Aliens Present in Our World: Do We Need Government Disclosure?

Watch Reed Summers in this excerpt from A New Message from the Allies of Humanity Interview, GrimericaFM Online Radio Station, Oct 2, 2019

Reed: These are economic collectives, forces that are small in number—they’re not military—that have come to our world and have basically made promises over many years to different governments, different people, entities within religion, commerce and government—all three—promises of peace, power and technology; basically saying, “Give us access and we will give you this,” whatever “this” is, maybe a trinket from space; but a trinket that would make somebody extraordinarily wealthy, extraordinarily powerful or extraordinarily spiritually significant. 

And that has occurred. And individuals and groups of people in power have taken those offers, and others have resisted those offers. But that is inherently divisive. That is what is likely creating some of these human conspiracies downstream to capitalize off the alien presence, to ally with them, to gain predominance in the world; or to overcome a longtime enemy, whether it be a cultural enemy, a political enemy. 

So you can just imagine the danger of a force that possesses technology—just that—that has the ability to make a group or a country or a company not only extraordinarily wealthy, but to eliminate their competition. Who could resist that seduction, really?

But I think it’s important to know that the Intervention is really the originator of all this. They are the force behind the human forces. And one of the classic strategies of intervention—you can see it in human history—is to create a puppet government or a proxy through whom you rule. And likely that’ll be a local leader and the people will direct their anger and frustration at the local, not understanding who’s behind the local leader.  

And so most conspiracies that I hear, most calls for disclosure that I hear, are conspiracies about human governments and their agenda, or human groups, human elites. And most calls for disclosure are demands for disclosure from the government. Nobody demands disclosure from the extraterrestrial presence. 

In fact, they treat the government kind of like it’s the dumpster of human ethics. And they treat the ET visitors as if it’s like an adventure in consciousness like it could be anything. There’s no ceiling on the profundity and the wonder of contact with these beings. And of course, these beings are happy to play into that narrative.  

They’ll tell us basically anything we want to hear—the return of a Savior, the return of Jesus Christ, the raising our frequencies, or ascension or any of these ideas could be played into, even if they’re authentic, even if they’re true. You know, our greatest spiritual aspirations can be slowly manipulated in this way.

Radio host: What kind of trouble you think Graham could get himself in here with his CE5 and they go out in the dark and try and summon aliens. Do you think that’s a risky endeavor?  

Reed: I don’t think it’s a good idea. No. 

Host: That’s what I’m sayin.

Reed: I mean if you knew who…It’s almost like, how would you feel going out at night outside your front door, if you lived in one of the most dangerous cities in the world? It’s not that all cities in the world are dangerous, but you live in a dangerous part of a dangerous city. But if you didn’t know that, if you thought this was, you know, a beautiful, safe and welcoming community, then you would go out at night and walk around not knowing who you’re interacting with.  And so I wouldn’t go out into the night, point my eyes to the sky and call in ETs.  

Host: And lasers and everything else. 

Reed: I mean, you have to know who’s in the world. And the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity, that’s why they’re here. They’re here to basically give us the short answer on that epic question, really, of what’s happening, why is it happening and what does it mean? Who is in our world? There is a short answer to it.  

Host: What is the short answer?  

Reed: And that’s what the Allies…The short answer is that this is Intervention. You’re making first contact with predatory races in the universe. And you need to know why they’re here, what they’re doing, and undertake specific action and preparation for it, all the while knowing that your destiny is out there. And this contact is, in a way, a step in that direction toward that destiny. So it’s not a negative event. It’s really a historic evolutionary event with forces with negative intent. 

But the promise here is that we’re meant to move in this direction of becoming one people on one Earth in contact with other life in the universe. That’s our destiny. That’s where it’s all headed. But we need to navigate our first steps, you know, off the porch and onto the street. 

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