Hidden ET Forces Encouraging Human Conflict

Watch this excerpt from Reed Summers’ interview on UFOHUB with Adnan Ademovic, July 20, 2021

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Adnan: There’s a lot going on, like almost like a very much like a script that’s been written out that everyone is following and just in the past couple of years regarding Covid and all these other things. And so, would something like that be kind of the work of those hidden forces?

Reed: Oh, sure. Well, they have a script, for sure, for us to follow and they’re trying to find their supporters and apologists who will follow that script. And so they’re advocating for our acquiescence to higher power, whatever that is, even if it’s God, even if it’s an ancient prophet or a messiah or if it’s extraterrestrial. They’re advocating for us to engage in conflict with one another, to make one another the problem so that they can be the saving solution. They’re trying to encourage people to remain distracted with their own preoccupations, their own lives, their own interests, their own happiness, and they are directly influencing those thoughts and emotions that support that.

They have what the Allies call the Pacification Program, which is a program projected in the mental environment, people being influenced to think certain things, to respond certain ways, especially in large population centers in the world. And that is well underway and has been for some decades. 

More recent events, I can’t say. You know, I can’t say how Covid plays into what the Intervention is doing. My sense is that this is a naturally emerging virus. The risk of pandemic has been around for a long time. We’ve had, we have pandemics. We have had one, you know, frequently in the last 10, 20, 30 years. They just haven’t been this potent and widespread.

The Intervention will use that. They’ll use everything and anything. And so anything we present to them as a source of conflict or disagreement, disassociation from one another, distrust of one another in our leadership institutions, they’ll use it all. They’ll use our religious beliefs, our belief in the return of Jesus Christ, the belief in that my religion should be the world’s religion. I mean, the belief that we are higher beings and that love is what matters and we need to be loving with all—they’ll use all of it and they’ll twist all of it. And there’s a lot of that going on. And so when you look into different, you know, groups and circles on Earth, there is a strange distortion that you find in their messaging. It’s pacifying. It’s acquiescing. It takes power away from the individual, okay?

It takes the prerogative for action and personal work away and just says, “Believe.” It tries to stamp you with a label, you know, or a hashtag or something to say, “That’s who you are.” And so individual power and responsibility seems to be draining out of the human family, and that by the way, is the channel by which Knowledge, the spiritual power, works through lives. I mean, that’s what enables a great doctor to be a great doctor, is their individual responsibility and authority. And take that into every field of life. 

So yes, I would say there’s a script; more and more people are following it. I can’t myself say what political party or what world event plays into that, but the Intervention has their fingers in many, many different places.

I feel the Allies are providing the disclosure we really need, which is the disclosure of the alien presence and their intent, instead of our human governments and their intent. Because the Intervention is the big conspiracy behind other conspiracies. There are many true, authentic conspiracies at work in the world, but the big one, the mother of them all is the presence of powerful extraterrestrial forces in our world who are here with an agenda, working through governments, religions, commercial institutions, who are then spurring on their own, you know, attempts to capitalize on this, perhaps, or to work with the alien presence.

So what we need is the disclosure of the ET presence. Who are they? What are they doing? What is their endgame? What are they attempting to achieve? That’s the conversation that the ET presence does not want us to have. That’s the forbidden conversation right there. It’s all being steered now towards, you know, conspiracy about human government and institutions, distrusting essentially our leaders and one another.

And so I’m very wary of getting too deep into all of that knowing that behind all of that is the real actor. And we can we can pick fights with one another till the cows come home, but there is an invader in our world.

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