An Alien Story – A Message of Warning and Hope for Humanity

The Alien Intervention could have horrific consequences for humanity if we don’t face the truth of the ET phenomenon. It’s not the truth we want, but it’s the truth nonetheless. The Allies of Humanity Briefings give us the clearest view on what Aliens want, how they operate and how we can successfully meet this challenge.

Alan B. Smith: So my next guest, and the feature of tonight’s show, is Reed Summers. Reed is the son of Marshall Vian Summers, who is the prophet and Messenger for a Divine Revelation regarding humanity’s emergence into a universe of intelligent life and the hidden reality of contact taking place in the world today. For over 12 years Reed had been working with Marshall as a teacher and representative for his Divine Revelation and for the Allies of Humanity Briefings—we’ll talk more about that as we go—a revolutionary set of texts which reveal the secret agenda of those ET forces present in our world and provide a clear picture of what these forces are and why they are here and what they are doing at this critical time on earth.

Reed Summers, are you there?

Reed: Alan, I am here. Are you able to hear me?

ABS: I can hear you fine. How are you?

RS: Okay, good, good to be here, thank you.

ABS: Fantastic, yeah I’m glad I got you on. We’ve, we’ve been working at this, Tyyne and I, for, for months now. And you know, obviously, my program went through some changes. And I know you had some other things going on so, so here we are. I’m so glad.

RS: Here we are. We’re finally having this conversation.

ABS: Indeed, indeed. So you know, it is an interesting conversation. As I was saying to Ken, you know, people are coming from different perspectives. And the central theme here is ET contact no matter how you look at it or what, you know, research approach you’re taking. However, yours is more message driven. So can you explain, you know, to those listening who are not familiar with you how you got involved with, or rather not how you got involved because we know it’s related to your father, but why you got involved, you know. What was so important about what you’re, you know, learning from your father and from these messages that you felt compelled to participate in this?

RS: Well, I remember being in high school at the ripe age of 16 and I went to hear a lecture by my father here in Boulder, Colorado—a public lecture—on the Allies of Humanity Briefings, which he had spent many years up to that point receiving and publishing and teaching about. And I was very much on the fence and I had my own goals and ambitions in life, as you should at that age. And I heard my father present the essence of these Briefings. These are a set of documents given to him by a group of observers who have come to the vicinity of the earth to observe the extraterrestrial intervention in our world and report on it. And they have given a series of Briefings to Marshall.

And that was what he was presenting that day at the library here in Boulder to a public audience. I sat back and listened to my father give the essence of this communication. And I could feel within myself this is one of the most important messages in the world today. This puts all the pieces together in, in… so to speak; this completes the picture as to what our world is facing, what the future will be like and why we’re in the world at this time and why some of us—probably those listening—feel an intrinsic, deep, undeniable connection to the reality of contact—more than an intrigue, more than a curiosity, but a deep and abiding sense of connection.

And that’s what I felt at that moment. And that moment was a turning point for me. That’s when I had some, some, somewhere deep down within me I said, “I need to help Marshall present this to the world.”

ABS: Okay, well…and that makes sense in accordance with what I was planning on asking you, because what I wanted to ask you was, you know, why, why didn’t you doubt any of this; or, you know… or did you? And I mean, because even if my father were to come and say to me—as much as I love and respect him, “Hey, this is going on… and messages from aliens, you know…” I would still, I was, I said, would think that I would still pause and go, “Wait. Really? Is that, you know, something else going on here?” Yeah…

RS: I hope you would pause. I would hope you would pause. And I certainly doubted it, oh for sure, no, no questions asked. I mean I was stunned and amazed and bewildered and confused at what was going on at the center of our family. You know, for your father to be enveloped in this process of receiving this communication for Earth. Why him? Why would you chose…? How can we trust this? How do we know it’s true? You know, these are the questions that all of us grappled with at some level. And yet I think it’s the experience actually of being at the center of my family, seeing who my father is, which is a tremendously grounded, respectful, compassionate, well-educated man who himself did not pursue any of this.

He did not have a personal interest in this. This came upon him. This kind of overtook the reality of a normal family. And all of a sudden this bigger reality became –, was revealed and we realized, “Well, we have to we have to publish this. We have to bring this to the world.”  And we all grappled with it, for sure. Because if real, if true, the Allies of Humanity Briefings are one of the seminal milestones in human history—when an authentic gesture has been made to the planet Earth from those who truly represent our best interests and are trying to reveal to us what is the greatest event in human history, which is the Intervention by forces from beyond our world into this native planet called Earth…if that’s real, oh my God, that’s huge!

And it was a journey for me to come to the certainty for myself that that was real. And I took my own journeys out to the world and had my own career experiences, educational experiences and so forth. And I just realized that given everything we now know about UFOs, abductions and all the different phenomena surrounding contact—given all we now know—these sets of Briefings are clear and true. And this is what is needed in the world is a, is a clear assessment of the reality of contact, you know, the biggest event in history. So that was my, that was my, that was my journey in a nutshell. But there’s more to say, for sure.

ABS: I’m sure that people asking this all the time, but you know, weren’t you afraid of, you know, what would happen to your life if you went down this road and spoke of such, you know, seemingly outlandish concepts?

RS: Hmm, I don’t know if afraid was the right word. Maybe, maybe some sense that my life will be relegated to the fringes and I won’t have that, that wonderful hit of social respect that you get when you poke, pour yourself into a respectable career. Oh yeah, I had those thresholds I’m sure. But when you realize that something very precious and true and needed—needed by others; they actually, authentically need this— (ABS: Right) is in your midst; you’re the son of the man who received it; he’s right there in front of you; he’s real; he’s not making any of this up; this is coming through him in live speech; he is dictating it; it is being transcribed—and that is what you see in the book; there’s no, there’s no, there’s no premeditated message here—when you see that process, really like the process of Revelation, which is a communication from beyond, is being transmitted through a humble man chosen for this task—why?, we don’t fully know—and there it is and you read this Message and you see the state of the world and you know there are people out there struggling to make sense of that; and more than that, they came into the world because this was their calling; this was a great threshold of this time and they can’t make that connection; so seeing that…

ABS: Let’s, let’s talk about what some of the Message is, Reed. Yeah, what is the message? What is the core message that these, you know, beings are sharing through your father?

RS: The core message is that humanity is a young adolescent race in a larger universe of intelligent life, what they call the Greater Community of life. And we are at a critical threshold in our evolution and emergence where contact is occurring by forces from beyond our world, and yet it is not contact of a beneficial kind. It is intervention. It is just like the first contact that the natives of the New World faced, contact with commercial forces, powerful interests with greater forms of technology, greater means of influence. That is our current position as… yeah?

ABS: Well, so then people are receiving messages and contact is happening now because there’s some significant reason within our timeline. Why not, you know, a thousand years ago or five hundred years ago? Or have they… Why is now so important that they would just wait until now? Because goodness knows humanity has needed help for a long time.

RS: Certainly so. Well, the reason the Allies are here is because the Intervention is here. The Intervention wasn’t here a thousand years ago or five hundred years ago. The Intervention is here now because of several key turning points, key moments in the history of humanity that we have reached: the advent of nuclear weapons, the ability to destroy the natural environment of the earth and a global communications and economic infrastructure that the Intervention, being a commercial force, can plug into in order to gain access to the resources of a rare, biologically rich planet in a universe of barren worlds. So that moment is now. That moment wasn’t even 150 years ago in the Industrial Revolution or before. It’s now.

And the Intervention is seeking to use this moment and all of its potential to serve their interests, all the while saying that they are enlightened beings here to teach us peace and help us overcome our differences and all that beautiful, loving language, which we are very receptive to because we know how bad it is down here on the ground. And we know that we have been unable to solve the great problems of our time—climate change, poverty, religious violence—being just a few. And so they’re attempting to use this moment—as precious and pregnant a moment as it is—for their interests. And that is something we have not been able to discern.

When you go out there, go to UFO conferences, go online, see what people are saying on YouTube and so forth, they are not talking about an Intervention. They are talking about government conspiracy and the need for disclosure from governments. They’re talking about enlightened space beings who are here claiming that they fathered us; they own the planet, if… They’re better than us and can govern better than us; that they can convey technology that would liberate us from outdated economic structures that oppress people today—all these claims, okay, surrounding the core reality. And you mentioned early in the show, you know, we’re all kind of groping and reaching in the, in the dark, you know, trying to grasp this reality, this really big reality—the elephant in the room. And what the Allies of Humanity do is they turn the lights on.

They say, “It’s not as complex as you think. In essence, it’s an intervention. This is your moment of first contact. You are divided. You are overcome by your own fantasies, hopes, wishes, delusions about who the visitors would be. Let us turn the lights on and show you who’s in the room.” And who is in the room, according to the Allies of Humanity, are a set of predatory commercial interests—multiple, not just one—who are using influence in the mental environment, who are manipulating our religious beliefs, our spiritual aspirations in order to gain access to people at many different levels.

ABS:  And who are these people? Are they, are they calling them out?

RS: They don’t call them by name because names don’t mean anything—not to us. But they absolutely call them out. They call them out for exactly what they are in the larger universe in which we live.

And this is where the Allies Briefings offer a really amazing gift, actually, which is an exposé of what affairs are like—political, economic, even military—in our local region of space. What we could not discern beyond us in our, in our local neighborhood in this galaxy is being told to us in simple and clear terms, without a lot of cosmology and grandiose frames. It’s the prosaic picture of what’s around us, which reveals who’s really in our world. Who’s in our world are those who are willing to expend the energy, take the risks, journey the long distance through space and to quietly interact with an unsuspecting and naive humanity who is absorbed in its own issues, day and night, in order to be the first on the factory floor, so to speak; to get in at the ground level of what could be a great extraction event, an extraction of the earth’s resources and us as a resource—that’s something we can talk about later.

ABS: Yeah, we should definitely talk about that later. So who are these—is evil the right word? Who are these entities? What do they look like? Can you describe to us?

RS: Okay, sure. Well, they are physical entities. They’re not multi-dimensional. They’re not robots. They’re not us from the future. You know, we think all these things, which is okay, natural; we don’t know what we’re facing. They are physical beings with vastly advanced forms of technology that have been developed over tens of thousands of years, through all the complex mechanisms of trade in the Greater Community beyond us. And they are in a sense scavenger races. They are those who live in space who may not even have a homeworld, who kind of squeeze into the edges and the cracks between societies and nations in space and try to play the card of the trader or the economic intervener, you know, one who can gain access to new resources and sell those to those who need them.

And the Allies, again, they provide just a mind-opening picture of life out there. It’s not what we think. It’s not a universe of love and light. It’s not a universe where half the ETs are good and half are bad. It’s actually nature. It’s a prosaic universe as you might imagine if you really think about it. Like, yeah, it’s –, I mean, Earth is a part of it and Earth expresses nature. So you know the universe might, too.

(crosstalk) – and well and this is liberating for those interested in UFOs because without this perspective, we just project our hopes and wishes and needs upon them in, in multiple fashion.

ABS: Is it possible, though, if you believe in a metaphysical universe that has some sort of conscious—super consciousness—is it possible that it may be prosaic, like now, in the way that you’re describing it, but in the long run that there’s like a demiurge for the universe to evolve to a place of light and love?

RS: Mmm, well very good question. And now we get into the reality of the New Message from God because Marshall Vian Summers didn’t just receive these sets of Briefings. Alongside them he has received a Divine Revelation really from an Angelic source. And the purpose of that Revelation is to prepare humanity to emerge into this Greater Community, which does have a spiritual destiny. And it is a spiritual reality as much as a physical one.

And so there’s a Divine Revelation coming through. And there is a set of prosaic Briefings about what we’re facing now as the humans species And both of them are actually essential to understanding who’s here and where we are in, in our larger evolution, because, indeed as you say, of course the universe has a destiny. You know, the New Message from God reveals that the universe is simply the manifes–,  the manifest, but there are other levels of Creation, all of which have separated from an original Divine Presence—God the Creator, whichever word you choose—and that is the universe we see and touch.

But the important thing to understand here is that we are not making contact right now with spiritual forces. We are making contact with physical forces who have the same biological needs as we do to survive. And that, and that is what drives and motivates them. Now there are spiritual forces in the universe. There are unseen forces. And the New Message reveals these different levels of reality. But it’s important not to confuse the level of reality that you’re actually dealing with. And I think that’s what I see a lot is people, they know this UFO phenomenon is real. They know there’s something behind it.

And yet they leap beyond levels of reality to say that these are Angelic beings; that they are enlightened; that they are, you know, levels beyond levels. And in fact: no. They’re our neighbors in space. Or they are, you know, the drug dealer down the street and you’re stepping out onto the street for the first time. It’s really important you know who that person is on the corner and not trust them immediately.

Or, to give an even better analogy, you open your door, right?, to the city beyond your front door and there’s someone standing there and they want into your home. And you think, “Well, maybe I should know who you are and if you’re not invited you should explain yourself.” And I should sense out, you know, is that, is that trustworthy? “What are your intentions? Why are you wanting to come into my home? Or no, you can’t come into my home if…” This is what we’re not doing with the world. We’re opening the door in the middle of the night and going up and going to bed. And we wake up in the night and hear people downstairs, and we trust blindly. We say, “Well, the universe is a loving, light filled universe. I should be trusting. I should, I should express to those who have come what I wish to receive because I’m creating this reality. I’m creating through my expression, and therefore, if I express love those who enter my home are loving.”

(crosstalk) Let’s stop for a minute. Look at that mindset. Look at that mindset. That, that is such a precarious place to be within yourself entering a physical universe.

ABS: And that’s what I wanted to ask you, too, is that since I’m struggling apparently with analogies and metaphors tonight, are you saying that we are, we are leaving our door open for these negative realities to come manifest by inviting beings that unconsciously…? Is that, is that what you’re saying?

RS: No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is we believe that by what we hope for and express, we can change who comes through our door. We can have good ones come through our door.

ABS: But aren’t these guys coming through our door – ?

RS: (crosstalk) …negative, negativity out of ourselves and the good ones will come.

ABS: But these guys are coming through our door anyway, aren’t they?

RS: Exactly. See, it’s called reality. And reality exists no matter what you think or believe. And what’s really happening, yeah… So, I think we’re on the same page. It’s that there are many who think they can alter reality through their spirituality or their hope and intent. It’s not true. Reality is coming. You either see it for what it is, or you turn your eye away; you turn your blind cheek to it. And you wait for what comes. And that latter decision is the decision we are making as a world partly because most people just don’t know about contact.

They haven’t been told, which is understandable; and yet also partly because those who do know are tremendously confused and unwilling, by and large, to come to that honest position within themselves, which is: you know what? This is not a beneficial form of contact. People are being taken. Devices are being put inside people. Animals are being mutilated. There are hybrid people, individuals potentially walking the world right now. Governments are being influenced. I mean, these are not the actions of a benign visitor, okay?

These are the actions of an intent predator—quiet and clothed, clothed in, in spiritual icons and spiritual statements of purpose. But it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, most definitely. The door is open and nobody’s standing at the door asking who’s walking through.

ABS: Well, can you expand on that? What do you mean by spiritual icons and, you know, she–, wolves in sheep’s clothing? Our own spiritual icons and things that we believe in are not what they seem?

RS: They are being co-opted by the Intervention and (crosstalk)

ABS: … “co-opted”? The origin of them… Is the origin of them pure and they’ve been co-opted? Or is the origin of them false from the beginning?

RS: No, I mean, by and large, our icons are indigenous to us, you know, and some of them you could say are pure or divine and some are man-made, human-made. But they… regardless. And some of them may have been introduced by the Intervention. But regardless, we have to look at where is the vulnerability, you know. If you believe that Jesus is coming back and we are simply awaiting the coming of this individual, the Intervention will prepare an individual to meet that expectation—same with the Maitreya; same with the Imam; same with the Guru; same with whatever you believe.

And it’s not that your belief is inherently flawed or bad, it’s just that it’s a vulnerability. And when you start to step back you realize, oh my gosh, there are thousands of these vulnerabilities, and you can’t patch them all individually. What we need to do is come to a very clear and sober and simple perspective as to what is going on. It’s the elephant in the room; we have to know if it’s an elephant.

ABS: But you can feel like you know what the elephant is? Do you feel like you have a pretty good grasp on it?

RS: I feel I have come to know because of the Allies of Humanity Briefings and my own, my own, you know, reading and, and investigation of the matter; my own conscious thought, for sure. And I didn’t just believe the Allies Briefings when they came upon –, into my hands. But for those who are aware of this phenomenon and have been for some time, the Allies of Humanity Briefings are our closure in a sense, closure of one phase of awareness and the opening of another phase of awareness.

And I think many people are struggling in the first phase, which is: What is happening? And they can’t get beyond it. They can’t get out of the mystery of contact. Or they stand behind this demand of government disclosure, which is basically empowering the government, which will not disclose. And we’re just going to sit around waiting for it to happen when, you know, the truth is at this stage of contact—which has been happening for over seventy years now at this, in this way—we don’t need government disclosure. We are beyond the point of government disclosure.

ABS: Well, you know, it’s interesting because we have, obviously, different guests with different viewpoints on the show. And Ken who was on earlier, Ken and I go back quite a few years now and, you know, I know his story pretty well. And he thinks that there are in fact, you know, different factions within the government, you know, one of which wants disclosure and there’s this sort of resistance to let that happen. Do you think that’s a possibility in that that there are some people in the know that would like for us to, you know, to know?

RS: Uh huh, yeah. I definitely think that’s a almost certainty that there are those in the government, you know, who want to reveal it.

ABS: And, and why would their hands be tied, do you think? What, what, what’s holding them back?

RS: Mmh. Well, the Intervention, because the Intervention has been working with and around governments—with a plural, with an s, because there’s more than one government on earth and they don’t, they’re not on the same side all of them—they’ve been working with governments for decades now trying to establish favorable agreements in exchange for perhaps tokens from space—little bits of technology that mean nothing to them and everything to us—in exchange for the keys. And those keys, I’m sure, have certain stipulations regarding how and when public awareness can be shaped for their beneficial, you know, for their, for their benefit. And I don’t think… I don’t know if the government is in a position at this moment to just out of the blue, based on the whim of whoever is in power at this moment, to let it all out. I think there’s an acknowledgment that it would cause mass hysteria; that you couldn’t control the response. And that’s the thing is control. There is an intent to control.

But I, what I want those listening to know—and this is what I’ve come to understand—is that the source of that intent is not human. So we are, here we are berating our governments, criticizing basically ourselves as inept leaders and as corrupt. And standing behind that government is the Intervention. And here we, you know, this is honestly, this is how intervention works. And we can see in our own historical record.

When the European powers came to the shores of the New World and landed their ships, they engaged in a number of activities which we can see perfectly mirrored today, although in a much more advanced form. One of them was to demonstrate and communicate a Divine Source, for the ET powers are certainly doing that. But it was also to establish liaisons with intermediaries within the tribal society and work through them. Let them be the government, but you’re working through them now, so that all the rage and anger is channeled at the native peoples’ own power structures. And the awe and the wonder and the hope is all conveyed towards the visitors.

Now let me ask, is that not precisely the rhetoric online, on YouTube—everywhere—which is, you know, frustration and ire at the human and awe and wonder and loving embrace of the ET? That is 98% of what I see.

ABS: Yes, I agree with you. But I do have to say I feel like much of that is a projection by us, a hope on our part. So you know, we take what we have and we sort of, you know, view it how we would like to see it. You know, humans are hopeful. And so I’m not saying that –. I’m not necessarily saying that you’re right in that there’s a purely negative forces that are trying to, to change us and that people are just flipping that and just turning into something different, totally deceiving themselves. What I’m saying is that there are other messages, messages out there from other people that are less, you know, resolute in, in that message and more optimistic; so it’s easier for people to take those, you know, hopeful messages or semi-hopeful messages and, you know, and raise them up even further. And that’s what people want. I mean it’s a, you know, no different than if someone, you know, back in the day performs a so-called miracle, or what seems to be a miracle, right?, and then they catapult that person up. They raise them up and say this is a miracle worker and they worship that person. So I think, you know, that’s a parallel for what may be going on here if it’s not…

RS: That’s a good point, Alan, yeah. I think there’s, there’s our own tendency to put at play here and our own… We have needs as in people and we have hopes and greater, greater desires for life that we haven’t fulfilled here. And so we do. We go out there with those in hand and that’s understandable.

ABS: Right. But there are so many messages out there, so, you know, obviously programs like this what you’ve been on, you know, we have different people come on who have their own experiences with messages from ET contact. So, you know, are there, are there several out there? You don’t have to name names, but, you know, are there several others out there that you feel like, “Huh, their message is, you know, near identical to mine. Maybe they’re getting it from the same source.” And what about, my follow-up to that would be, what about the ones that have a very different message, you know? How do we know whose message is the real message?

RS: Great questions. Well, you know, I have my own little rubric that I, that I would use to discern an ET message, you know, for myself. It just came out of my own head. So a few variables that I would look at is it verified by observable phenomena, you know? Is the message that there’s a Galactic Federation and that they’re beaming some sort of love at us? Well okay, that’s not observable—doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just that’s one data point. Second, is it plausible? Or is it outlandish? Because if it is outlandish, sure, if it’s expecting like belief in something that literally a human mind would be hard-pressed to believe, then I don’t know. I think that’s demanding too much hope and it’s not explaining itself sufficient that we could trust it. Plausibility –

ABS: I think, yeah, I think for most people any ET contact messages is like, Whoa! I don’t know about that, you know? But um, right, so I’m sorry, go ahead, yeah…

RS: Well… and just last I’ll say, Does it empower or disempower humanity? That’s one, you know, big fulcrum point that the Allies falls on one side and main messages on the other is that the Allies are not in the world. They’re not staying in the vicinity of our world. They’re not extending trade agreements and federations for us to join. They’re simply telling us what’s happening and backing away while calling for us to see it, to unite together sufficiently and raise awareness, of course, and to respond as a native people. I mean that’s incredibly empowering and it doesn’t –. They’re not asking anything. They’re not saying, “Well, we’re giving you this empowerment and what we would love is for you to ______.”  

There’s no, there’s no hook. There’s no gotcha. There’s no agenda. It’s purely a perspective that leaves us, the native peoples, as divided as we are, with the work we have to do. And I find that very empowering. I actually find it very challenging to be honest, especially in the beginning it’s like, wow! This isn’t what I wanted. And, you know, we all want things from contact and that’s –. We have to understand that, like, we don’t come into this real neutral and impartial. You know, we have, we’re in love with this because it’s, it’s bigger than, you know, the earthly realm. It’s future-oriented. It speaks of, you know, new associations with new forms of life. It’s very refreshing and life on Earth is not; or can feel very inert (laughs) or very distressing. And so we have needs and desires that, that we put upon this phenomena. We say, “Well, I want this to be good.” And hey, I thought that. Marshall thought that. You know, it’s a struggle to come to the truth because the truth is the truth no matter what you want. And that’s part of the process that’s underway for folks who –,  is coming to that truth slowly over time, even if it’s not what they wanted (crosstalk)…to get back to your question…

ABS: Well, really quick just for any of those who are just tuning in we’re listening to, uh, and  speaking with Reed Summers to speak about the Allies of Humanity, their urgent message about the extra-terrestrial presence in the world today. If you want to call in and ask him a question the number is 657 383 0829, again 657 383 0829. And you can find out more about Reed at his, uh, his website and that is ReedSummers dot-com. Really simple. I’m sorry; go ahead, Reed.

RS: No, you just asked before are there any other messages I feel out there that are authentic or, you know, consonant with the Allies of Humanity Briefings; and then what about those I don’t feel that way about. Well, it’s, it’s a, it’s a tough truth that you, the listener, has to discern the truth. You know, I hope you don’t just believe me. You would have to go read the Briefings and feel it out for yourself. And that’s, that’s what it comes down to is it comes – again this is empowerment, right? This is not just saying believe despite what’s there. It’s saying go look at what’s there and then come to the conclusion yourself.

ABS: Do you think – ?

RS: So that said, I don’t see many voices communicating with the clarity and the objectivity of the Allies, and that verify what’s observed. Because when you look at the phenomena this is not, like I said before, these are not the actions of a beneficial visitor. And all of the authors and speakers out there and channelers and so forth, I don’t hear that in their message. And so that makes me concerned.n(crosstalk)

ABS: Yeah, absolutely. I’m with you. I’m hearing you and I’m very concerned. Your message is a little scary, admittedly, even though there is a message of hope behind it.

Let’s go to our first caller here. Caller, you’re on the line; go ahead.

caller: Hi! hello my name’s Alan. I live in Texas.

ABS: Hey Alan.

caller: Robert, Robert Stanley—he’s a re–, UFO researcher and author—he turned me on to the Allies of Humanity about ten years ago, so I’ve had a lot of time. And, and it made sense to me when nothing else did. And something that it talks about in there that I would like for Reed to address if he could, was this idea of government influence and influence in our governments and, you know, moving the world into the direction that the Intervention wants it to be moved; the, as the Allies of Humanity speak about the hybridization program, which answered a lot of my questions, and I think everyone’s questions, about what’s going on with all these people being picked up and all of this genetic work that seems to be going on and all these reports of, you know, babies that are implanted and then stolen and what’s going on with the hybridization. And they answered that to my satisfaction. And they answered so many questions for me.

I had always been involved in, or interested in, you know, conspiracy theory and New World Order stuff and the Illuminati. And I was always wondering, well, who’s above the top of the pyramid, you know, if there really is this global domination thing going on, then, you know, what, who’s controlling the eye of the pyramid? And the Allies explained that.

But there’s a real important thing that I had to come to understand that while we as a humanity need to become unified; we need to become cooperative; we need to become sharing and caring… And so we need a what I call a new and improved New World Order. And the one that is being projected out there right now for us involves technological controls. It involves the, the reduction of our freedoms and the enslavement of humanity, which the Allies tell us is the goal of the Intervention. So they have their minions on the ground operating for them. And these are the guys I’m like, wow! that explains it completely for me about this kind of the negative—and again it’s –, they’re co-opting, you know… We have the natural urges. This is a, this is our natural evolution to become a unified world eventually. We have to become cooperative with each other

ABS: Absolutely… Alan oh, yeah, I hope so. I hope so because there’s a lot of division going on right now.

caller: Well, that’s, yeah, that’s a, that’s a perpetration that serves, that, all of the, all of the splits and the divisions. And right now we see a tremendous split, a polarization and there’s so much that is perpetrated because the more confused, needy, violent, chaotic we become, you know, from the chaos we will create the New World Order. Remember those words: George Bush? It’s like chaos serves the purpose. (ABS: Yeah) So anyway…

ABS: Alan, you’re… yeah go ahead, Alan. Good.

caller: Yeah, yeah so I don’t know, I just wanted to, you know… Oh and the one other little thing was you asked about why now and it was not only are we becoming needy now because of our own chaos and confusion, but technolog–, technologically we’ve become available for them to reach the world, to have worldwide access to everything. And they, the Allies, actually say that radio was sort of—they implied—interjected into the minds of Tesla and Marconi to hasten the technological development which led to our TTY communications and then fax and then telephone and, you know, telephone and fax and then Internet. And so now they have the ‘net, the network that they didn’t have before and they couldn’t have done it before until that happens. So anyway I don’t want to hog your show…

ABS: No that’s – , you’re really familiar with the Allies of Humanity. Do you have a specific question for Reed at all?

caller: Yeah, yeah. Do the the hybridization programs that are going on, you know, all the stories of abductions and all that, do you feel that that, that that is ac–, is going on for the purposes of putting people in government?

RS: Hmm, well, the Allies of Humanity make very clear that that is the case; and not only in the halls of government, but in the halls of commerce and religion. And the hybridization program is something that is revealed in Allies of Humanity Book Two and Three more extensively. And it’s dark and I grant that. It’s certainly not the message we wanted. (chuckles) It’s not, not the truth we wanted. But the truth is the truth.

And to answer your question, yes, individuals are being trained and prepared to enter into these halls of power with extraordinary psychic abilities that will certainly woo and impress those around them and gain these individuals quite the prestige. But the core truth that cannot be overturned is that their allegiance is to an off-planet power. Their human allegiance is not fully intact. Their genetic makeup is not fully intact, you know. So this is, this is… It’s dark and the hour is late.

And that’s why those who are listening are so important, because the Allies of Humanity are calling for people of conscience. They’re calling to people who know that this phenomena is happening and is real; and not just to educate them more so they understand, but to show them that there’s a reason why you feel the need to know this. It’s because your purpose for being in the world, your direction in life, is connected to this.

They’re not just meant to be some person out there with a job and a life and a family reading about this at night, you know; going through websites; watching interviews, trying to understand. It’s about what would you then do when you understand? Do we have the courage to understand? Or do we want to keep this a mystery? Because clarity then implies action. It implies doing something like what Marshall did, which is: This is real. “You mean I have to become a part of communicating this and supporting this at a broad level? I mean, this could overtake my life.”

And I, I’ve had stuff like that as well. And yet you have to feel out, you know, are you, are you meant for this? Are you meant for these times? Are you a Greater Community person, as the New Message calls it, someone who is intrinsically connected to life beyond the world? And they feel the calling to reach out to that life. But they have to do it in the right way, in the wise way, not, not impulsively. They have to do it with the wisdom that is now coming into the world through both Allies and the New Message from God.

And that, this is precisely why the New Message from God is here is because there are millions of people who are not only people of conscience, but they are Greater Community connected people. The Earth and its concerns and its ambitions and its many identities are not enough for them. They’ve never felt like they could fit in and just adopt that and say that that was their life. There was something else and it’s been urging and biting at them. There are millions of those people. And those are the people who will be the forerunners for the human race as it emerges into this Greater Community of life.

ABS: Alan, thanks so much for your, for your your call and your question and your comments, too. And it’s, you know, it’s nice to bump into an Alan every once in a while. There aren’t many of us out there it doesn’t seem.

I, I do wonder about this as I don’t have a good grasp, Reed, on what is going on with the supposed hybridization, because one has to wonder, could any of us be some sort of, you know,  fourth generation byproduct of some sort of, you know… I don’t know, genetic, you know, experimentation that’s going on, you know? Where, where’s this start and, and where does it end up?

RS: Well, that’s what, what is the origin of this whole thing? What is the endgame? And are we a part of shaping (crosstalk) that endgame?

ABS: Right, are we caught up in that?

RS: Exac–, great question… I mean, there are individuals walking the world today who are already in the halls of power who are the product of this Intervention. That is a sobering thought to think. And it is the truth as I’ve come to understand it is the truth. And so what stage of this are we in, you might ask. You know, where do I fit in this, you know? What next? And those are great questions.

And this is exactly why the New Message from God was given, because the New Message is much bigger than the Allies of Humanity Briefings. The New Message from God is many books in length that reveal a pathway of preparation that people can take to prepare themselves at all levels, really, to be Greater Community oriented people, to be people of the greater universe. And so that’s the preparation that needs to be undertaken.

And so when I say we don’t need government disclosure, I say that because—oh, it would be great; it really would be very validating, wouldn’t it, if just all of a sudden it’s public knowledge  that contact is real? Wow!

ABS: Absolutely, yeah…

RS: What would that end up doing? What would we do with that? Would that firm a greater side of us, a greater pathway of development, preparation? Or would we become the happy victors in our own defeat?

ABS: Well, I always thought it would be a unifying, unifying happening—No?—that we would all kind of like, like an Independence Day; it’s like Oh!, you know, we all better work together because there’s something else going on here.

RS: Well…

ABS: I’ve got a second caller in here, Reed. I’m going to get them in. I don’t want to keep them on hold for too long. Caller, are you there?

caller: Hello?

ABS: Hello? Yes… we’re on the air…

caller: Yes, this is David in Kansas City …

ABS: Hey, David how are you?

caller: I’ve been listening… I’m great thank you. Reed and you are really, uh, opening up a fire here in me…

ABS: Go, don’t hold back David…

caller: Well, okay yeah… I’ve been following this for, since 2012. I heard Marshall on Kerry Cassidy’s channel and it just struck a chord in me because ever since I was a kid I’ve known there is something going on that just was not normal. And I think a lot of us are really feeling this right now and responding to it in some way and we’re looking for, you know, some sort of answer. And you know as Reed was saying, how do we fit into all of this and discovering this kind of thing because it’s completely new…

ABS: When you say it’s completely new, what’s completely new, Dave?

caller: It’s new to our experience. We would never been at this threshold before. I, I mean, if you look at it from the perspective of emerging into the Greater Community, I, I didn’t even think about that when I was younger. I thought, well, Star Wars is a cool movie I get to watch on television. Well, could this actually be real? (laughs) So, you know, but at the same time it really, um, it angers me. I get very frustrated sometimes, you know, hearing that some of these things can be going on and especially around Intervention. And I wonder what the heck can I do? And the other of it, not just the, the things with from the hybridization program, but in the mental environment, and people…how we can be influenced in the mental environment? And that was one thing that I did want to ask Reed. And that has to do around being influenced in the mental environment; and perhaps just to like, you know, mention what, what, what is actually happening there; and from what you can see and…? Because I have my ideas and what I’ve observed and then how can we offset that within ourself and then within the world?

ABS: Okay, thanks, Dave. Go ahead, Reed.

RS: Yeah, that’s, that’s something that I think about often. And it comes from the, the plain truth that is presented the Allies that simply by there being non-human intelligences in the world, that considerably affects the mental environment of the world in ways we don’t understand; and partly explains why the world feels the way it does, you know, that, that fever pitch, that rising tension and sense of discord in the mental environment; which then the New Message speaks on further as, as real. It is as real as the physical is the mental—the world of thought, how thought influences thought. And we know nothing about this, right?, you know, or very little.

And so, it is a new frontier. And I’ll just contribute one thing, you know, for, that I, that I have taken to be very important is it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your mind because you are not the source of everything that goes on in your mind. And that’s always been the truth, the case, though we didn’t know it that other humans influence us, you know?; that we actually think thought that did not originate with us that were actually, that entered our mind through osmosis, you know? That’s been happening forever. But now there are directed intent—there’s a directed intent to change how people think, to change their proclivities, to thicken their skin, to dumb them down to make them more acquiescing and less respecting or more distracted and diffused, okay?

And these are a direct result of the Intervention. This is part of what they are doing. It’s called the Pacification Program—that’s what the Allies of Humanity call it. And so this is out there in the environment. It’s as if we’re fish in the sea and the chemistry of the sea is changing, you know? There are things floating in the sea that weren’t floating in there 10 years ago. That is true. And so here we are day after day.

And an important truth that I, that I’ve come to—a teaching of the New Message, but I found it very important—is to recognize when something is not you; because if you don’t do that, you will internalize it. You will ascribe it to yourself. You will say, “Oh, I’m a negative person. I have negative thoughts.” Or, “I’m an obsessive person. I’m a person who thinks like that.” And then you start to struggle with yourself. You’ve internalized that and now it’s you you think. And now, you know, and now that starts to distort how you view yourself and what you pursue in life, which by the way, is what the Intervention would seek as an outcome is, it would distort how you view yourself and what you would pursue in life.

And so simply by acknowledging—and this comes through awareness-building, becoming present of mind and becoming a student of Knowledge, which is something I’d love to talk about in a bit—you begin to build that presence of mind and that awareness of the mental environment you’re in. And you can stop and say, “What was that thought? Where did that come from? I’m not so sure. Maybe that wasn’t me. Maybe that was from the mental environment.” And it’s not to say you’re going to obsess over that and start, you know, pulling things out of the air. But it’s a more objective way of being with your own experience. Actually, it looks maybe more subjective at first, like, “Wow, now you’re saying that that thought came from an alien source or that thought came from…” But really—and, and you could go there; you could, you could become obsessively subjective—but what I’m talking about is becoming more objective—less caught up in yourself and more the observer of yourself, okay, so that you can work with your experience in a very turbulent environment. Because if you can’t work with your experience, if you can’t even stop and be still and present and acknowledge the thoughts you’re thinking, you’re being swept downriver (crosstalk) by an ever-strengthening current.

ABS: Yeah I think that’s true in just general psychology. Dave, are you still there?

caller: Yeah, I’m still here.

ABS: Yeah, so when you mentioned you had a fire, you know, built up in your, you know, came, came up, what, what do you mean by that? What’s, what’s the cause of that do you think?

caller: It’s just…with all of this going on it’s like, it’s like been building up in me for a very long time. It frustrates me because in a way it’s like, it feels like there’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of… It’s a lot to deal with, you know. It’s, um… And I, I don’t think I’m the only person that feels this…

ABS: And you feel, you feel the world has a lot of work? Or yourself?

caller: Well just, just when I read the Allies of Humanity, and even other texts around this subject, it, it fuels fire in me. It’s like this, it’s like I have a need. It’s like there’s something I need to do here, like I feel this draw to it. And I don’t really know how to, how to put it. I don’t know what it means for me. But, but that’s there. I’m acknowledging that’s there.

ABS: Well that’s interesting. Yeah, thanks Dave for, for tuning in and sharing your thoughts and a question.

So, Reed, you know I do want to address that because, you know, you, there are these messages, right? And we haven’t spoken about all of them yet, but, you know, what, what do we do? I mean, there’s this major sense of a division and within, obviously, the United States, but you see it all all over the world, especially politically. And you know, from my perspective, what I see is in multiple movements happening, all deriving from social media, you know. The social media has given, you know, agendas and ideas fuel and have got people together that otherwise may not have coalesced. And so we are getting major fractions within our conversations as a people. And I think that looks very human to me. Obviously, you know, Trump is a very divisive figure. Whether you, you know, like Trump or not there’s no denying he’s very divisive. And you know, there are other people with other agendas that are also divisive. Are you attributing any of that to these Allies, these alien beings?

RSA: Well, to the Allies, no. The Allies have given their Briefings and, and they’re, they have departed the vicinity of our world. So they have told us what we need to know, although they are still speaking very infrequently, you know, very infrequently.

ABS: But I guess my question is – (RS: Yeah) – it, can their message be sort of co-opted and mixed up and, you know, any message that is put out there just gets mixed in the human mind, you know, and put on “puree” and then you have something else. I mean, you know, how much of it is really our fault versus, you know, other alien species with different agendas?

RS: Sure, well, good question and very astute. I think you’re really right, Alan, that the Allies can go right into that blender and get blended with all sorts of other stuff and we think we now have it and we don’t have it, you know. And so that’s a very, that’s a very important truth. I don’t feel that a lot of what we see in the social sphere is directly the result of the Intervention yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to change in coming years as their agenda becomes more advanced; as the hybridization program becomes, enters its, like, more later stages. I see turbulence, as I’m sure you do. I see upheavals—some of them are needed; some of them are great; and some of them are a sign of the psyche of the world. They’re a symptom of abnormality, so to speak.

Now the malady isn’t really the Intervention. The malady is the condition of our planet Earth and its people in relationship to the universe beyond it. That perhaps, that’s that throbbing need, you know, basically the outdated religious viewpoints that are fueling religious violence, okay; for these, these highly divisive movements that are championing xenophobia and paranoia and returning back to isolationist times; you know, departing global order, vilifying the global order— these are probably reactions deep within, you know, the human psyche to the amount of change and the speed of change—both of them: the amount and the speed at which things are changing now—what’s precipitating that change, what’s, what’s putting on the the accelerator is the Intervention, and what the New Message calls the Great Waves of change, which are, is this convergence of forces, many of them created by us, including climate change, overpopulation, resource depletion, the loss of arable land, the limits to growth. We are, we are reaching the maturation of developed economies. What next, right? What happens after a service economy? Who knows? And, and we’re enamored with all the possibilities of self-driving cars and the new green economy, much of it very important, very valid. But we are racing towards a unknown future at a ever higher pitch. And I think that is what you see in some of these more reactive movements or progressive movements.

ABS: Right, and, you know,…

RS: It’s the time, it’s the time that we’re in.

ABS: …to add fuel to the fire yeah… and, and… but, you know, the irony here is I feel like adding fuel to the fire, at which we alluded to earlier, is this idea—and we’re learning this apparently from the Allies of Humanity—that these entities wish to cultivate the Earth, you know, forget about all the, you know, on top of all the damage that humans have done ourselves and our own misgivings amongst each other. Now there’s this other entity that wants to pillage the Earth. And you alluded to, you know, something to do with taking us and cultivating us. What, what exactly – . I mean, that’s a scary, scary thought on top of everything else we have to worry about. So what exactly do they want to do with us?

RS: Yeah, well, there’s, there’s layers and it depends on how deep you want to go. But, you know, the first caller spoke of the mother of all conspiracies. Marshall has spoken of the great conspiracy that nobody is questioning and that is the agenda of those ET forces who are highly active in our world. They’re not just watching. They are in the mix. And they are not revealing their intent and wha–,  and their actions. And so this is, this is really the conspiracy behind conspiracies. And you know, this is that, that itch you can’t quite scratch; that pea underneath the mattress you can’t quite identify. You know, it’s the thing beneath the things you see. And that agenda is made very clear. The light has been turned on by the Allies.

The room is lit. It is an intervention and their purpose is the Earth and its resources; the strategic position of our world, which we would know nothing about because we don’t know what’s what strategy and in what position we’re even in in the local universe in which we live. And then third, it’s the resource of humanity. And the Allies, Allies Book Three goes into this deeply. And it is disturbing. It reveals that we are a source of biological materials in a universe where biology rarely emerges, develops on its own in any timeframe that can be utilized.

You know, blood plasma, the, the substrates of human skin, organs, bones and beyond—all of that is a tradable resource in a universe where many races are space dwelling. Terrestrial worlds that are abundant in life are rare. And so here you have 7 billion intelligent, you know—sort of, in their view—intelligent beings that can be resourced.

ABS: So, essentially harvesting,

RS: Yes.

ABS: …right? I mean harvesting human parts and, (RS: Harvesting…) and I guess, like you, like you said, we don’t you know, we’re not out there, so we don’t know necessarily what good those parts are to other other beings. But, um, it’s just, it’s a pretty, you know, horror, horro–, horrific thing to think about. But, you know, scientifically we can graph and grow organs in labs now. So I just wonder, you know, why? Why would any being want to do that to us when… If they’re advanced enough, couldn’t they just grow organs or something, some other parts elsewhere?

RS: Apparently not. Apparently Nature has developed substances that are very hard to replicate in, you know, labs and controlled environments. And I, I can imagine that there are very few intelligent races that are willing to give up their own kind for experimentation, for parsing out and so forth. And we apparently are willing. That’s what we’re, that’s what we’re demonstrating—not because we’re ignorant. But because we’re not educated. People don’t know this is happening. And I know it’s very dark. But this is the prosaic universe we’re entering into.

This is how big this moment really is. This is not… the contact phenomenon and all of its side phenomena are not just an interest to be entertained. They’re not just entertainment or something new for us to go read about. We are coming in contact with the other 99.99999% of reality of life and this is what life is like—not all life. It’s not all bad out there like this. But this is what first contact is. And if we put off the day where we reckon that and we keep entertaining the next theory about the next government conspiracy or election or so forth or, you know, tapping our foot for disclosure from our own, you know, higher-ups in the human realm; we’re putting off the day that we kind of get honest about the reality of what we’re facing and ask the most important question, which is asked by the second questioner, “What do I do about this?” Like, really? if it’s this big and this dark, what do I do? And I think that’s one of the, one of the most important questions.

ABS: Well, I think he tapped into something that many of us, like you said, are probably feeling and is like, okay, I have to do something, right? This fire has been lit, but I don’t know what to do. I feel, I feel helpless. And when you feel helpless it’s less likely that you’re going to feel hopeful. (RS: Sure…) So while the Allies of Humanity are giving us these, you know, uplifting, encouraging messages, you know, it’s when you feel like you still can’t do much, then it’s hard to feel hopeful nonetheless, you know? So any of us on a day-to-day basis, what do we do? Do we meditate? Do we, you know, you know, apply for FOIA documents? I mean, you know, what, what can actually make a difference for the individual on a daily basis?

RS: Oh well, a lot. And I think it’s important to just acknowledge just for a moment that we’re facing –. We are the first people to become aware of the biggest turning of the tide in human history, okay? So this isn’t going to be an overnight fix. This isn’t a self-help seminar decision, you know, to make you feel good and happy in your life now. This is big and you’re one of the first to know about it. Now what does one of the first people to know about something this big do? How do they get out of overwhelm? Great, great question—so important.

Well, first they need to gain a full awareness. And that’s why the New Message from God is in the world. Because if the situation wasn’t so dire, there wouldn’t be a New Message from God. But the situation is so dire. Just, just by stepping back and looking at how far behind we are in recognizing this, that is why God has spoken again—the Creator of all life giving a New Revelation to all of, all of humanity to help humanity through this transition, the biggest transition in our evolution, potentially? Yes, that’s what’s happening.

That’s actually who Marshall Vian Summers is. He is the man who has brought that Revelation into the world. And it won’t make sense why that would be needed unless you get the full picture, kind of like we’re getting now; which is how big this is, how dark it is and how few there are who are responding. So the New Message from God, in a way, is the answer for those who are becoming aware of this and are asking that question, What must I do? It’s like Frodo in The Ring, you know? It’s Gandalf just took the lid off and told you the full picture and it is like, “What?! Oh my God! Wait a minute, I did… maybe this isn’t real. Maybe… wait a minute, there could be some flaw in this. I’m not so sure.”

And, you know, and I understand that response. That’s fine. But there’s something within the person, there’s something within that says, “Hmm, no, this is your calling. This is calling to you, not to the person next door, down the street, but to you.” And that is interesting. (ABS: It is.) I find that very interesting.

ABS: Lord of the Rings is my favorite story, the trilogy of all time.

RS: Yours, too, huh?

ABS: But, but for – yeah, oh yeah! We’re actually posting some videos on our YouTube channel as well, and sort of expand, you know, beyond just the Paranormal News. But, um, you know, this, this thing that Frodo was, was dealt, he at least he had something he knew what he had to do, right? I mean he made the hard decision. It wasn’t easy, but he knew, “Okay, I have this one mission,” you know? Whereas the rest of us, it’s, you know, it’s much more vague. But I understand what you’re saying. There’s a hope. But you know, what is this God, you know? You’re saying God. What is this God?

RS: Mm hm, well this God or Creator or Divine Presence is the Creator of all life in the universe. It’s the great mystery. This is not the God necessarily of an established religion in the world, you know? This is, this is the great Presence that stands behind life, that seeks to move life, as you said, Alan, earlier all life in the universe towards a loving and light filled destiny, bringing all of Separation back slowly, world by world, people by people. And the Creator of all life recognizes that our world stands at the risk of misjudging this threshold of contact and losing our freedom, either partially or completely, as a result of becoming an enslaved race in a Greater Community of life; and losing, thus, the potential to express the power of Knowledge or Spirit that we all possess and which actually is our purpose for being the world.

And so that is the Creator that has brought this Revelation here. That, that is the Creator that’s been at work throughout human history and throughout the Greater Community of life. And part of the purpose of the New Message is to reveal, to re-reveal, what God really is—not the deity, not the angry father, no—a greater Mystery that is moving all life in the universe towards a unified end. But it needs to speak in relevant terms for the needs of the world now. And that, that is what the New Message is doing.

ABS: Well you know, it’s interesting because…and we mentioned Lord of the Rings and, you know, I’ve been talking a lot about that and Star Wars lately and you know I think about the Force and, you know, you know, if someone told us what the Force actually was and turned it into some description, you know, maybe it was, you know, aliens or something, it would –. The impact of the films would be deflated because it is the mystery of not exactly knowing what the Force is—kind of feeling it, getting a sense of it. It empowers you, inspires you. But that’s only (RS: Yes.) because, I think for the most part—I could be wrong—it just may be far bigger than I can comprehend if we think about it. But it’s the mystery that makes it a wonder. And, you know, so in this case I understand what you’re saying. But you know, there are a lot of people that are good people that are atheists or Gnostic, agnostic. And you know, so what about them, you know, if, you know, good-hearted people that just don’t believe in this God are they okay too? Can they participate?

RS: Absolutely. God works in many ways. And there’s a truth in the New Message that I’ve just, been on my mind a lot recently and that I think is one of the greatest truths ever—ever—and it is: “God does what works.” So if someone is an atheist, God does what works. They still engage that person, absolutely, in the greater plan; and, or maybe someone of a religion you wouldn’t approve of. But you know what? There’s a universe of religions we wouldn’t approve of. There is a universe of races that are like…they do things that would be abhorrent to us. But they are still being given guidance from the Creator of all life. They are, this Mystery is still moving in them.

And so, this Mystery is bigger than we think and it’s moving us. Hey, this is the fire that the second caller spoke of—that fire? This is it. It’s the fire of Knowledge. It’s the fire of the Force. Or what, when you asked me why did I do this with my life, why did I take the risks, join my father? Why did I do this? Well, you know what? It was Knowledge, this reality of Knowledge within me. That is why I did it. I did not do this for gain—you can imagine—or for prestige. And I did this knowing there would be conflict and discord as a result of presenting this in the world, most certainly. I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing this because I know I must do this. And I don’t fully know what I must do, but I just have to keep going.

And I think that’s how we often feel Knowledge is just this kind of quiet force pushing us forward and telling us, “No, don’t go there.” Or, “Don’t give yourself in that relationship. Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep searching.” You know, this is, this is the greater power of God reaching out all over the world getting people into position to discover their unique form of service to the world that is entering the Greater Community, that is stepping over the threshold out into the larger city of life. And many people are meant to be a part of that. And this, this is where the hope is. This is, this is where the answer is, which is that many people must be reached with this, this cla–, this clear message about the Intervention, about the state of our world.

And they need to begin taking steps to discovering and feeling this force of Knowledge within themselves and to move with it. Maybe it says move to this location; take this job. I don’t know. It’s because they have a unique nature and design to serve the world at this time and it greatly needs to come forth from them.

And so the answer, the solution, is sleeping within tens of millions of people right now. The question is: What will awaken it? What will call it out? And can the person take the journey to fulfill that? These are open questions that I can’t resolve. But, you know, this is what stands before the person who feels that fire.

ABS: And these beings that are intervening, these ET beings, who have their own self-serving motivations which would adversely hurt the human race, they’re a collection of just one sort of race, if you will? Is that correct?

RS: Well, you actually use, you actually use the word that the Allies use: collective, that they call them a collective from different races merged into one hierarchy that serve a number of different interests in the vicinity of our world. But there are more, there’s more than one collective in the world. There’s actually a competition almost like a competition between England, France and Spain for, you know, for new territory. There’s, there’s competition for this emerging world…

ABS: And we’re like Mexico and we, you know, go ahead come second in …

RS: Mexico and what?

ABS: I was just thinking football. I have European football on my mind, uh, yeah we’ve been rooting for Mexico. But go ahead…

RS: Okay, okay. But this Intervention most certainly would not want us to respond at the level of conscience or Spirit. That’s why they promote messages that deny negativity, fear for sure – By the –, fear, by the way, that’s a human emotion. That’s, that can be a warning of danger by the way. It’s actually has a role. But messages of total acquiescence, total complacency, acceptance, love and so on and so forth—these are basically disabling people night and day from their own conscientious response to the state of the world. And yeah, we don’t feel so good about the state of the world. But we need to feel that because that feeling leads to something, leads to action. It leads to doing something.

And The New Message, this is what it’s calling for. It’s calling for people of conscience to take the journey of steps towards gaining access to this Knowledge, this deeper innate sense of what you must do in life and to then take the steps of doing it.

ABS: So it’s about –

RS: And that is how the world… Yeah, it’s about taking the steps…

ABS: Right, I see…

RS: … and it’s about (crosstalk) against the Intervention

ABS: Right and it’s not a like, I’ll use this example just because we spoke about it. You know, if I want, you know, Mexico to win the World Cup I can’t just sit there and meditate and put all my force of intention on it and I’m going to bend that will into existence. It’s a really, it’s about as, about action in our everyday life. I understand that and, you know, I hope that, you know, the Allies, you know, do help us, you know, assuming that they are indeed real. And I hope that’s the case because humanity really could use some help right now, as we mentioned.

So Reed, I want to thank you again for coming on to the show. I’m glad we finally, you know, got to do this. If you want to find out more about Reed Summers go to ReedSummers dot com; that’s R-e-e-d-S-u-m-m-e-r-s dot com.

And Reed, do you have any speaking engagements or anything else you’d like to share right now?

RS: Oh nothing on the docket at the moment. But I’m sure I’ll be out there. Marshall’s out there. And what I really recommend is go search Marshall Vian Summers on YouTube. Go hear what Marshall is saying and see if this resonates. Read the Allies Briefings. See if they resonate. Because if they do, it’s a major rendezvous in life; you know, you, this encounter doesn’t happen often. You don’t encounter what could be the key to finding and fulfilling why you’re in the world every day. And this is a rare encounter. So I pray that for those for whom this was happening that they take that next step.

ABS: Alright. So we’ll leave it with a message of hope for everybody. Thanks, Reed, again for coming on.

RS: Thank you. I appreciate this a lot, good to speak with you.

ABS: Okay, take care, Reed, thanks. Okay, so wanna thank again Dave and Alan for calling in. And Dave, thanks for being so candid and honest with, with how you’re feeling—really appreciate that. And I appreciate everybody who supports this show on social media and tunes in every week. You know we’re looking to expand the network. We’re making moves. Things are happening and we will be growing little by little. So I’m glad that you’re all part of that process and, you know, don’t forget to tune in next week at the same time 9:00 p.m. EST on BlogTalkRadio dot com…

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