Mysterious Radio Interview with K-Town

What is the truth about the Alien presence in our world? Is this a friendly visitation or a destructive intervention into human affairs. Who is Marshall Vian Summers, the man responsible for the Allies of Humanity Briefings — perhaps the most important set of documents regarding Contact ever published? And finally, what is the New Message revelation on life in the universe?

These were the questions at the heart of my hour-long discussion with K-Town, the host of Mysterious Radio. Together we covered a large spectrum of important topics ranging from UFOs to the history of Intervention in our world, from God to the mysterious presence of Knowledge that seeks to move through us at this time of great change. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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K-Town: Reed summers is the son of Marshall Vian Summers, who is a prophet and Messenger for a Divine Revelation regarding humanity’s emergence into a universe of intelligent life and the hidden reality of contact taking place in the world today. For over 12 years Reed has been working with Marshall as a teacher and a representative for this Divine Revelation and for Allies of the Humanity’s Briefings, a revolutionary set of texts which reveal the secret agenda of those ET forces present in our world and provide a clear picture of what these forces are, why they are here and what they are doing at this critical time on earth. Welcome, Reed Summers.

First of all, I want to thank you very much for coming on Mysterious Radio.

Reed: Thank you, K-Town, pleasure to be here with you.

K-T: Now before we start, Reed, I want to give you an opportunity to tell my listeners about yourself and then I want you to tell them about your father.

RS: Most certainly. Well for over 12 years now I’ve been assisting my father, Marshall Vian Summers, bring forward a remarkable message for the world, an urgent message about the hidden reality of contact and humanity’s future in a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe beyond us. And it’s been a remarkable journey with Marshall to bring this revolutionary and deeply inspiring information to people around the world, to have it translated into over 20 languages. And now to be at the heart of a Worldwide Community of people who are studying, learning and living really a new spiritual path that acknowledges life beyond the unvi–, beyond the world and our destiny to emerge into that Greater Community in time. So, that’s, that’s what I would say about myself.

About Marshall, well, for over 35 years my father’s been immersed in an experience of Revelation. And through him has come numerous teachings for the world related to humanity’s emergence into a larger universe of life, the great environmental change facing our world today, and the great spiritual calling that is going out at this time for men and women to awaken and to rise, and to bring forth the deeper gifts that they carry to serve our world now, as it faces some of its greatest trials and difficulties to come.

And Marshall, over 35 years ago, was teaching. Actually, he was a teacher for the blind in California. And a mysterious presence began to arise in his teaching work. And it us–, it began to compel him in his teaching to speak to his students in a certain way, to hear them in a certain way—really an inner guidance experience in his work. And that grew over some years and later culminated in a Revelation event for him. And he was compelled to wander, to leave his place in society, his work, and to take refuge in the deserts of the American Southwest. And after some months time, this Presence came over him once again. This Angelic Presence and instructed him to begin to record a series of Messages for the world.

Now for Marshall at that time, this was something quite outside the box of his understanding and awareness. He was not seeking this out purposefully. This was coming over him and really was building in his life for years up until that point. And that mysterious event in the desert was the beginning of a remarkable process of Revelation that has brought thousands of pages of Revealed Word into the world to guide people at this time, in this modern time, facing modern challenges, and, in preparation for a new destiny and a new reality of life beyond the world.

And in the years since Marshall has produced a great deal of this Revelation, has made it available free to the world. And a Community of students has grown around the globe, thousands of men and women everywhere who are beginning to study this Revelation, take it into their lives and see how it moves them; see how it moves the deeper spiritual mind within them.

And so Marshall is at the center of a movement of people who are preparing to make their greater contribution to a world in great need at this time.

K-T:  Alright. Now tell us about this first point of contact for your father, this Voice that contacted him and how it affected him at that time.

RS: Well, I think it was, it had a tremendous impact on him. And he’s recounted this in a series of Messages and stories that are available on our website, New Message dot o-r-g [] and you can go read those. It was a voice and Presence that was building in his life for some years, and compelled him in mysterious ways to do things he wouldn’t otherwise have done. I think Marshall always from the beginning felt different, felt like there was something about him that would com—, that would emerge later in his life that would be greatly important for him and for others. And I’m sure many of your listeners can resonate with that, feeling that, you know, the ah, the cultural consensus and the story, and the, you know, message of fulfillment it conveys is just not enough. It’s not enough to encompass who we are and why we are in the world. And there’s something about us, something moving in our lives, keeping us going, keeping us from stopping, pulling on us, mysteriously. And Marshall certainly felt that that Presence in his early days. And through a series of remarkable journeys in the wilderness, that Presence grew and grew and became a Voice of inner guidance. And then later that Voice spoke very directly and very commanding, in a very commanding way to him. And has since. And that Voice, which we now call the Voice of Revelation, has been recorded and made available to the world. You can go to our website and hear many, many dozens of 30 to 60 minute recordings of this Voice speaking through Marshall on an infinite variety of topics, everything from contact with extraterrestrial life to the environmental challenges of our world, politics, money, family, raising children—all of these topics covered as if slowly over many years, brick by brick, something was being built that he couldn’t put his finger on, he didn’t know even what it was. And really what that is, now we understand, it is a new reality, it is a new reality for human experience and awareness and understanding that encompasses a larger community of life beyond this world, and the evolutionary track that humanity is on and has been on the whole way to enter into that universe, to prepare to be one people with one voice in that universe, stewarding our world wisely, treating each other with compassion—a larger evolutionary process. And now through Marshall, this remarkable teaching has come into the world, and it’s available for all to hear.

K-T: Now this is new to me so I’m going to have to give you an opportunity at the end to tell my listeners exactly where they can find that. And I will check that out myself. So, is your father actually channeling these ETs or Angels, or what would you call them?

RS:  Sure, sure. Well, it’s a big story. He’s walked a long road to this point. He’s very much with us. He’s an amazing man with an amazing Message. And I hope your listeners can go, and go see him, go to Youtube, search his name and see what this man is saying to the world and to each of us. It’s remarkable. So, it’s a big story. It’s a big Message.

In the beginning the entity that he was speaking with identified itself as an Angelic Presence. And that Presence in the years since has grown to become more than one, speaking as one, through Marshall. And they have since called Marshall their Messenger, their Messenger for a New Revelation. So that is the essential Voice of Revelation. That is the Voice of the New Message from God that you will hear when you go listen to it.

Now in addition, Marshall’s also received a series of communications from an off-planet group of extraterrestrial forces who call themselves the Allies of Humanity. And the inter–, the interaction and relationship between these two sources is very important to understand and I can speak more about that later. Now this contact with the Allies of Humanity occurred much later in Marshall’s life. It began in the mid-nineties, and since that time the Allies of Humanity have given three sets of Briefings, detailing the position of our world in the larger universe, the local universe in which we live, and the presence of an exterrestrial Intervention in our world—what it is, why it’s here and what it specifically is doing. So, as the New Message reveals, our world is in the process of emerging into a greater panorama of life. And at that point of emergence, contact will begin. But it is not contact with beneficial forms of life, you know, altruistic space explorers, scientists, philanthropists, enlightened– . Just like it was in our world when “the new world” was discovered by those colonial powers in Europe, we are encountering commercial forces. We are encountering those who traveled this distance because of our world, its biological diversity, its strategic position and its people. Those are the first that we will encounter. And that is a very challenging first encounter to make. And the history of earth shows that very clearly. The history of the native peoples in their first encounter with colonial powers – so difficult for them to see clearly, to understand who these visitors really are, why they’re really here, and to protect the native vulnerabilities: our religious beliefs and aspirations, our spiritual goals and deeper desires, our state of division politically and economically in this world. So, we have weaknesses as well.

And so, later on in the process of receiving the New Message from God, Marshall was called to receive this set of Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. And what these Briefings really are is a gift of perspective and information to empower us, humanity, to recognize the ET Intervention in our world, and to resist it and to speak as one people in the universe and to prepare, to prepare for what life in this larger arena will really be like.

And so when you look into Marshall Vian Summers and hear what he has to say, you’ll find both the New Message from God, which is a Divine communication. And you’ll also find the Allies of Humanity Briefings, which is this communication from an off-planet source of free worlds in our vicinity who want to see humanity be free, who want to see humanity resist intervention and emerge into this Greater Community as a free world itself.

K-T:  Now I have to ask, how did the people around him react about this information that he was given? I assume he spoke with those close to him about this.

RS: Oh, certainly, well… It’s been quite a journey for Marshall and, you know, it– he’s touched many lives, and he’s met many. And yet it’s a difficult Message, you know. It’s, it’s a Message that’s beyond the box, outside the box and the scope of what we normally are concerned with here on Earth, in daily life. And yet it is so important for the future. It is a gift to each one of us to navigate this difficult future and tap into our own well of spiritual power and contribute that in the world at the right moment, when it needs it. And that has been Marshall’s Message all along. And, certainly, that, yet, those around him were shocked when this occurred. He was shocked when this occurred. And again, as you, as you go and, you know, watch some videos of Marshall you’ll realize, as I, as I now know, of course ‘cause I’m his son and I’ve been with him for my whole life and have been working with him so closely, this man is so grounded and real and honest. He’s lived a very authentic life. He deeply cares for this world. And he has really tapped into a deep well of experience beyond what many have a chance to experience in this life. And he is seeking to contribute that to people and to the world.

And so, you know, as you get to know Marshall, and begin the preparation yourself for contact with this intelligent ,’um with intelligent life in the universe, you know, you’ll be able to see the larger journey this man has walked and how difficult it’s been, you know, to bring a message like this to the world. So, um, yeah, it was certainly a challenge to him. And slowly, over many years, people came to assist him. He met his wife who is very much a part, my mother, very much a part of the activation of this greater awareness in him. And you know, frankly, growing up at the kitchen table hearing the stories ah that Marshall and Patricia have told, and the stories of this, this journey, I thought to myself so many times, “Wow. I mean this is a great story. This is a great story that someday will need to be told because this story demonstrates fidelity, authenticity, devotion, selflessness.” I mean, just what this man has been through to receive this for the world is deep–, I’m deeply inspired, you know, even having been (chuckle) swirled around in, in it for so many years. So I invite everyone to have that personal connection with Marshall.

K-T: Reed, what year did this happen? First time…

RS: Marshall’s revelation [K-T: Go ahead] I believe, I believe in 1982 there was a first initiation and then in 1983 a subsequent one.

K-T: Okay. Alright, now is your father a sensitive of a psychic?

RS: I don’t think he would identify as a psychic. I mean, he’s most definitely a sensitive man. And you know he’s, you know it’s interesting, the early days of him receiving the Voice, the Voice was so quiet and, you know, barely audible, you know, coming through, ao, I mean, so much not distance, but thickness, you know, through so much atmosphere to reach him. And over the years as the Revelation has grown, so has the Voice. And now the Voice is crystal clear, as clear as you could imagine. And so his connection has grown. And certainly his sensitivity and his sensitization to this greater realm beyond physical life has been essential for him to be the Messenger for this Revelation.

K-T: Did your father say why they chose him?

RS: Well, the Revelation says that he was selected and chosen before this lifetime to come into the world and to receive a Revelation for humanity to prepare it for the next great chapter in its evolution. And certainly he’s not the only one helping humanity prepare. You know, men and women everywhere are called to that service. But the Revelation says that he is a Messenger, and he has a Message from God for our time. So that’s why, I mean why he was chosen I can’t quite say. But, you know, having been with Marshall all this time and seeing how, uh, honest and close to the heart of his mission he has stayed I can’t say They chose a better person. They certainly did.

K-T: Alright, so um, you also mention the Allies of Humanity’s, these Briefings that happened for him. Did these happen over a series of years? I’m sorry if I missed that.

RS: It’s okay. It began around the year 1997, so a full 14 years into the process for Marshall. These [K-T: Okay] Briefings came into his sphere, which was another shock. You know, Marshall was not well read; he was not on the subject of UFOs and contact. He was not, you know, greatly, personally interested, although an affinity was always there, a sense that this was a part of his nature. And, I’m sure many of your, your viewers would feel that too, that there’s something about this reality of contact that’s connected to who we are. And there’s something real about it that we have to go seek out, we have to go find the truth about. Many people feel that in the world today. And it’s no wonder. Because if this is the next great step we need to take as a world, then people have been born into this life at this time with that orientation to serve that transition into a greater arena of life.

So you know, there’s many of those people in the world. I’m one of those people. Certainly Marshall’s one of those people. We call that a Greater Community person. And if you want to hear an amazing message, which I just heard before coming on, on with you tonight… It’s a Message Marshall recorded back at, around that ear—, that 1990s time frame called, “Being A Greater Community Person.” Put that into the search bar and see what you hear in that. A remarkable Message from Marshall from the early days, talking about what it means to be called, to be a part of this larger emergence of our world—its process of undergoing contact, spiritual development, development in the mental environment. Really important. And it’s a remarkable Message. And that was, that was, he, he spoke that into the microphone, unscripted, back around when he received the first set of Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. And it’s remarkable to go back and hear that and then go read the Allies of Humanity, Book One; which is an amazing message, an urgent message about the extraterrestrial presence in the world today.

K-T: Now just so people are not confused, these Allies of Humanity are off-planet beings, right?

RS: Yes. They are physical beings residing in physical worlds like we do. Mh, uh.

K-T: Alright. So are they here on this planet right now helping us in some way?

RS: Well around the delivery of the first set of the Allies of Humanity Briefings, the Allies came within the vicinity of the earth, okay? So they were never here amongst us. They were always observers. And they always acknowledged our sovereign right to this world. They did not come unwelcome. Ah um, they, they came into our vicinity to communicate a message of perspective and information, and calling upon us to respond. And I, if you go out on the internet these days much of the information you’ll hear about contact speaks of some form of salvation or an offer of enlightenment or free technology or the resolution of all our problems by an extraterrestrial source, which I find very concerning, you know.

Who comes into your house unannounced and uninvited claiming to be enlightened, you know? And why would that, why would it be our first assumption to believe that that is so, you know? And clearly when you look at the phenomenon around contact, there’s a lot to be concerned about between the abduction phenomenon, mutilation phenomenon, you know, flyovers of military installations and so forth. There’s a lot to be concerned about there. And, um, yeah.

So the Allies of Humanity have have not in any way contravened our rights as a free world. They have honored our rights as a free world and they are calling for those rights to come forth and to be strengthened and communicated in the face of what really is a quiet invasion and integration into human society by the Intervention.

K-T: Alright, so on the other hand there are some that are very much here and have inserted themselves into our society. Did he say which race of ETs these are?

RS: The Allies of Humanity don’t give names for a variety of reasons, not least of which, names wouldn’t do a whole lot for us. And names from one may be names different from another. Names, wrong names can be given and so forth. The essential thing they communicate is what is our position, you know? What is the overall big picture of where our world stands in its local unif—, universe? The forces around our world that we will be interacting with and the essential keys to securing human freedom and sovereignty into the future: that is the essential message of the Allies, keeping us focused on ourselves, and what we need to be doing, instead of giving us, you know, wonderful salacious details and names and places and so forth, which I don’t personally think would be all that helpful.

K-T: Now, let me get your personal opinion on this. Many people believe that society as a whole is ready for this type of contact, but do you believe that?

RS: Um, well, it is our evolutionary next step to emerge into this Greater Community and contact is a part of that emergence. However, this form of contact, the contact that’s occurring in the world today is not ethical, not in our best interests—and we are in no way ready for it. And so I, I totally recognize people’s sense of calling and destiny when it comes to contact. And I felt it myself. And you know, there’s a reason for it. You know, there’s a reason we’re talking today, there’s a reason you know those listening are listening right now. It’s because they know something is really real and big here. And it has everything to do with why they’re in the world. It has everything to do with what they’re seeing play out on the world stage right now. We all are feeling that. And we’re here; we know there is a (sic) extremely important truth about this, that speaks to a truth about us. And we’re seeking. We want to know what that is. We want to embrace it. We want to transcend the limits of a rotely human life; and, you know, the, the boundedness of human existence and all the fears and concerns and preoccupations that humanity’s caught up with worldwide, everyday. You know we want, we all want to transcend that level of awareness and move into a higher level of existence and awareness. And I think that is, that’s real. You know, that is what I would call the power of Spirit moving in you and I (sic) and all those who feel that, confirming that this, this is why you’re here. You’re here to be a part of this. And so I think that’s precious. And that’s a huge part of the New Message. That’s a huge part of why it’s here and the preparation and spiritual education that it’s bringing forth.

However, with that said, we also have to be cautious. We have to know we’re dealing with an entirely new reality—physical, tangible. It’s not a mysterious reality only; it’s real. And if we’re not careful, we could engage with the wrong entities in the wrong way. And, you know, you can see where that goes. And so I think caution is, is very needed; stopping and realizing, “Okay. I’m at the threshold of some, of a new education, a completely new playing field for life. It’s time to get educated. It’s time, you know, to take steps slowly and carefully; and not let my enthusiasm and inspiration and desire for something new and different to get wrapped up in this new reality, clouding my ability to see it clearly.” And that’s what the New Message teaches is a very grounded, stable, practical and progressive form of inner and outer preparation for this new reality. Um, and I think that’s so important because we have to understand, you know, we are like a young person, maybe I don’t know 12 or 13 years old stepping out of our home onto the big streets of the city for the first time. And if we go step out on those streets and trust and have faith in anyone we meet and accept any offer they make, ah, it’s not going to turn out well for us. So we are emerging into the big city of life here. And it’s important to have some real solid

wisdom to ground us, and to understand the forces at work out on that street. And, I know this is difficult for some to, to accept, but the universe is nature. It’s a larger manifestation of the natural environment that we’re already experiencing here on earth. It’s an environment where there’s competition for resources. There’s a struggle to survive. The strong dominate the weak if they can. You know these are truths about nature. And if you kinda of believe in a, in a fairytale atop that and, and neglect reality, you’re walking blind out into nature. So we need our eyes wide open and we need to understand this environment. And we need to understand those forces that we are now coming into contact with.

K-T: Alright, I’m talking to Reed Summers, who is the son of Marshall Summers, about his astonishing contact and the galactic community of races currently visiting us. And I’ll have more for you when we return right after this. [Music] Alright, we are back now. Reed, can you tell us about the warnings of technology that your father speaks of?

RS: Um, absolutely. Well this is a really key part of the Allies of Humanity Briefings in particular. And it’s a key warning to not confuse spiritual development with technological development. So, those we are interacting with are clearly technologically advanced far beyond us. They’re able to travel this distance, engage with us in the ways they do. Their technology is extraordinary. But we have to get grounded and know that that does not necessarily lead to spiritual or inner truth and awareness. Look out at our own world. Are the technologically advanced spiritually advanced? In many cases they’re not. In many cases they’re the most aggressive. They’re the most inventive. Um, and they’re out to get things from others. And that’s a lesson of life that I’m sure many of us have learned in a variety of ways.

And we have to understand that the universe is nature. It is a place where survival is still a challenge. Travel is still a challenge. Energy is not free—all important truths the Allies of Humanity bring forward. And that why would anyone travel this far to get to a world like this, in this degree of disarray, uhm, (slightly chuckles) with this large a population, with so much chaos here on the ground—why would they be here? Spending so much energy and time to get here?

Well, the Allies of Humanity say that they are here for their own ends. And they are technologically advanced, but not spiritually advanced. And that if we, being at times desperate and at times naive, were to accept the offers of these visitors, offers of technology; those offers would, in time, lead us to become, would lead us to lose our self-sufficiency, would lead us to become dependent on those who possess that technology, who can create that technology. So, you know, we are enamored with technology right now. You know, technology is the news of the day; is the next great thing. And to a degree, that’s great, you know. It’s, it’s helping this world in a variety of ways. But, beware the religion of technology. You know, technology is a tool to be used for either good or ill. You only need so much of it to live an intelligent life. You don’t need too much of it. And humanity is in no position to accept offers of technology from foreign entities. It couldn’t integrate them. There would be competition and conflict over them. They would be used, potentially, as weapons against each other.

We are not a unified world. And, I hate to say, and I know how exciting the reality of contact is, but addressing our problems here on the ground is the first step before we can be one people in the Greater Community and can really engage with other races in a safe and intelligent manner.

K-T: Reed, many experts that I’ve talked to on this show believe that we have already accepted offers of technology. Do you agree with that?

RS: Well, I think that’s very possible and probable. And you know a lot, a lot has been done behind the scenes over the last decades without the public’s awareness—some in defense of this world and some not. And the Allies of Humanity confirm that, you know, that governments are big places. They’re not all for or all against the Intervention. There are elements within each that are for and against. But I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if already we been either gifted this technology, or arrangements have been made without our awareness.

K-T: Now another aspect to this that I think people will find very shocking is that your father spoke of the very real forms of trade happening in our universe. Can you tell us about that?

RS: Absolutely. Well, you know the New Message from God, one of the big things it presents is a whole teaching on the reality and spirituality of life in the universe. Now here the Creator of all life is literally opening a window on what is happening out there, far beyond what our instruments of observation and listening could ever detect. So we have this teaching on life in the universe. There’s a book called, Life In The Universe, of the New Message. And what it describes is how races of beings function as societies, as trading partners; how they function in terms of trade and travel; and how spirituality and the deeper mind that the New Message calls Knowledge, which is the mind of Spirit within all sentient life, how that spiritual force moves in the universe as well, you know, underneath the skin, so to speak.

Um, one, I’ll speak more, a little bit more on the reality of trade and resources, and this, again, comes from the Teaching on life in the universe. The universe is a vast expanse of worlds, very few of which have the biological diversity of our world. In fact our world is a gem, a place of such biological abundance and perfection, you could say, um, that it is a great asset out there in a universe of barren worlds with vast distances in between. And for races to exist out in this environment they must trade and often they must travel, often because they have outstripped their own worlds of their natural resources; which is something that often happens with an emerging world. It’s something we are currently doing at as fast a pace as possible. And it’s almost like an endemic problem to the young emerging race, because there are individuals in a given world who know and can see the future trajectory, the future need and the need to steward resources. But being a divided world there’s no single authority that can make it so. And so there’s competition, you know, to drive the price lower, to make the product better. And you consume more and more and more. And you end up with a depleted world.

And the New Message reveals that so many countless times this has happened even in our local universe. And a depleted world, a race living on such a world is then forced to trade and to travel, and to barter and to make compromises, and to give up some of their own freedom to get the resources that they need to survive out in the deep, wide, cold of space.

And so you have out in the local Greater Community of life, networks of trade and trade pathways that are protected by local bodies that oversee trade and maintain relations between trading partners. And out there you have a variety of entities from small worlds that are more or less interested in themselves, to larger nations overseeing multiple, perhaps, star systems or, larger you know, areas of space. And you have trading guilds and even collectives. Now the collectives, this is a reality that the Allies of Humanity present. These are economic forces, typically bound up by multiple societies, that are primarily interested in seeking out and exploiting resources and wealth for those they trade with, to open up these arenas, to do things that their trading partners would find unethical. And that is precisely who we’re dealing with in our world today.

Why is there an abduction phenomenon? Why is there a hybridization phenomenon? It’s for this very reason. So these collectives operate kind of behind the scenes and maybe you could say, you know, could compare it to a black market, of those doing unethical things that are against the rules in our local universe, but that can do so with great secrecy and great power in the mental environment, the environment to persuade. And this is an area where the New Message speaks tremendously and teaches tremendously, which is how to protect your mind; how to protect yourself from manipulation in what the New Message calls the mental reality; the mental environment, which is an environment of thought, unseen, but equally as real as the physical environment of touch, smell, taste and sound. And this is an environment in which we are true, new beginners. And yet those we are engaging with are not beginners. They’re highly developed in the ability to manipulate thought, to create mental projections, to influence whole populations in certain ways. And this is, indeed, happening in our world today. Um, and it’s an arena in which we have to get stronger. And we have to learn and grow. And that is one of the reasons the New Message is here. And it’s a prime message of the Allies of Humanity, which is a calling for the mental strength of humanity to grow, the concentration level, the clarity, the ability to protect yourself in the mental environment, also very important.

But to bring this back to your question about trade, the collectives are here to gain access to the resources of this world, the strategic position of this world and the people of this world, who are also considered resources. Now when I talk resources, I’m not saying, you know, petroleum and natural gas and, you know, fields of corn. These are different types of resources than we might think; things like biological elements, blood plasma—things of that sort—rare minerals. And our world, you know, we have to acknowledge, is a gem in this universe. It is, we, we just do not know the ground upon which we stand. We are like the natives in the Amazon standing upon what truly are vast oil reserves, but which they believe to be only forest, you know, with a few plants and animals as, as, as resource. And we, we simply don’t know the land upon which we stand and how much it is valued by others. And unfortunately how we’ve treated the planet in recent times is the thing that has brought this Intervention here. You know, destroying a world like this with so much to give, so much life-giving resource has drawn the attention and Intervention by economic forces.

The advent of nuclear weapons, the great world wars of the past century, things of this nature have alarmed those beyond our world and, no wonder. You know, craft have been sighted in our skies at, at, at a (sic) ever escalating rate since the World War Two in the 40s and 50s.

K-T: You mean, given that they set off nuclear bombs, you think that got their attention?

RS: The Allies of Humanity say that that got their attention, yes. That, that global conflict, the development of weapons capable of eradicating life on this planet and destroying what this planet is and could be um has (sic) precipitated intervention. And, now, I will say at this stage, and I talk to a lot of people about this and some of them say, “Well, bring it. We need it. Look what we’re doing. Y’know, maybe they’d be better rulers than us. I mean, my God, look at who’s ruling you know, our nations and our economies. You know, we need enlightened leadership. We need stewardship from beyond.” And while I understand that call of despair, you know, because, I feel dismay when I look out on the world as well, I think that is a very dangerous line of thinking. You know that puts you right into the hands of whoever comes with any offer, any offer to make. And they will make offers and are making offers. Again: spiritual enlightenment, free energy, the ability to establish peace in the world. You know, how can you bring that to a world of six billion unruly people? Think about that. Who may or may not want it. Who don’t even disagree, you know, who don’t speak as one voice and who are already nearly at war with one another. You know, what kind of a promise could be believable in that sense?

Um, so there are many promises made. And they all have the same kind of flavor, which is that, one of disempowerment, a lack of trust in one another, lack of trust in human leadership. And they all deliver us more or less to a similar place, which is a place of powerlessness in the universe, a place of low self-regard, low self-esteem, believing that those who come are, you know, trustworthy at their word and have achieved what we can’t and can give it to us. And, you know, that’s an assumption. And many of us have made that assumption and become aware of this phenomenon. But we have to step beyond that assumption. We have got to start seeing clearly what is happening, why it’s happening and what we, personally, need to do about it to protect ourselves and to protect our world.

K-T: Alright, so it doesn’t sound, like ah we have a chance to overcome this when you have, ah, ETs that are clearly more advanced than we are cherry picking our planet for our resources, our resources and for humans, essentially, right?

RS: Well, no, I don’t believe that at all. I think we absolutely have a tremendous chance, and there’s, and I’m not just saying that. I don’t just “believe” that. Um, I, there’s some, there’s some reasons for thinking that way. The Intervention is a small force. They are not a vast army. They do not have military assets in any way. They are a small force relying purely on deception and agreement by those they take and influence. And so they are exerting influence and really engaging in the most intelligent form of warfare, which is to convince your enemy never to pick up a weapon and to relent to your leadership immediately. You know, that, that is their proposition. And that is what they’re doing. And yet, if enough people, and by “enough,” I don’t mean the majority of this world in any sense—how about a percent or two?—became aware of what this Intervention is and what it’s doing, became aware of our larger place in the Greater Community, and the real work we have to become a united world, to resolve conflict, to make compromises and to steward the resources and the environment of this earth. If enough people became aware of that and spoke out, the Intervention, um, really would not be able to resist, resist that communication, not least of which because they are, as I said, a small force and we are a world of six billion people who cherish their freedom, know all about intervention from our own past; and can get pretty riled up if threatened. So, that’s something to contend with.

But also very important here, and this is, again, something you know, Marshall or I or anyone could not know, except through Revelation and except through Briefings, given from beyond the world, is that there are rules of engagement in our local universe. You cannot, one world cannot just invade another world. So if there is a quiet invasion being attempted, it has to garner the support and approval of the native peoples. And, if those greater powers observing that observe that the natives say they want this ET presence and welcome it and say it’s good, then that’s fine. But if some part of the native peoples say, raise their hand, stand up and start speaking out about the nature of abduction and influence that is being cast upon us, then there are larger powers that might take note of that and might step in.

And so, you know, this is, it’s a huge picture. And it’s more than I can provide, you know, in a short interview. But it’s all in the Allies of Humanity Briefings. And it’s laid out very clearly. It’s easy to get. It’s a very inspiring message to read. And the picture’s clearer than we think. I know we want there to be levels of awareness and dimensionality and good ETs and bad ETs. And, you know, we’re, we’re excited by it. There’s so much possibility and variety. And yet, in essence, we’re talking about nature. We’re talking about a simple picture when you get down to it, which is we are the natives of a new world. We are destroying our world. And we are divided. And there are forces beyond us who value what we have, and have arrived here, telling us that they are here for all the right reasons—to help us, to enlighten us, to save us. And yet, in essence, they are here for themselves; and they’re here for what we possess.

And our next, the next chapter of the human story is one of realizing our place in this Greater Community, realizing that contact is underway, realizing that we are brothers and sisters. We are humans. We are so akin to each other. We think we’re so different. In a Greater Community perspective we’re not very different at all. We’re so, we’re so, we have so much commonality to bind us together. And we have a dual threat facing us that we must unite around and that we can unite around. And that threat is the threat of Intervention from beyond the world and the great environmental change that we have created and that is threatening to undermine the survivability of this planet.

K-T: Very good. Now none of this can be accomplished without infiltrating our infrastructure. Your father spoke about that as well. Can you just hit on that for just a moment and let people know what he means by that?

RS: Sure. Well, there are four fundamental areas that the Intervention is involved in, and I’ll just tell you what those four are very briefly. And one of them is, is what you just mentioned I believe. So the first is influencing individuals in positions of power, both political, economic and religious power even. There is an attempt to influence those who hold sway over what humans believe spiritually; what they, how they live economically; and what governs them politically. And that is happening in a variety of ways around the world. And so that’s one thing to be aware of; that’s the first area of the Intervention.

The second is to manipulate the spiritual and religious beliefs of people everywhere. You know humanity is a spiritual people, which is actually a huge asset. You know, we have a deeper awareness of life. We possess that as a, as a people. And the universe has a lot less of that than you might think, you know. This is a universe of the technological, of those scraping a living off of barren worlds of rock and ice. You know this is not a world, a universe of enlightened races whizzing around, you know, having wonderful conferences with each other. This is a, a more prosaic picture than that. And yet we humans have such a spiritual gift to give. And yet we also have enumerable beliefs and aspirations that can be used against us. And the Intervention is aware of that and is engaged in, in undermining those as we speak. So that’s the second area.

The third is establishing bases in the world from which they can operate and can influence large populations of people. So I can’t tell you where those are, but they, they clearly do need a physical presence to carry on their activities. And then those places and those centers of operation are being established. That’s the third area.

And the last is perhaps the darker element of the intervention, which is a hybridization program to unite humanity genetically, psychologically with those forces intervening in order to generate a human being who is aligned to this Intervention and is capable of leading the human race in a subordinate fashion with those powers from beyond.

So those are the four areas of the Intervention as described but the Allies of Humanity in their Briefings. And so when you say infiltrating our infrastructure, I can see a bit of that in all four of those areas. Um, certainly our infrastructure is vulnerable, you know, and, and has already been used by them to a great degree. And you know one example of that I can give is something the Allies present that I doubt people have heard anywhere else. And I’ll say I can imagine what I’m telling you, sharing with you, you’ve not heard very much out there. You’ve heard a lot of the opposite, which is that these are wonderful beings, and they’re, this is amazing. This is the next frequency, you know, vibrational shift awaiting us and we need to embrace it. That’s a lot–

K-T: That’s exactly what I’ve heard.

RS: That’s precisely what you’ve heard. And there’s a reason you hear that everywhere so much. That is precisely what the Intervention is promoting in the world. And they are finding their apologists and spokespeople everyday, and convincing them that there is a great spiritual awakening occurring and the Golden Age is near and we just need to open ourselves and acquiesce, okay? That, to me, be honest. Look out on the world. Are we entering a Golden Age? No.

We’re entering a challenging period in the history of this world. And we need something real and sober to guide us through it. You know, we do not need the drug of, the elixir of enlightenment, um, and the promise from a foreign race that we can have it if we just submit. That, that’s not going to make us strong in the face of what we’re facing.

Um, so, that’s what you hear out there. You hear a lot of the same thing. And you hear it wound up in all of our New Age beliefs, our Christian beliefs, even some of our atheist beliefs, atheistic beliefs, you know, non-religious beliefs: beliefs in technology, beliefs in free trade, beliefs in all of this. And, you know, we are vulnerable. We have to acknowledge that we’re facing forces that are more advanced than us. And we are a divided world, and already are in contention with each other. And that, that last point, I think is one of the most concerning. We are already, are in contention with each other. We have deep grievances, long standing conflicts, even war, the threat of war, already. And how easy is it to divide and conquer, if that’s the case here on earth? How easy is it to take one force and amplify and make them more extreme; and take a disenfranchised group of people and make them more radical, or present religious imagery or iconography or some religious sense of mission to them and pit the two together? And uhm, this, this is indeed occurring, you know, at a subtle and at a non-subtle level in the world.

K-T: You talked about genetic manipulation which was actually my very next question. Is that why, um, people have been essentially, you know, kid–, I’m sorry, abducted? And you know, people talk about their reproductive systems have been messed with and things like that…

RS: Yes, so you know, the hybridization program, like I said, is an attempt to bond with humanity and integrate, um, some aspect of extraterrestrial intelligence into the human family.

K-T: Okay. Are they using the entertainment industry to exert influence over us because that is such a huge part of our culture?

RS: Mm-hum. Mm-hum, well I think any, any part of our culture could be used. Whether it is or not I’m not entirely certain. I don’t research these fields. There are others who might. Um, but, certainly the attempt to keep people preoccupied personally—eyes to the ground, not eyes to the sky—to keep people in conflict with each other—not in conflict with the Intervention—to sow the seeds of doubt and resentment towards human leadership—all human leadership—so that we will seek leadership from beyond. I hear and see all of this out in the media. And, in addition, to acclimate humanity to an extraterrestrial form of intelligence through movie, through movies and film. You know presenting, you know, the arrival of enlightened beings. And here we are the war, the warlike ones, and we need to be redeemed and enlightened and to receive the message and to decrypt the code and, you know, awaken, awaken to that refined message. I see these narratives everywhere. This is not a new narrative. That, that’s a narrative that’s been there for some years. So I–, yes absolutely, our culture, and our cultures and our cultural aspirations can be used. And are being used.

K-T: What would you tell people that want to know more about the Messages that your father has tried to give us?

RS: Sure, well I would, I would first reach out and acknowledge the fact that, you know, you listening might be someone who has always been a Greater Community person, connected to a greater reality of life beyond the world; that you’re someone with a purpose and a calling and gift to give at a critical turning point in human history. And it’s time to find out what that gift is, unlock that gift and give that gift. That’s what the world needs. And that’s precisely why the New Message from God is here. It is a Divine communication to awaken that within each of us, because that is where the hope for humanity lies. It lies in the power of compassion and giving and service and forgiveness. And we all have the capacity for that. And some of us, some of the people in this world today are wired for this; they’re made for this. This is who they are and why they’re here. And now finally there’s a Message that can confirm that for them and give them real tools, real steps to take to get really real with their life, and integrate that into their work, into their relationships, into their health—all aspects of their life.

So I would invite you, if that resonates with you, to learn more about the New Message from God, um, hear from Marshall Vian Summers, read the Allies of Humanity Briefings. All of this information is out there free online for you. And I can provide more about, you know, what Marshall is doing at this time and offering at this time, because there’s quite a lot, quite a lot that he’s giving to the world through his communication work. And there’s a larger movement of people who are waking up to the reality of the Greater Community. They’re waking up to the reality of the Intervention. And they know that it has everything to do with their innate spirituality, their deeper nature and design and the service that they were sent into the world to give. And we call this the Worldwide Community, a large world Community of students of the New Message who are gathering with Marshall Vian Summers to undertake this preparation and to bring this gift to the world, because the world desperately needs it. And this is, there could be no greater time to wake up, step outside of the immediate concerns of our lives and attend to the state of the world and attend to the state of our own spirituality in responding to that world, and to undergo a preparation so that we can be contributors, and not just victims in a difficult future up ahead for the world.

K-T: Alright, very good. Now Reed, tell us about your website and any events that you have coming up and your father.

RS: Absolutely. Well, our primary website is New Message dot o-r-g []. And there you will find a vast amount of the New Revelation that Marshall has received over a 35 year period. You can hear the Voice of Revelation. You can hear Marshall Vian Summers speak and talk and, and give really powerful teachings you know on the topics we’ve talked about.

In addition, we are actually launching this week, actually tomorrow (chuckles) a new environment for the Worldwide Community of students to gather and to engage around the topics of the Greater Community, the Intervention, spirituality and Knowledge. And you can visit that website at Community dot New Message dot o-r-g [] and join this Community and see what’s happening and talk to the hundreds of people around the globe, uhm, about their experience; and connect with other like minded people, you know, other kindred souls who have been living with the burden of awareness for so long and now have a place to come and to engage and to learn and to prepare for the future.

And then lastly, actually two more, I’ll give you is Allies of Humanity dot o-r-g [] you’ll find the Allies of Humanity Briefings free online. I highly recommend any who feel the need to understand the nature of contact happening in the world today, please go read the Allies of Humanity Briefings. This is a communication from our, our, you know, free worlds in the Greater Community around us, those who want to see us succeed, a Message calling us to our own native strength, our own native abilities. And, you know, a lot went into providing that Message to the world; a lot of sacrifice. And it’s a prec–, it’s a precious Message and I want to really encourage you all to go read that and to get the essential education about the Intervention.

And then lastly is Human Sovereignty dot o-r-g []. And there you’ll find a very important document that’s circulating around the world called the Declaration of Human Sovereignty. This is a document written by a group of people who are inspired by the Allies of Humanity Briefings, and wanted to make a declaration to the universe around us about our fundamental rights. And it’s a document you can print and share. And I certainly hope you will, because we have a great task ahead of education and awareness building, and preparing ourselves and our world for the next great chapter in the human experience as we emerge into this greater universe of intelligent life beyond.

K-T: Reed, I want to thank you very much for coming on Mysterious Radio.

RS: Okay, thank you so much for having me. Pleasure to be with you.

K-T: Alright, that’s gonna do it for tonight’s edition. I want to thank Reed Summers for joining me again on Mysterious Radio. I’m going to have his father, Marshall Summers, on this show in January, so look out for that.

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  1. It was a powerful interview and I was so struck by how respectfully the interview was conducted. The questions were so insightful, allowing the story of Marshall’s life and contact with the Allies of Humanity to unfold in a way that gave the bigger picture. I expect that there will be more prickly interviews ahead but I am grateful for these initial interviews by people who were genuinely interested. I am also thankful for Reed’s thorough and powerful delivery of the story of Marshall’s experience of years of receiving the Revelation. It was gripping.

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