Vice News Interview with Reed Summers

Interview part of an article by Vice News

Are our political leaders all controlled by extraterrestrials?

Certainly not. Many of our political leaders are unaware of the Intervention and are under no specific influence. Others are aware of the Intervention and are resisting it, and others are either aware or unaware but are under its direct influence.

In light of this, entire governments are not being completely controlled or manipulated, but rather individuals and groups within governments are being targeted and used by the Intervention.

Beyond the arena of politics, it is in the arenas of religion and commerce where the Alien Intervention’s influence and manipulation are greatest, affecting those with no elected office who can operate with minimal scrutiny by the public.

Does the hybridization principle imply that I can meet at any time a female visitor likely to want to breed with me to control more tightly humanity?

One of the darkest and most destructive activities of the Intervention is a human-alien hybridization program designed to create a new leadership for our world. The individuals produced by this hybridization program appear entirely human but are in fact wedded to the Intervention and its agenda, not only mentally but biologically as well.

The intervention is engaged in abducting individuals around the world to advance this program of interbreeding, using the biology and reproductive systems of those abducted towards the goal of creating through genetic manipulation human-alien individuals that look, talk and behave like any person but who have greater mental capabilities, enabling them to gain access to positions of power in both business and commerce. Because intelligence and personal charisma are greatly valued and rewarded in these arenas, there is little to stop these hybrid individuals from entering positions of power and influence.

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