UFOs, Contact and the Possibility of Disclosure

On January 3rd 2018, Alfred Webre invited me on his show Exopolitics TV to provide a briefing on the truth behind UFOs, Contact and the possibility of Disclosure from the perspective of the Allies of Humanity, an off-planet group of observers monitoring the activities of the alien presence in our world.

In the first hour, Alfred invited me to present an overview of the perspective and information provided in the Allies of Humanity Briefings. In the second hour, Alfred asked me to apply the Allies perspective to a case of purported contact: “interdimensional craft in Spain transmits message to humanity.”

The full two hour interview was broadcast live on Facebook and was later published in full on Exopolitics TV. I’m publishing here the first hour of the interview with higher quality audio/video.

It is essential now that we see the reality of Contact for what it is: an intervention into our world by ET forces who are here with an agenda of integrating into human society in order to gain access to our planet and its resources.

For the clearest distillation of this realty, be sure to read the Declaration of Human Sovereignty, a powerful document drafted by Marshall Vian Summers and a small group of individuals aware of the ET Intervention and working to bring this awareness to millions of people.

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