy themselves with purely human aspirations and goals and successes. It’s just not enough. It doesn’t reach deep enough in them. There’s another part of them that is not activated and awoken and given, given the ability to communicate in the world by all that they see in society and culture. There’s something deeper, and it has to do with contact.

And those people are with us. They’re watching. They’re in the world. They’re millions of them. And they are the ones who will take this race of humanity forward into the Greater Community.

But they need to know that their sense of connection is with the Greater Community. It’s not necessarily with those visiting our world at this time. So we have to step back and acknowledge we have a, there there is a spiritual awakening occurring within us because of the Greater Community. But those races interacting with us now, these are of a different order. Our relationship is not with them. It’s with what’s out there. It’s worth where we’re going.

But we have to get to where we’re going. We have to go through the thresholds of early contact. We have to face intervention—which is…it’s what it is; it’s a quiet integration into our world, or the attempt at that, and get beyond that—and realize that we have gifts to offer humanity; that we are connected to the Allies of Humanity, who have given these Briefings. This group of individuals, the Allies, were sent to our world by, to represent freedom in the Greater Community and to show us what freedom looks like and how it can be achieved. They were sent into the vicinity of our world to give these Briefings and then they departed. Their Briefings have been given. They’re no longer in this world—well, they were never in this world; they came within the vicinity of the world—and, you know, to go beyond intervention and realize we’re a part of that, too. We’re a part of this network of spiritual advancement. And the cultivation of freedom, the awareness of what the New Message calls Knowledge—spiritual awareness—this is happening throughout the universe. This is what we’re connected to, in truth.

But we can’t just open the front door of the house and think that, you know, the guy in the suit with the briefcase is the one that represents it, you know? That might just be a salesman actually. Or that might be someone there to rob your house. And, in fact, our house is being somewhat robbed, you know? Visitation is happening without our consent or approval, without our awareness. You know, this is an invasion of sorts, into our private space. And yet our future does lie out there in the larger panorama of life.

So as we become aware of the intervention, take the Steps to Knowledge, help others become aware and take those Steps, we become the forerunners for really a new expression of humanity, a new chapter where we’re not just human anymore, where we’re connected. We’re a part of the web of life. Not just the animal, animals and plants in our world now, but all life. you know? And that’s a very exciting thing for people to become a part of, I think. And to do it in a very grounded way, in a way that’s really real. It’s not idealism. Someone didn’t think all this up and just hopes and wishes that this is true and that’s true. No, this, this is a Revelation. This is a Revelation from the Divine given to enable us to emerge into the universe in which we live in a safe, clear and powerful way. And I hope that those with us feel that calling to prepare. And if they do the resources are here. The Allies’ Briefings are here. And the New Message Revelation is here, as well.

So I’ll stop there, Alfred.

ALW: Yeah, thank you. It’s a very deep, substantive, broad and concise summary. Thank you.

RS: Thank you, yeah.

ALW: It really opened a lot of avenues for me personally I–

RS: Good.

ALW: –would, very good, very good summary. And I’m sure for our, for our viewers as, as well. And I was wondering just before we transition to the next part of the program would it be possible to share one of the Steps so that we (RS: Absolutely) understand what, what a Step looks like or sounds like or is…

RS: That would be wonderful. Do you have one in mind or I can pull up Steps tonight?

ALW: I don’t know I mean you –

RS: Okay…

ALW: You’ll have to tell me I, I don’t know what any of the Steps are.

RS: Great, let me, I have it right here in front of me. There’s some remarkable Steps on the Greater Community in particular. In my mind some of these steps are just simply famous because they present what, I think, the listener would find very hard to find anywhere else in the world, which is a universal spirituality: non-judgmental, non-dogmatic that really transcends the religions of today and yet connects them connects to them, and takes us out into the Greater Community, back again. And that’s what Steps is doing. So let me, let me read a Step here.

Here we go; let’s see here. I’ll do 187, which is, “I’m [actually, “I Am …”] a Citizen of the Greater Community of Worlds.” So it reads, “I’m a citizen of the Greater Community of worlds. You are not merely a human being in this one world. You are a citizen of the Greater Community of worlds. This is the physical universe that you recognize through your senses. It is far greater than you can now comprehend. The extent of its relationships are far greater than you can even imagine, for reality is always greater than imagination.

“You are a citizen of a greater physical universe. This acknowledges not only your lineage and your heritage but also your purpose in life at this time, for the world of humanity is growing into the life of the Greater Community of worlds. This is known to you, though your beliefs may not yet account for it.

“Today, upon the hour, affirm your citizenship in the Greater Community of worlds, for this affirms a greater life that you are now beginning to discover. In your two meditation practices, once again enter stillness and quietude. This growing experience of stillness will enable you to understand all things, for your mind was created to assimilate Knowledge, and this is how understanding comes about. The accumulation of ideas and the accumulation of theories do not constitute either Knowledge or understanding, for understanding is born of true affinity and experience. In this, it has no parallel in the world and can thus serve the world that you perceive.”

So that is Step 187: “I Am a Citizen of the Greater Community of Worlds.”

ALW: That, that’s a very beautiful affirmation or, you know, that’s a word for it or insight,  “Community of worlds.”

RS: Yeah.

ALW: Yeah, very good. And, and so, so then one is, is the practice, then, to take one Step a day, or to work with Step over time? Or to work through a Step until you’re ready to go to a next step? How’s it –?

RS: Yeah, yeah. Good question. Yeah. Well, it is a Step a day, although it’s not strict and rigid. I myself, I spend days with certain Steps because they’re so deep you know. (ALW: Yeah.) And this, this Step 187 is in a whole series of Steps. I’ll just read a few more that follow it. You can get a sense for kind of where where the journey of Steps leads from them.

ALW: Yeah.

RS: So after “I Am a Citizen of the Greater Community of Worlds,” it goes on.

Step 188: “My Life in this World is More Important than I Had Realized Before.” Step 189: “My Spiritual Family Exists In All Places.” Step 190: “The World Is Emerging Into the Greater Community of Worlds and that is Why I Have Come.” Step 191: “My Knowledge is Greater than my Humanity.” Step one ninety–

ALW: “My Knowledge is–” sorry, I get [unclear] “Knowledge is greater than my humanity”?

RS: Yes.

ALW: Wow.

RS: I think it would be good to talk about Knowledge, because Steps to Knowledge; what is Knowledge? Knowledge, which is not what we would define knowledge to be in any dictionary. In the New Message, Knowledge is the innate ability of all sentient life to know at a deep and intrinsic level. It is the capacity for remarkable insight. It is the connection point that bonds us to those who we have been in relationship with, even in past lives or past settings. In fact, Knowledge in the New Message is really our true self beyond physical life, certainly this one life. It is the part of us that is still fully bonded to what you might call God or consciousness in the universe. There is a state of permanent relationship in connection beyond the physical universe from which we separated. And that Separation caused the physical universe to come into existence, to go “bang,” and produce galaxies and clusters of galaxies and, you know, innumerable worlds. The New Message says there are a hundred, hundred, hundred billion intelligent races in the universe—that’s how big it is—and that the Separation was the separation from God that caused the physical universe to come into form so that those who wanted to be separate could enter form and express their Separation.

And Knowledge in all of us—you and me—all of us, we are those in this physical, corporeal body and life. Knowledge is the part of us that remained because we can never fully separate. And so, within us we have this deeper mind; and yet we also have a surface mind, you know, the mind that thinks and… But that is not who we are. We are not our mind or our body. We are Soul journeying through Separation with a firm and permanent point of connection back to our origin.

And so Steps to Knowledge is bringing the thinking mind—personality, emotion, so forth—into connection—even into marriage, ultimately—with the Knowing mind. And as it is discussed in the New Message, this produces a powerful ability to move others at a deep level—and not at the level of thought—but a deeper level. And so when we, when we talk about Knowledge, it is this deeper mind and this ability to have profound insight that’s experience profound relationship. And also it is the one part of us that really cannot be manipulated. And I think manipulation is an important reality to face in the world at this time, at many levels; but certainly at the level of the Intervention.

They are actively involved in affecting our thought, affecting our emotions, ultimately guiding our actions. And Knowledge, this mind within us, is the part of us that cannot be touched by anything in physical life. It is not in physical life. And this mind has a will. It carries a direction for us individually, purpose for this life, that we’re meant to fulfill; and, and so much more. And so Steps to Knowledge is really coming back into contact with that part of you, and from there, so much becomes clear that was confusing before; even the reality of contact becomes clear when it was confusing before. So that’s what, that’s what Knowledge is in the New Message.

ALW: That, that is really interesting. So, it seems this is just, you know, and I look forward to getting my own copy and to embarking on this. It’s the beginning of 2018 is a perfect time to start it, isn’t it, the beginning of a new year? And it seems to me from, from an EXOpolitical point of view looking at it, that science as positive, that one strategy behind this may be to really reinforce those spiritual circuits among the souls here on earth and among the, as you said, enlightened contiguous worlds, so that those circuits are. And that’s a collective defense against an intervention of a spiritually not as evolved intervention force. I’m, I’m just kind of making–

RS: So true. No, no you’re tapping into a h–

ALW:  Yeah.

RS: – the answer, in my view. This is the answer. It’s,

ALW:  Yeah.

RS: –the Allies of Humanity, they are students of Knowledge as well 

ALW:  Yeah 

RS: You know, they are students of a universal form of spiritual practice that doesn’t have Saints and histories and end days and Armageddons, and all that. It is fun–, it is, it is essential, it is essentially bringing the mind that thinks—that is separated from life—back into contact with the mind that knows for its own protection; but also so the mind that knows can express itself in this world: separation. They are students of that, too. And there are many students of that throughout the universe. And of course their approach has, takes different forms. It’s not all one hundred percent identical, but the core of it is essentially the same thing.

And the intervention is advanced in the sense of technology; and, and yet not in the sense of spirituality. And people make this mistake all the time, thinking that the technologically advanced must have transcended war, resolved their differences, found equitable ways of dealing with each other, and thus are enlightened, or have—certainly more enlightened than us. That, but that is not, well, a) What our experience here on earth says about technology. Technology does not lead to any form of spiritual advancement. In fact, it can become a replacement religion: the religion of technology, you know, the belief that power to affect physical life geology, what [unclear] is, is, is, is God. “We can be God through technology”: that is prevalent in our world today. And there are many people who believe technology to be their Savior, in effect, even if they are religious or aren’t religious. And the Intervention knows exactly how to, to engage with that belief system because that is their belief system. They do not recognize the Power of Spirit, or they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. They wouldn’t be intervening in a world, taking people against their will, doing very violent and destructive things to those individuals, colluding with governments, pitting governments against each other. This is not the activity of enlightened anyone or anything. This is, these are the, these are the prosaic acts of an intervention with prosaic needs.

So when you say that, you know, tapping, lighting up the circuitry—I love that image, you know. I’ve actually thought that myself, like Knowledge, just like circuitry; it’s like dormant computing power and it, like, of a level way beyond the mind, you know. And we know what this is. Cultures around the world know what Knowledge is. We call it by many names. We call it gnosis. We call it gut intuition. People you just have, people just talk about it. “I had a feeling that…” Or “I had a premonition that…” You know, we all know what this feeling of being moved inexplicably is like; we’ve had moments. And think if that experience went from being a moment or two in the life of a person to being the life of a person, to being something that really is the ordering principle of a life, to be, you know, to be moved at that level—immensely powerful. Knowledge, as the Allies describe it, it is your one great hope. You will not advance technologically enough to compete with those who are in our world today to take advantage of our world. We will not develop power in the mental environment sufficient to really, you know, counteract fully the level of influence cast on our world.

But we are a spiritual people with deep history of spiritual and religious experience that transcends our humanity. So that Step, “My Knowledge Is Greater Than My Humanity,” is to say that what you brought into the world, this part of you that is connected to all life and even to what exists beyond physical life, is greater than this part of us, you know. This, this, you know, six inches of gray matter, nine inches of gray matter—whatever it is—that has been conditioned by a culture, a family, maybe a religion. And here it is, you know, largely afraid, hopeful, distracted, not terribly connected to life, not terribly intel–, not terribly intelligent in its decision-making, not very wise—that’s us, you know? Let’s be honest. You know, we are individually and collectively not that far down the road of where we could go. And yet what we have is this tremendous sense of reverence towards God, you know, Spirit—whatever you call it; it’s a reverence. Nature—some people find that reverence in nature. I don’t think that’s much different—nature. I don’t find nature to be much different than the chapel. Basically, it’s a place where you can re-experience the power of Spirit again, you know? That’s what religion is. Religion is a structure to enable people to re-experience this Divinity that we carry. And this divinity that we carry, the Allies say, this is our greatest hope because it will discern and reveal the Intervention clearly. It will empower us to take care of our world, to not rely on an extraterrestrial savior to do so.

And ultimately it’s what we have to give. It’s our greatest gift to the universe in which we live, because out there it’s, it’s a universe of barren worlds; technological, hierarchical societies. It’s not a universe of monks and priests and Saints and mystics. It’s, it’s a challenging place out there. And to have a rich spirituality to offer, that’s quite, quite extraordinary. And the Allies of Humanity call that out, y’know. They say, “You are endowed with these gifts. Much has been given to your world from the Angelic Presence over time to cultivate this.” And despite all of our problems and dilemmas we, we still have it.

ALW: You know, let me ask you this; and to see how, how you view this, because it’s sort of a great… And that is that it appears, at least through my research and studies, that the existing organized religions—the major Abrahamic religions, let’s look at that. The major churches in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, (RS: Mm, hum) look at ‘em from an intervention point of view they seem to have been infiltrated at least hypothetically (RS: Mm hum) I would at this point out. They seem to have been infiltrated by the Intervention. (RS: Hm) If you look at the Vatican, for example—and this is factual research that, that we’ve done—the College of Cardinals and the Pope’s eyewitnesses that they’re involved in ritual child sacrifice in pedophilia; (RS: Uh hum) actual research that the chapel’s, the new chapel in, in the Vatican is designed like the inside of a snake, of a serpent. (RS: Mm) You can go online (RS: Mm hm) and see that i.e. it’s a very, uh, negative reptilian [unclear] so that kind of is more along the Draco side you know, the Draco reptilians (RS: Mm) in terms of their intervention. (RS: Mm) Look at Islam I’m just bringing kind of the dirty laundry of Exopolitics and saying (RS: Sure) hey, there’s some evidence that supports your thesis. (RS: Yeah) You go to Islam, to Mecca, where a lot of the pilgrim (RS: Mm hm), annual pilgrimages, and without getting to, to the excesses that the current Saudi regime has carried out massacres (RS: Mm hm) against the pilgrims. But anyway that’s a different story.

Uh, there’s some research that suggests that the stone and the meteor in there is actually a meteor of negative sentient black goo or artificial intelligence. It’s a negative extraterrestrial weapon (RS: Yeah) that has in their primary to stir up Islam as a negative force. If you go to, to the, uh, Judaism, the Sanhedrin there’s, there’s evidence now—we just ran a a webinar on it—whereby there was a leak from the from, from the Dead Sea Scrolls (RS: Mm hm) that are now kept, not only under armed guard, but if you attempt to get in there they’re guarded by the Mossad (RS: Mm hm) by poisonous gas; that Jesus, Jesus the historical Jesus, was actually may have been executed by the Sanhedrin, which is a secret Jewish government which goes back to (RS: Yeah) that long and back to Sumaria. As an extraterrestrial disclosure activist, in other words, you can look at the Allies of Humanity as extraterrestrial disclosure activists.

So Jesus was coming in and saying they’re, and he uses the word “worlds” in that part of the of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are being which were leaked to Dr. Frank Stranges, who then released them under death threat from these right-wing parties. And in Is–, Israel were keeping them secret or allied with the Sanhedrin. (RS: Yeah) In other words, that both Judaism and the Vatican and Islam are deeply allied with the Intervention. I’m just kind of agreeing with you and bringing (RS: Yeah) the answer that–

RS: Yeah, I mean this reality of manipulating religious beliefs and institutions—it’s very concerning, because we have very little awareness of our own belief structures and how those will be rendered, challenged or even obsolete facing life in the universe. We’re very unprepared psychologically, spiritually. It’s important, I think, to keep in mind, what is the Intervention trying to do here? You know, what, what is–? Why would they manipulate the beliefs and inclinations of people? Well, to create a belief that an extraterrestrial power is God, or Jesus, or whatever they worship, basically, to replace the Divine, the mystery, you know, the Presence that we, that we are connected to with an extraterrestrial presence. This is precisely what happened in history when the native peoples of the new world looked over the line of the, the known world that, with that line of the ocean and thought that over there was the spirit realm, okay; that anything that would come would represent that. And here they come with strange headgear and strange dress and different skin tone and they made the mistake of projecting their beliefs onto the visitors. And the visitors recognize this happening and took full advantage of it you know? Sure, why not? And, and I think that’s important to keep in mind that the, the intervention—I don’t know all the details of who’s been contacted and influenced and, and how that’s playing out—but the end goal is associating the visitors as a spiritual force. The end goal is generating conflict, fixating the, us on each other as enemies.

And religion opens the door for that in flare –, in flaming ancient animosities. Certain regions of the world are holy to multiple religions. Well, there’s a lot of opportunity for that. And the goal there is to pull the stronger nations, primarily the United States and certain European countries, into intractable conflict. And so if, say, the Intervention were to project the image of a saint or of the Prophet Muhammad into the minds of a follower of Islam, and that presence or that image were to command them to do certain things, amaze–. I mean, imagine a follower not being able to respond to that. That’s, that’s, that’s pretty compelling, right? I mean, for the follower of Jesus would do the same. The follower of Buddha would do the same, you know. And, and we are totally ill-equipped to discern, you know, what’s happening in the environment. But people can be guided through religion. People can be moved, shifted, either through institutions, through the pacification program or through direct intrusion into the minds of people. People can be moved.

And that’s really it. The intervention wants to direct the actions of humanity in some way. And religion, unfortunately, is one of the biggest unlocked and wide open doors in the world to do so. And of course, there’s a lot of power in these religious institutions, you know? A few people can direct the thinking and the actions of a lot of people. So, getting this Message, the Allies Message to these, to these religious leaders is critical, I feel, because our reverence toward the unseen powers could be our downfall; because the Intervention can represent an unseen power. They are already generating numerous messages—channeled or revealed or however you, however they come through—painting the visitors as spiritual saviors; undermining our faith and leadership; saying that they are the only way that we can heal the world and bring peace to humanity. These kinds of messages, these are all red flags, you know, regarding intervention. And they all take the power away from us. They may look like they give us the power, personally. They take it away from us and they put in the hands of an external force.

So I think, you know, I, I’m not really equipped to, to speculate as to who’s being influenced and how in these different traditions. But they’re all vulnerable, and the Intervention will use anything. I think that’s important to keep in mind. Like instead of, we could go down every rabbit hole, you know, and trace every possible thing they’re doing. They’ll do any–, they’ll use anything; it doesn’t matter. Maybe another religion offers a better opportunity you know. And so it’s–. What really needs to happen is education at a broad level. And, and that’s really, you know, what Marshall is doing in the world. That’s what the New Message is here to do: is to broadly educate people about this reality.

ALW: Right. Well, thank you so much. Now we can go to kind of the case study part of our program. (RS: Yeah) And I’m so glad that you agreed to that, too, to come into this. And what it is, as you know, is that on, on October 28th of 2017 we, we published a case study of an apparent interdimensional craft that appeared in Spain near Valencia, Spain, which to a contactee there, which apparently transmitted a message to humanity in Morse code. And there was a lot of, we have a lot of tangible evidence with it. There are videos. There’s audio. There’s a 42 second segment of a video. There’s about two hours that, there’s a forty two segment rather, uh, Morse code segment from a craft that’s in front of a portal that opened up at the top of the mountain. And according to the contactee, name: Hermes, the, the craft, but it looks like it may have come out of that portal, actually transmitted the Morse code onto his camera so his camera and his film picked up the Morse code signal, first forty two seconds and then several hours worth. And it looked like they were mathematical formulas. And that what I think I can do now is begin to go into share screen. Would that be okay?

RS: Sure; yep.

ALW: Yeah. Let me just bring in this other screen, this other material here. And you can just you and I are going to go off to the side of this. So here we are. I’ll press that and then we’ll just print your screen. And so we’ll be looking at various things, but the first thing here is, this is just background for, for people. And this is one of the photos. This is a frame from a video. And this is sort of a golden shape egg, which is like a craft that accompany a lot of video. And there’s the contactee Hermes (RS: Mm hm) and he’s supported by a Cuban ET abductee, Maria; and there were these apparent messages in Morse code sent from an interdimensional ET craft. It could be either from the craft through from the portal behind them, maneuvering over Hermes in the mountains near Valencia, Spain on September 10th 2017. Hermes captured the ET craft on video and audio sightings, which are shared in depth during the webinar. And we’ve sent you and in your offices all of the links for this and–

RS: I did read, I did read the text you sent.

ALW: Oh good. And, and the, the, the ETs would seek him out and signal him when and where they were and he would go out to the mountain and he would videotape them (RS: Mm hm) and the, when we started the webinar the, the ETs appeared over his house (chuckles) in Spain at night. And during the webinar, Maria, who’s also an ET contactee, she didn’t, wasn’t decoding the message in the 42 seconds so much as decoding Morse, but rather what she felt psychically were her impressions. “ ‘We are here now. We have returned to help you.’ ” That is kind of that message, okay? And so: “One Morse code message from the ET craft is 42 seconds in length, in length.” Another recording, another recording according to Hermer, Hermes contains several hours of messages in Morse code. And during the webinar it emerged that Hermes had been attempting to enroll expert organizational assistance but was not able to. He went to NASA in Spain, the NASA astrobiologist who refused even to pick up the telephone when his secretary put him through to other people, such as Dr. Steven Greer.

And so, he came to me and we said, “Well, we’ll put you on the air and let’s see what we find.” And, and so, and so this, so we sat back; and there’s a great deal of data that we’ve gone through. And, and we went through various hypotheses, benevolent hypotheses, as to who these could be. (RS: Mm hm) One is that, ‘Well, oh these could be the members of the regional galactic governance council, including the Alpha Centaurians, the Pleiadians, and the Syrians [sp?] who are mentioned in the standard galactic, in the standard EXOpolitical literature as the, as the kind of the positive upper dimensional human extraterrestrials who are spiritual and who kind of overlook our affairs. They may be among the Greater Community of worlds, I mean planets in those areas. I don’t know; I’m just kind of tossing it out. Or they could be, you know, and, and a lifelong Canadian NORAD officer, Stanley Fulham, established communication with them. He wrote a book; said they would decloak their spaceships over New York City and the United Nations, which they did on October 13th 2010. So that all looked very positive because they said, “Well, we want to land at the United Nations. We want to speak there and then we want to clean up the environment of the earth,” (RS: Mm) which is really, you know, it’s full of, polluted with ionizing radiation because of nuclear bombing testing (RS: Mm hum) [unclear] and all; but that’s their story, okay? (RS: Mm)

And, ah, so that was one kind of hy–, hypothesis that, that went there. And then the last time that I spoke to Hermes, he was very agitated and he came up, he says, “Look, I really don’t trust these people anymore. I don’t like the way that they’re treating me.”

RS: Who are these people, Alfred?

ALW: Well, we don’t know. The, the, he had photos of the humanoids that were coming off the craft and they were very tall, and they looked, they looked very weird. (RS: Mm hm) I mean, assuming that this was not some kind of government disinformation ploy, okay?, and, and in that, in the two-hour webinar we go through and we show some photos of the, of the humanoids and they look like seven-foot kind of monsters, (chuckling:) you know what I’m saying? And, and and he had become very disillusioned with them. And so there’s a now… And I’m going to show some short short video clips and things now.

RS: But, but this message that Hermes received, has it been decoded? Is there –?

ALW: No, no, we, we have not gotten, we have not reached a stable organization that has undertaken (RS: Mm hm) to want to, [unclear] where we’ve had a stable connection that has the expertise that wants to deal with this material. At the point where I thought that was going to occur both the connection with the organization collapse for certain reasons (which I won’t go into; that’s a whole story in itself) but also, Hermes, himself, became very concerned that these were not, that the aliens were not on the up and up, and that he was being manipulated. (RS: OK) And on the night that I went to contact him after we went, he and I had a whole exercise where we put together the data that we were going to turn over to an organization who was going to examine it, he and his wife had a discussion. She kind of laid down the law to him and said, “Look this is not working out for our family, and you better get back to your day job (RS: {chuckle}) and, you know start with all this stuff,” you know?

Now, what’s very interesting, and I can say that because he’s, he’s out there, is we had not announced our program with you until shortly before we went on the air. And when I went to post the announcement of this webinar about an hour before we’re going on the air, Hermes, the contactee, had come to my facebook profile where this is being broadcast and posted a video from the same extraterrestrials that he videotaped on December 30th 2017, just a few nights ago. (RS: OK) Now, isn’t that a strange coincidence? Is that weird?

RS: Yeah, well, we, we’ve been planning this conversation for, I dunno, three or four weeks now.

ALW: And yeah, I, I mean I yeah, he might have gotten a word of it.

RS: Yeah.

ALW: And, but, but so what I thought what would be of interest if I can just go here, let me, let me get this side up, so this is –. Let me just go right here. Let me bring down on now, well…

RS: While you’re bringing that up, from my understanding of the contactee experiences, many of them are given messages or conveyed certain things that, that seem like they, they’re meant to be spread, spread or given out more broadly. So there is, there is an, there is an attempt to communicate either to an abductee, if that was how Hermes, if that’s what he feels has happened, or to communicate through them, you know, if they have extensive experiences of (ALW: Right) base of contacts, so…

ALW: I just wanted to for, for the record, and, and we’ll go into some other material, but this is the video that Hermes just posted right under our broadcast. (RS: OK) But before I publicly announce this. So now (RS: Okay) he showed up and this is of his uh…

RS: I’m not able to see it on my screen here.

ALW: Oh I’m sorry.

Can, can you see it now?

RS: I cannot, no. I’m looking at the news article still.

ALW: Oh boy, let me then, let me do this then, then let me just stop. Let me get the news article out of the way. Whoops. Gee, I wonder why the news article is up. Obviously the, this is the bleeding edge of technology. Ha! I wonder why we’re still looking at the news article because I just see where it. Oh, I see. Okay, now move that one back over here so that’s not in the way, and that will bring so this is the video that, that Hermes –

RS: OK, I’m still just seeing your camera, Alfred, –

ALW: Sorry?

RS: – the video, but you can, if you want to roll it for the audience –

ALW: Well, oh no, we we have to… here I, I didn’t do that you know. You’ll have to excuse my obviously (RS: Mm hm) I’m not – Well here let me, let me just –

RS: And share your screen again and then just navigate to it from the article page since I was able to see that.

ALW: Okay, let me let me do this, take just a moment here…

RS: Sure. While you’re, while you’re pulling it up, you know, just some initial thoughts that I’ll share from an Allies perspective and just interrupt me whenever you’ve got it up. You know the Allies do talk a little bit about the history of contact, and the New Message as well. And prior to the Second World War there were forces in our world here as observers, here to watch what our technological development was bringing about, to watch the outcome of our great Wars. And they were here either as neutral or potentially beneficial influences on us. And there are some cases documented of what might have been these forces of a neutral or beneficial kind. But really, when the Intervention arrived, which was after the Second World War, after the usage of nuclear weapons against one another, which really took their participation in to the next level, the Allies say that those neutral and beneficial forces retreated from our space primarily because of, well partially because of the, the risk of operating near the Intervention, given what it was; and also to do us a favor as the native peoples, to give us an unequivocal situation.

ALW: Right. 

RS: You know here I think of, you know, I just think of, like, historical example of Colombia or you know many places, parts of South America, Central America, where the Jesuit Order was, was present on the continent as well as the Spanish crown or the Portuguese crown, and they were there to give God to the natives. They were, some of them were there with the pretty aggressive intent. Some of them were there to help and to learn and to learn the language and in–, you know, receive and give and there was there was beneficial intent there. And yet for the natives looking at the two, how could they distinguish who was what and what was who, and who was influencing who? And, and by and large, those beneficial forces, religious in nature were cowed and controlled by the political forces, the economic forces that were present. And, and there are many kind of famous histories and stories and films about the natives opening up to a Jesuit priest or order, and integrating them into their society, or having something quite beneficial occur, only to have the Jesuits be complicit in intervention, you know?

ALW:  Oh yeah.

RS: Ultimately the card was pulled on where their allegiance stood, which was with the Mother country or the, the monarchy. And, and they were pushed aside and even their allegiances—the allegiances and the trust that they gained with the locals—was used even after it had been gained. So there are many examples of that in our history. And I, I think I understand when the Allies say that as challenging as it may be to hear that there are no beneficial extraterrestrial presences in the world at this time. That was in their briefings in 1997.

ALW: “They’re no beneficial – .” So, so what you’re saying is that they’re right now, all extrateres–,  when you say there are no beneficial extraterest–

RS: Making, making contact with human beings on the surface of this world. Certainly there are beneficial and free worlds and, I mean, there’s a lot out there, right? (ALW: Yeah) in the universe at large, even in our local universe. But those who are flying in our skies, establishing bases of operation on satellites in our solar system; in our world, under our oceans, engaging with government —there isn’t like a, there isn’t like a half are good, half are bad; or the good ones are here to help inspire and the bad ones are here to take over. And they’re kind of at work whether it’s, it’s from –, the Allies make it very clear that any Ally, true ally of you, would not be here meddling in affairs, contacting government leaders, (ALW: Right) certainly not taking people. And that the most an ally, an ally could do is to impart information and perspective, and put the keys of the kingdom back in our own hands; which is to say, you have what you need as a race to solve the problems of this world. You are not ready for contact as a world. You’re divided. You know, I mean, even, even if, even if an ET, even beneficial, let alone not, where to land on the White House lawn or make a huge public display even out of a gesture for unity, peace would they be able to achieve that?

I mean, here we are: seven billion people. I mean, they would have half of us as friends and half of us as enemies anyway. And we would have war on a scale never seen before, potentially, just by them showing up physically. Because it’d be so, it would be so divisive. And, you know, whose lawn did they land on? Who got the technology, you know? Who was in the meeting? You know, we’re, we’re very, well, distrustful of one another and –.

ALW: Let me ask you this: if you’re going to be into the exo-political literature some of the literature says this that around the time of around the time of President Eisenhower, the US had two basic choices bas–. We have had a number of choices, but they were two major choices. And that is that they were two extraterrestrial groups one allied with a manipulatory group (RS: Mm hm) that said we are going to give you technology (RS: Mm hm) if you enter into these treaties. And the treaties started with the Grenada on a Treaty of 1954, that essentially allowed some abductions. And it was I think, I think it was the Orion greys there that were kind of the front ETs. But they were fronting for the Draco reptilians and for the Annunaki reptilians and the other group were more sort of a blond Nordic type. And they said, “We can promise you a future; however, you have to give up nuclear weapons and we can promise you a good a good future.” And apparently Eisenhower wanted, you know, was not, could not overcome the, the force of the permanent war economy within the US at that point or… And they went forward with the Bravo test, which was a test of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific; and went ahead and signed the Greyata [sp? Greneda?] treaty.

And that’s why we have a world of paedophilia and etc., because that’s, we sort of have a quota of humans and human children that we have to deliver up galactically and in the solar system and planetarily, and that’s why the FBI has been under orders not to go after missing children. I mean, like, the police are under standing orders. And we’ve, we’ve done a lot of investigating and, and the number of missing children worldwide is very high. And there is a correlation to stand down orders among police. And we have the testimony of, of whistleblowers who have been with Interpol parties you know where they go in and, and they’re people in, you know L.A. around Sunday family dinners where it’s a roasted baby on –, instead of a roasted turkey on the dinner table. And the US has a quota of children then it delivers to Saudi Arabia every, every year of American children. And this is the big dirty secret, which has come out as Pizzagate. And there’s a lot of fighting going on. But if you trace it back, it goes back to the Greyata [sp? Greneda?] treaty, which is the treaty with the Dracos and with the Orion greys.

And, and, you know, so that the Intervention now has really gotten itself inside the governments at the treaty level and inside the courts so that all the adoption agencies, now –. I was just dealing with a case in Belgium where you have the, the adoption agencies are infiltrated and they have the infiltration of the baby kidnap industry inside the hospitals, where they target vulnerable women who come in to give birth. And if they diagnose the woman as psychol–, as psychi–, psychiatrically imbalanced, they can grab her baby up for adoption. Everybody makes money. And that, you know, and that’s all part of this culture that has come by, is part of the Intervention, yeah.

RS: Yeah, well, I think, um, you know there’s, there’s so much, there’s so much that we do to ourselves. You know, there’s darkness in the world and there are forces of evil amongst humans that have been here a long time. And I definitely wouldn’t doubt it. And you know, there’s not much I can say about cases like this being that I’m not, I’m not a researcher. (ALW: Uh huh) I can say that, you know, the Intervention is taking people. And what it does and what that, what that program is for should really be the focus of our outcry, you know? (ALW: Yeah) And the Allies confirm some really amazing things that you will not hear elsewhere. This is, this is perspective that really opens up the resistance and empowerment to the Intervention in very powerful ways.

A few things it says is that the Intervention is a very small group of basically, a small group of technologically adept forces that are playing a playbook that has been played numerous times in the Greater Community. They are not expecting any resistance. They are expecting complete acquiescence. They know that if one government doesn’t want what they offer, another will. And it’s just a matter of time. And, and so how that integrates into the dark corners of the human world I, I don’t know; I wouldn’t be surprised. But really important here is is to understand that the intervention is running a playbook. They are not very creative. They are not anticipating dissent. And very important—this is very important, and this comes right out of the Allies Briefings—we live in a highly populated region of space, okay? This is something I could not personally know without the Briefings. So you know, see this is, this is very interesting. We live in a highly populated region of space. There is no governing body over nations. There is no, you know, Galactic Federation. But there is trade and there are very powerful nations that trade together. And so there are organizations that oversee interaction at that level. Because we live in a highly inhabited, mature region of space, outright conquest is not allowed, okay? It’s not permissible and possible for a force to come and simply take a world; way too, a way too established a region for that.

Instead what is done, contact is made. Offers are made; influence is cast. And, if the native people appear to want what is happening, then it’s fine—whatever, whatever, you know, the intervention may precede. The intervention are basically economic collectives. You know, they are the black market. They are the ones procuring resources for more advanced worlds that would never want to put their hands in something as dark as what the intervention is doing here. The intervention is opening up a new business partner, so to speak. And as long as that business partner seems to be accepting of the terms of the deal, then the governing entities in our local region who govern trade, primarily, and se—the security of interaction for trade, are not going to get involved. However, the moment the natives vocally express discontent and call this for what it is—which is a quiet integration and invasion into our world—and express their will for it to leave, the intervention must depart.

And so there is an amazing oppor–. This is something we wouldn’t know, again. This is why the Allies of Humanity Briefings were given; we wouldn’t know that. In fact, I’ll bet most people who become aware of the intervention start to feel overwhelmed; start to feel like it’s impossible; they’ve got their fingers in every government that, you know; and what can we do? And it’s actually not like that at all. We actually have tremendous capability to stop the Intervention in a very short period with not very many people involved. It’s more of a vocal advocacy task than it is an investigative one or a research one. And I think that’s really important for people, for people to know. So we have the tools we need.

And you know the Intervention, there’s some, there’s some really important things to know alongside this. They want us to feel overwhelmed. They want us to think that their power is—if we know about you know their real agenda—that their power is insurmountable. We don’t have what they can have. We can’t defend ourselves. And so, I do think that numerous conspiracy theories are actually created, manufactured, by the true conspirator. And the true conspirator in our world today is the Intervention —that’s the big conspiracy that no one talks about. We’re all fixated on each other, and there’s a reason for that. It’s because the Intervention wants us to focus our anger and resentment and distrust towards human leadership, and not towards it. It wants to focus all of our negative response to the human leaders and all of our positive, spiritual response to the visitors. And when you, when you step back and look at the world of ufology and contact, and all of this, it’s really bizarre that almost all negative conspiracies relate to the government or to secret groups and entity, entities—human; and all positive messages channel teachings, belief systems are about the ETs. It’s black and white; there’s very little bleed over. And, and so I think, like I said before, you know, the Intervention will use anything they can: if it’s religious, if it’s political, if it’s the black market of this world, whatever it is; if they can use it they’ll use it.

As people responding to the phenomenon, it’s important that we not get caught up in the controversy of every possible way they may use us and our governments because, well, the ways are too many to say. And the really important thing is that we focus on the ET presence and demand disclosure of that presence and vocalize our discontent. Because that really is what’s needed. There our ears turned to our planet, local neighbors, free worlds, governing bodies watching to see our response to contact. And our response has been illustrative. I mean, it’s, it’s, we welcome it. There’s almost nobody asking the basic questions of, “Well, why is there an intruder in our house? I didn’t give him permission to come in. And why should I believe him when he says he’s enlightened?”

ALW: Yeah. 

RS: You know, very few people are communicating that. And that, that, that is a big problem. And so we need to seriously activate the advocacy and activist community to get vocal. It’s more communication. It’s not so much calling out the government players. It’s not creating more conspiracies and trying to tie everything together and say, “Well, there’s an intervention, but there’s also this. There’s this.” See this is, this is where we get off track.

ALW: Yeah, but I, I just really want to go further here, because as a solution, you know we’re all looking for solutions. So you said what is needed is vocal advocacy and more investigation. Now, what would vocal advocacy look like?

RS: Oh, great question, yeah. Well, well first off, I feel that the global community that considers the reality of contact to be real—happening—has to go beyond the first question with some courage here. It is time to ask, “What this, what does it mean?” and “What must we do?” So there’s a will. There’s like a threshold, a tipping point, a switch that needs to get thrown in us who are aware of this to go beyond accumulating more perspectives, more information— swamped in information. Not much of it, well some of it is absolutely good and important, but a hefty amount is manufactured to swamp us. There’s a, there’s tremendous distortion in this field of research, too, which is problematic.

So in a way we need to kind of take the next step and get out of that and start getting to the question of, “Okay, what does this mean given what we know is happening, and what must be do?” Because there’s a lot of stuff happening that may be dark and grim that it actually doesn’t mean anything for what we must do. There’s nothing you can do about it except be angry, except, you know, get isolated in thinking about things that no one else acknowledges is real. You know, that some of these conspiracies take you… Where they actually take you, by the way, is to a place of hopelessness, isolation and fear. That’s where they deliver you. They deliver you down an alleyway. And it’s not a pretty picture down there. Some of it may be real. Maybe the opening information was real and then… But they’re they’re sucking people down these alleyways and dispersing awareness about the Intervention.

So it’s a great question: What does vocal advocacy look like? So as people become aware that this intervention is happening, it’s critical that they take a stand in some fashion; educate others. There’s I don’t know how many conferences and events a year on this topic; you will rarely hear a speaker speaking about the Intervention in any way. So that discussion needs to happen. And the Allies do also point to some specific steps to take. We need to start advocating for the three requirements for life in the universe as described by the Allies.

The three requirements to emerge successfully into the Greater Community are self-sufficiency, unity and discretion as a world. So self-sufficiency: that means that contact—the Intervention—implies a major shift towards environmental advocacy; the reality of climate change has to be addressed. This is huge. If we lose our self-sufficiency, basically we are delivered to a dependent state; we’re relying on foreign technology to survive in the universe. That, so that, that’s got to happen.

Unity: we absolutely must become advocates for reconciliation and compassion and unity as much as possible—not advocates for one political aisle or the other, not out, outspoken, outraged by a religion or multiple religions. We need to restore our faith in one another. And unfortunately, some of us have gone down the dark alleyway of losing our faith in one another. So they have got to come back to Main Street. Everyone’s got to come back to Main Street on the UFO reality, and get out of the dark alleys and get back into where the street lights are shining, so we can walk down that Main Street and actually have an impact in the world. Because unfortunately, many of the people who can have an impact are being sidelined into conspiracies that render them basically ineffective in the world. They’re, they’re suspicious; they’re paranoid; nobody wants to engage with them on these topics. And so they’re basically isolated and neutralized. And you know, a lot of conspiracies, conspiracy theories are generated by the chief conspirator, which is the intervention, for that very reason to disperse awareness. “Ah, now you got this group and these people in this government…” And you don’t know where to look now. It’s like you’ve got 500 enemies in the world, when really there is an enemy: it is the Intervention. And we don’t need to fight it. We don’t need to get violent in any way; that’s not what’s called for.

But we need to, we need to bring our awareness back to Main Street reality. And so that does mean coming back to a Message of world unity and empowerment and trust in one another. See that is a Message coupled with an environmental Message and a discretion Message that the world can hear. Because if we go too far down the black alleyway, you know, investigating the deep state or, you know, all of these sub-realities and sub-levels, we’re basically leaving the rest of the world who is not looking at this. And so the advocates are lost in the back streets; they’re not on Main Street, you know? And so that’s why, you know, many people ask me about—and Marshall—but what about this group or this, you know, conspiracy over here. And I can’t verify half of it, you know? But I can tell you this: it’s not taking you on, it’s not leading back to Main Street, you know? The rest of the world marches on and will not listen to that stuff. But what they will listen to is a centered, grounded, clear message that contact has begun—the greatest event in human history. It is an intervention. We are the native peoples and here’s what we need to do. You know, that is a mess that hundreds of millions of people could come to hear—and need to hear.

So that is, that is really what needs to happen, is back to Main Street reality and away from the dark underground, deep state, you know, ET conspiracy stuff back to where the rest of humanity is living, because they need to be reached with an essential Message.

And I’ll mention that, I didn’t quite mention it, but the the last requirement for emerging into the Greater Community is discretion. And the Allies of Humanity point out many times that humanity is leaking out into space all of our communications, all of our transmissions, all of our film, all of our, you know, cultural memes and symbology and religions; and even our, the way our governments work. We’re basically telling the universe we’re here; this is everything about us. Feel free to study it for a few, for a decade or two. And, and we’re exposing our society with absolutely no thought that we actually have a border to space. We have a border and it’s not that we need to defend the border against, you know, everything. But we have a border. And what you don’t do with a border is let anyone come and go at will, and let anyone take information across that border to whoever, let anyone come in from that border. So we need to start acting like a world with a solar system. We need to know that this world was ours. This is our planet of genesis. This world does not belong to some other ET force. We were not authored by an ET force. We are not beholden to an ET force.

So this is native-people awareness-building time. And I think if, if those who are aware of this phenomenon can, can swallow, you know, get the lump out of their throat and realize, “Okay, I’ve been looking at this for a long time. I am fascinated, intrigued by a lot of stuff to do with it…” But it’s, it’s time to go beyond fascination and intrigue and realize that this phenomenon is nature; it is real. And the rest of the world needs to be awoken to it, and will be, if not by us, by the Intervention. And the Intervention will shape how they want the world to see it. So we need to be active in shaping how that, what it really is.

ALW: Right, right. And so have you developed, like, a program that you’re composing that you’re rolling out, or, or is that at an organizational level or…?

RS: Well we have we have a number of initiatives underway, which I’ll just, I’ll just mention some of them. So there’s a document I recommend everyone go read and share. It’s called the Declaration of Human Sovereignty. It is a Declaration to our local universe stating our basic rights as a native people of this world. It was modeled on the United States Declaration of Independence, a beautifully written document; powerfully states where we need to stand as a race regarding contact. That would be a document to go download, print 100 copies, and see who amongst your friends and family and colleagues needs to receive that document. Because that document crystallizes activism regarding this issue very clearly. It vocalizes it. And so there is something that you can put your voice to. That Declaration is at HumanSovereignty.org . And that was drafted by, by Marshall and a number of other advocates for awareness about the intervention. So that’s a great document to download and share.

We have a school, and Marshall is active in teaching, and it’s called the Free School of the New Message; and you can get there from the New Message, NewMessage.org website. It’s called School, up at the top. And we have a session every year on emergence into the Greater Community, preparing for the Greater Community, I’m sorry. And where we study a series of Messages and Revelations regarding how to, how to prepare. We have a weekly chat with over a hundred and thirty people from around the world every Saturday, 9:00 a.m. Mountain time; where we are discussing that and other topics throughout the year.

So there, there is, there is a movement underway to respond to the Intervention and to prepare and to, and to spread that awareness; to spread that fundamental truth. So there is something to step on into and to, you know, be involved in, most certainly. We also have a number of books. One of them is called Preparing for the Greater Community, and that is our next book. It’s coming out in a few months. Last year, last summer we released a book called The Greater Community, which is really the whole introduction to this reality. And our next book to be released is Preparing for the Greater Community.

So there are, there are some immense, there’s an immense amount of resources for people to read, to hear. Marshall is very active in interviewing and in public speaking, although he’s limited in what he can do just of himself. I mean, this is a movement that needs voices. And the voices are not there, by and large, you know? They, the people might be there, but they’re silent; they’re intimidated by it. They don’t know what to do. The Intervention is marching ahead day by day. People are being taken. The human race, its future, is being altered at every level. So this is a pressing issue; and it needs people, especially those who know about contact, to finally see it for what it is; get out of preferential thinking against reality. This is so clear, it’s not even funny. This is an intervention. It’s that clear.

There will be other parameters to contact to come. There will be beneficial contact at some point in our future. And I would call the Allies of Humanity an example of that. But that is not really what we need right now. And I know that’s hard for people: they really want it and it’s not now. And that’s just, you just got to handle that. It’s like, this is not what we want. Life is not what we want. Life is what is; do you participate or not? If you don’t, you go down the dark alley and you won’t have much of an impact on the world. If you do, you have to kind of face what comes next. And what comes next is addressing the Intervention, is addressing and advocating for the fundamental Pillars of humanity’s success in the Greater Community: self-sufficiency, unity, discretion; engaging in advocacy, which is basically education, awareness-building; and Knowledge, which is the Spiritual Power we carry.

And that is available in the book, Steps to knowledge. That, that’s another element we have to get out of: chasing the next great idea. You know, we have to not make the UFO field an entertainment industry, where every, the next conference or the next speaker has an even more outrageous or salacious claim. And it’s, we’re just fascinated and everyone’s trying to connect everything, which is sticking the square peg in the round hole. It’s like, you know, the truth is not everything is connected and we want it to be. But you know, reality is reality; and you know, we know enough, we know enough, after decades of research into the abduction phenomenon, into  military engagement with the ET presence, reality of implants, animal mutilation, psychological influence, okay, the hybridization program; we know this now. It has been researched and revealed sufficient that we can say, “Yes, this is an intervention” and “Yes, it’s time to take action” and vocalize that, not amongst our own group, you know, not, not just amongst those who know or know to the whole world. The whole world needs to know.

This is the biggest event in human history. Why are we hiding in the dark corners of conspiracy? Why are we hiding there, avoiding the next step; because the next step takes us into the world, to become an advocate for human sovereignty. So that’s what I feel, and that’s what Marshall feels, really represents the the next step.

ALW: Wow, well yeah, I mean you’re, I, it’s very difficult for me to fully articulate the degree of wake-up call (RS: Yeah) I think (RS: Yeah) ringing because even, even myself who’s been in this field now, I mean professionally, (RS: Yeah) since 1973. (RS: Yeah) And this is always the the issue of what’s the intent; what’s, what’s was not the intent? However, I can see now through the Greater Community of worlds and is the spiritual connection there, that is really the heart of of this larger community and an infrastructure in the universe (RS: Yeah) now focused on earth as, as a member of that community that is, is, is, as you say, at a tipping point so I really want to thank you for having come here –

RS: Yes, thank you.

ALW: – today and I hope that when, when the new book comes out Preparing for the Greater Community, at that time we’ll be even more knowledgeable. And I hope that yourself or someone else from, from your organization will join us around that book, and (RS: Certainly), and see how we really need to take this forward to a global level. Because I think that this really gives a focus to a field that, I agree with you, has become very scattered and very divided; and has to get out of its ghetto –

RS: Yeah; well said.

ALW: – into the, back into the mainstream.

RS: Yeah, yeah, well said. I agree. And I mean, we’re meant to have a difference on the whole world, you know; this is about the whole world. (ALW: Yeah) And so, and like you’re saying, I mean it’s time for something different now. We have been the bush on every possible scenario and every type of sighting and so forth. It’s time to get to the truth of what’s happening to see it for what it is.

ALW: Yeah, thank you so much. I was just want wondering if there’s anything that perhaps you had wanted to say that you haven’t been able to say; or if you just want to remind people how to get in touch with your work.

RS: Sure. Thank you for that. Well, there’s one thing I just I want to say you know at the end here and that’s, you know, our sense of draw to this reality, our sense of innate curiosity and destiny is real, you know? That is authentic. That’s coming from a deeper place. That’s not just the mind, you know, fascinated in the phenomenon. There’s something that calls to us here, and it’s very deep. And we’re on the right track, you know; we’re on the right track. And what that is is the Greater Community itself. It’s that larger panorama of life, and it’s that essential thread of spiritual connection and communication that binds life together and moves it forward; and we’ve had a part in that in the past. This isn’t our only, our only go in the world. It’s not the only world we’ve had to go in, you know? We’ve been around and there are connections we brought here. We actually, you know, we brought something into this world: it’s a gift. And we can’t just open it with our mind. It has to be, it has to be called forth.

And the reality of contact as it’s happening, even though it’s sober and perhaps dire looking, it activates it. It activates this part of us. And how, how appropriate, you know? So this is real. This connection we have at the Greater Community, we brought it into the world. It’s a gift we carry. It’s meant to come out at this time when our age-old isolation comes to an end, and the whole world slowly wakes up to this reality. This gift is meant to emerge. And… but we have to know that it’s not necessarily to do with those visiting our world at this moment. You know, it’s with the Greater Community itself. So that’s where our spiritual work, or our awareness-building needs to point into the Greater Community, and then inform our humanity. But our activism, our research you know, what we’re doing about all of this contact, has to be about the reality of contact; which is not spiritual in nature. It’s not it’s not an adventure in consciousness. There is a movement in consciousness, has to do with life out there. There is a preparation for it that has been, that has been the life work of my father, Marshall Vian Summers; that is, he has given the last 35 years to bringing that preparation forth, giving it to those who really need it and are ready for it. And so I encourage everyone, if you feel that you know that speaks to you, begin the preparation for the Greater Community. Go to the, you know, the New Message website, newmessage.org; allies of humanity.org . Read the briefings. Read the Revelations. Join the Worldwide Community of people preparing. But the contact for what it is, is an intervention; and it needs our clear and sober response.

ALW: Very good, thank you so much.

RS: Thank you, Alfred. It’d be pleasure to be back with you when, when the Preparing for the Greater Community comes out.

ALW: Oh, great; great; good enough. I look forward to that. And I look forward to starting on, on on the Steps. I think it’s just the thing for 2018 and the earth dog.

RS: Good; well, I appreciate your, you know, your spirit and your openness. And you know you’ve got, you’ve definitely got an openness that pulls good things toward you, you know. I can see that through, the through the camera here. So you know, I think you know this you know this calls for the open-minded and the clear hearted and you know it’s great to meet you and know that you’re one of those people in the world.

ALW: Excellent.

RS: Yeah.

ALW: Well, thank you.

RS: Yes, thank you, Alfred.

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