Facing Competitive Intelligent Life

Interview October 26, 2019

Grimerica Radio: All right. So tonight we’ve got Reed Summers here with us. He’s been working with his father Marshall for about 12 years as a teacher and representative for this Divine Revelation and for the Allies of Humanity Briefings. And that’s a set of texts and books that talk about the alien forces present in our world, and they provide a clear picture of what these forces are. So it’s a lot of stuff to get through and I’m really glad you’re here with us, Reed, to talk about it because I have a million questions. So thanks for coming on the show.

Reed Summers: You’re welcome, great to be here. Thank you.

GR: So I guess I think we should probably just start. I mean, I don’t want to spend too much time in the background part, but I think it’s fair enough to maybe talk a little bit about why you decided to get involved at the level that you’re getting involved in, and maybe, I guess, a little bit about your dad and how this whole thing started just to give people some context. But other than that, there’s, you know, obviously there’s a lot to get through with the messages themselves.

RS: Yeah, definitely. Well, this all began with my father Marshall Vian Summers over 34 years ago. He’s walked a very long, mysterious inexplicable journey. And over the course of these many years has received a communication from an off-planet source who describe themselves of the Allies of Humanity, a group of observers who are here in the vicinity of the world to observe the extraterrestrial Intervention occurring on Earth today, and to report on the activities of that Intervention and also share with us some key wisdom on what life is like out there in our local neighborhood of space and what we will need to know in order to wisely and successfully emerge out into that larger universe.

GR: Okay, so when you say intervention, that’s not in the context of their contact with us, but contact with others, right?

RS: Correct. So some decades ago—can’t say when exactly or what year exactly—visitation occurred at a level and in a form that has never occurred in human history before. This was not visitation simply to observe or to watch us or maybe contribute wisdom here and there. This was an Intervention. This was actually an attempt to slowly and quietly colonize the world for the purposes of an off-planet set of powers, basically.
So this began some decades ago. And seeing this occur, and knowing that we are divided, distracted and hardly aware that this is happening and hardly prepared for it, this group of free worlds in our vicinity of space—you could say friendly neighbors in this neighborhood we live in—saw these predatory forces hanging around our house out in space and noticed that we had hardly been on the doorstep of our own home; we’d hardly walked down the street if…I don’t think we even have walked down the street.
And so seeing this, these friendly neighbors, these Allies of Humanity as they describe themselves, sent this mission to observe the Intervention occurring in our world and report on what it’s doing and what it means.

GR: Okay, that makes sense. So how did your dad start with this contact? And how did he…did he go through any verification process at all, I mean, because, you know, you always hear these things about people channeling or people, you know, using mediumship where you’re never sure of who’s actually on the other end kind of thing?

RS: Sure, oh yeah. No, it was a struggle for him to verify the source and to be willing to receive this message because Marshall was not a student of ufology. He wasn’t really focused on this topic and this area of study. He was a mystic. He was enveloped in kind of mystery and Presence. And he was a spiritual teacher at the time.
And so this was new territory to some degree, except that the spirituality he had been teaching for many years did account for what it called the Greater Community, which is this universe of intelligent life we live in. And the spirituality he taught, the basic premise, was that our world is in the process of emerging into that universe of life. This is our spiritual direction. This is the direction for nations, peoples, religions, everything, to move in, and that will be taking place in the next decades and centuries. And therefore, we need a new foundation of spiritual and even religious thought to plant ourselves on that we could even, A) Imagine life out there, and B) Interact with it and not project on to it all of our spiritual and religious beliefs and ideologies. So Marshall had been teaching that for many years.
But around the year 1997, this other contact occurred. And this contact was, as I said, with this group who called themselves the Allies of Humanity who intended to deliver a series of Briefings, which Marshall would later receive four books of, four books of these Briefings. And this occurred over, gosh, almost 20 years.
The first set of Briefings came in 1997. Second set in year 2000. Third in 2008. And then the fourth, which we just published a few weeks ago, was given to him in 2016. And really, it’s a fascinating series of messages and material and perspective on what life is really like out there beyond human speculation. What is it actually like?
Now of course, it took Marshall a while to become comfortable with this source and, as you said, to verify it. But ultimately, how can you verify it, you know? I mean, there’s no piece of evidence he or any of us has that says this guarantees they are who they say they are. Anybody could say they are the Allies of Humanity.
And in fact, there are many, many messages circulating out there from purportedly altruistic extraterrestrial sources. So we can talk a little bit about how you would verify the source.

Grimerica: Yeah, yeah, that’s kind of what I was getting at is there’s a lot of different contactees and contact, and it all seems to be love-and-light kind of thing, so how do you, you know, how do you tell?

RS: Yeah.

GR: So that was in ‘77 then? Was that that year that they had that transmission that came through in that UK…

RS: ‘97 actually. The first set of Briefings was ‘97.

GR: Is that when the contact happened, ‘97?

RS: That is when the first set of Briefings were given. In fact, the Allies of Humanity made first contact many, many years before. At that time however, Marshall was not totally certain who they were in the sense that were they the Allies of Humanity or not? They hadn’t actually used that term. And that actually occurred I think in the year 1985.
And the story of what actually happened then is told later in the Briefings that were given in the 90s and 2000s. And in that, the Allies of Humanity said that they made an initial effort to reach the world to make contact with Marshall—and it is a mysterious reason why he was chosen to receive this, but he was; he received it—and they were identified by the Intervention, this predatory force from beyond our world. And they were partially destroyed by [that.] One of their craft was terminated in the effort to escape the Intervention, and they had to pull away from the Earth, regroup. And a second mission would take 13 years to make it here. And therefore, that mission came in 1997.
So it’s actually a story. And of course, I’m Marshall’s son, right? So I was around when all this happened.

GR: What was his process like of translating and actually, you know, downloading the message? I mean, was it like automatic writing type thing, or just through meditative process, or…?

RS: Well, so back in the 70s, Marshall began teaching what he called self Knowledge and inner guidance. And in that time, he taught that we all have a deeper Intelligence, a spiritual Intelligence, which can communicate to us and can actually guide us in life, and that this Intelligence accounts for many of the gut feelings or…

GR: Intuition…

RS: …intuitions or senses or knowings or, you know, all that. All human cultures have words for this, you know. We all know what that feels like when you have a bad feeling about something, or like, don’t go there, or go there, or meet this person. And it ends up becoming really important. And you weren’t the one driving that. You’re thinking intelligence wasn’t driving you toward that. Another Intelligence was driving you toward that.
And so Marshall taught what he called The Way of Knowledge, Knowledge being the spiritual Mind for many years. And over that time, he began to cultivate his connection with what he later has called an Angelic Presence or an Angelic Voice.
And after teaching self-Knowledge and inner guidance for many years, this kind of remarkable series of events took place in his life where he was called out and away from the city, from his work, from his students, called to wander by this Voice that he had been slowly learning to hear within him. And this Voice instructed him to to wander for this period of nine months.
And after nine months, this Voice came to him again, but in a very powerful form, almost like an initiation. And it commanded him to begin to record their Messages, this Voice’s Messages for humanity, saying that these Messages were key to people becoming aware of the greater panorama of life beyond our world and prepared at the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical level for that. That’s what this Voice intended to communicate.
So Marshall…I mean, he was in the desert. He had pulled away from so much at that point. And so he surrendered to that command and he began to record. And what he recorded through his own voice, but in a state of revelation…Really, this was not Marshall, you know, thinking about things or pre-scripting or even conveying an entity. This was a process, was a download from not one entity, but really an association, what you could call like an Angelic Assembly, coming through him to deliver these revelations. That’s what they call them. And those are now available for people to read and to hear in what is called the New Message from God, which is a communication from a Divine Source, this Angelic Presence translating a Divine Source, and speaking in very fascinating ways, very important ways, very inspiring ways on, like, everything—lots of different topics.
But first and foremost, and at the heart of it all, is the reality of what they call the Greater Community, this universe of intelligent life that we live in that has always been there, always, you know, been the backdrop to humanity’s long evolution, and that now must become our concern. We must focus upon this now because, first, our destiny is to go there. Our destiny is to make contact with the other 99.999% of life to bridge our isolation out there.
And then second, because that life is already here. So contact has begun, not on our terms and not necessarily by those who are the friendliest in universe, but simply first contact with those who have made the long journey to Earth to involve themselves here.
So to come back to your question though, Marshall had cultivated this ability to transmit in the state of revelation an Angelic Voice. And literally, he—I’ve been with him when this happens, and it was kind of something to witness—he goes into a state of intense receptivity and there is a spiritual presence around him. I mean, it’s like in the room. You can feel it. It’s quite overpowering. And for me having been there, it’s almost challenging to think, for me to think coherently, while this is happening.
It’s almost like this massive electromagnetism or something is in the space displacing a lesser intellect. A greater Intellect is displacing a lesser intellect. And what comes through is what is in the many, the dozens of books, some of which we’ve published, others not.
But when the Allies of Humanity came in ‘97, it was really the same process. So Marshall had laid down this receptivity, this ability, to really open up his mind and his voice to transmit the communication from the Angelic Source. And now came the Briefings from an extraterrestrial source, coming through in a similar way.

GR: Oh, I see. Okay, yeah, it’s interesting how he put all that time into the researching and the studying of how to use your intention and how to, you know, basically I guess, block out your ego or not listen to your thoughts, like you’re saying.

RS: For Marshall, I don’t think he studied, I don’t think he…This really didn’t come from him. Even in the beginning, this just…It’s funny. I mean, sometimes you get pulled into a greater movement of things, of life, of purpose, and it’s almost like you didn’t even plan for it, but you were willing to go. Something moved you in life. And that’s what happened for Marshall way back in the 70s, and he stayed with that.
And it’s kind of an example of what we all can experience. I mean, we’re all meant to move with that greater movement of life, which has intelligence and direction. It’s purposeful. It’s relational. It brings people together, not apart. So we’re all meant to participate in that. And you know, my father’s life is an example of someone who did.

GR: Yeah, it’s funny how those people who do tend to have those extra abilities are those people that tend to be able to get that ego out of the way, or whatever you want to call that thinking mind. I mean, I think it’s the ego. I mean, it could be something else. But I know what you mean what being able to get that out of the way and being able to how something else comes through. I’ve always kind of considered that as being more self, or you know, your actual self or your authentic self. I’ve never, I’ve never really thought of it as maybe being an entity or a channel I guess.
But maybe he was, you know, working with the way of Knowledge so much that there was that opening there for the Angelic Presence or…[crosstalk] probably access everything, once you get in there and there’s just this giant river of whatever that you got to go with instead of against.
RS: Yeah, well…and one note of caution there is, you know, and especially those who have extra sensory or psychic abilities, you want to be careful opening yourself up to the river of stuff out there, especially with an extraterrestrial presence in the world who are technologically and psychologically well beyond us in capability because one of the activities of this Intervention is to influence the environment of thought in the world, what the Allies of Humanity call the mental environment. And we can talk about why.
And second, it’s to transmit into the world messages from purportedly positive alien sources that promote extraterrestrial intervention, spiritual, religious, political, technological intervention, so basically promoting the belief that humanity is incapable of fixing our planetary problems. We are incapable of governing ourselves. We do not have the technology to meet the needs of the world. And there are evil humans or groups or secret associations that are controlling everything, and therefore, all in the end we need an extraterrestrial power to come to the world to bring us what we cannot provide for ourselves.
And there are many of these messages, and they’re all nuanced. And some of them have truth wedded with falsity. But in the end, the power…where does the power go? It goes away from human beings and towards an extraterrestrial being or leadership. So you have to be careful opening yourself up to that river; I will say that.

GR: Do you think that that started with…you mentioned decades ago…and I wondered about some of those contact memes or theories about when it happened and how it happened, and back to the, you know, the nuclear bombs and explosions from the, you know, the 40s and all that? I wonder if that’s when that started.

RS: Yes. So the Allies do talk about when this Intervention started and why. And they do reference the use of nuclear weapons, and the World War itself, World War Two, as one reason they’re here. But that really is secondary to another reason.
The real reason they’re here is because they desire this planet, its environment, its resources. Being a very rare planet in the universe, a universe of, you know, largely barren worlds out there, they value this place. And we now have the capability to destroy the value of this place. Nuclear weapons are an example. [crosstalk] And the environmental destruction going on in the world today is a major amplifier. And it makes fast, it makes quicker their agenda in the world because they’re here for this planet, and we’re destroying it.
Now you could say, “Well, maybe they’ll do a better job than us,” right? Or, “Maybe we aren’t…Maybe we do need extraterrestrial intervention.” But the truth is, these are resource explorers, okay? Yes, they will preserve the world to be resourced and exploited.

GR: As in, like, natural resources? As in, you know, minerals and trees and what I mean, what, like…

RS: Correct.

GR: …us humans?

RS: Well, we can get there, too. But primarily it’s biology. This place is a place where biology naturally springs forth and evolves at a probably much more multitudinous level than other worlds that are barren, rocky, inhospitable.
And so like the Allies basically say, as well as the New Message from God, you do not know the value of a tree in the universe, the value of blood plasma, the value of biological products. And, you know, this is what they call a Greater Community perspective, a perspective that they have looking at us from beyond the world that we now need to have. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know the value of a tree, and we certainly don’t know the value of a tree, let alone the world.

GR: So who are the Allied folk? Is there…Like, how many different groups of people or ETs—I guess they’re not people—or is it…says the Allied, is that like the Allied ETs? Or we don’t know?

RS: Well, they don’t give names of their races primarily because they’re here in secrecy. And they actually have found out their home worlds would become threatened by them having done this because, as they say interestingly, there are governing bodies mostly that govern trade, okay, not like a galactic federation that governs all worlds or everyone is federated or united—not like that. There are bodies that govern trade and travel. And coming to a world like this is not permissible. You can’t just come here. So the Allies of Humanity are not allowed to be here. They’ve already signed what they call non-intervention agreements, meaning they’re not allowed to intervene here. But they came anyway.
So they don’t give their names or the names of their worlds, which would probably be pretty meaningless to us, right, because, again, how do you verify that? And of course, it would just spur a lot of interest and speculation.
But again, their core message is: Look, you are the native peoples of a new world, you could say, and you have been discovered. And you need to know that you’re standing on top of resources desired by others, and that those you are encountering for the first time—these tall ships in the harbour or off the coast—are not gods. They’re not saviors. They’re not scientists. These are commercial forces who are here to slowly and quietly weave their tentacles of influence into the world to gain access to it and to gain access to us.

GR: Yeah. [crosstalk] So the others broke the non-intervention then and they’re here to try and basically commercialize and increase trade and…?

RS: No, no. The Allies…So the Allies of Humanity… [cross talk] The Intervention?

GR: Yeah. The Intervention. They broke the non-intervention clause, how did that…why…how did they get here, then? They just broke…

RS: Well, they…these are inherently commercial forces. The Allies of Humanity are not commercial forces. They abide by a different set of rules. These are what they call themselves free worlds. And to be free in the universe, you have to make a declaration of non intent to intervene in others so that others do not intervene in you because it’s like going out there in the world, you know, with $50 in your pocket; you’re gonna start a business; you’re gonna intervene. You’re gonna put your money here. And others are going to, you know, potentially take advantage of you. To be free is to pull away from all of that.
And I know this is kind of the vision of life in the universe and the way life works that the New Message presents more than the Allies. And the New Message presents it because who but the Creator of all life knows what life is doing out there? I mean, if you believe there is a Creator that has revealed things to humanity in the past, then it makes sense that that Creator would reveal to us what life is like when we’re making contact with it. When we’re stepping out into that universe, we would need to know. And and that’s really what the Revelation is.
And there’s a whole book in the New Message from God called Life in the Universe. And it talks all about the reality of trade and travel and interaction and what is required to be a free world and what causes you to lose your freedom.

GR: Yeah, that was one of the most interesting parts that I had, you know, notes here to talk about, is the part about freedom and how if you want to stay free as a world, that you can’t get involved in the whole trade and commercial part of it, like that, which is interesting because you think you’d be free to do that, but it’s kind of in a way it’s not.
So it sounds like what we’re saying here is the aliens are, well, like fascists. More facism, just what we need.

RS: Right, well that they’re certainly not democratic, I can guarantee you that. They rule, they create peace, but it’s the peace of a prison. And if you want that, follow these extraterrestrial offers of technology and governance and spiritual upliftment because in the end, that’s how they operate.
But to go back to Life in the Universe because this is kind of important to understand the Intervention itself, this universe is a little bit like Earth, okay? It’s nature; it’s a natural reality. So it kind of makes sense. It’s life forms competing for finite resources, for space. And in that process of competition, life forms develop ways of influencing each other and even defeating one another.
And in the universe, force is not really used like we would think of it. Rather it’s influence. It’s influence of the mind because forces beyond our world have learned that it’s very costly to take over worlds or destroy races and all of that. War is extraordinarily costly, something we’re slowly learning. And there are better ways to do it. You know, the wisest form of assault is to make your enemy choose defeat, want defeat, invite conquest.

GR: Yeah, propaganda.

RS: And so in the universe we live in, it’s kind of prosaic in that way; it’s a competitive universe. There’s good and there’s bad and there’s everything in between. But when it comes to trade, that is really kind of governed by these trading bodies, what the Allies of Humanity call the collectives. And they are hierarchical. You would not want to come in contact with them. And you would not want to be a part of one, is how they depict it. They are cunning and unscrupulous, and they view us humans on Earth like cattle on a wealth of resources, wandering around the planet. And they would be happy to come and displace us, or actually use us to gain access to the planet.
So these are the collectives. And that’s what stands behind the Intervention are these collectives. And they’re…The Allies of Humanity describe them as multiracial. There’s more than one here. They are in competition with each other. And I’m sure they are generating a lot of the conspiracy and conspiracy theories that are out there today.

GR: Yeah, I was just thinking that. Like, would they be considered the Archons, then by, some saying that, you know, the Archons are influencing the elite and sort of ruling through…?
Where do the reptilians fit in?

RS: Well, let me just say this, you know I can’t get down into races and names and…but…

GR: Is that what some people say they are? Like is that what, would that be the same thing though? Like if people say, you know, the Archons are ruling…
Is it racist to not like a certain type alien?

RS: No.

GR: I didn’t think so. Like speciesists

RS: Right. No, no, that’s ok.

GR: Captain Kirk didn’t care.

RS: You can have your preferred race, although, you know, be careful of your criteria; I would say that. They’re not in control. They’re not, like…They didn’t…they’re not our progenitors. They didn’t father humanity. They don’t own this world. They’re not living in the center of the world.
These are economic collectives, forces that are small in number—they’re not military—that have come to our world and have basically made promises over many years to different governments, different people, entities within religion, commerce and government—all three—promises of peace, power and technology; basically saying, “Give us access and we will give you this,” whatever “this” is. Maybe a trinket from space. But a trinket that would make somebody extraordinarily wealthy, extraordinarily powerful or extraordinarily spiritually significant.

GR: Yeah.

RS: And that has occurred. And individuals and groups of people in power have taken those offers, and others have resisted those offers. But that is inherently divisive. That is what is likely creating some of these human conspiracies downstream…

GR: Yeah.

RS: …to capitalize off the alien presence, to ally with them, to gain predominance in the world; or to overcome a longtime enemy, whether it be a cultural enemy, a political enemy.
So you can just imagine the danger of a force that possesses technology—just that—that has the ability to make a group or a country or a company not only extraordinarily wealthy, but to eliminate their competition. Who could resist that seduction, really? And this is the problem.

GR: So sorry to keep trying to identify current conspiracies or cultural groups, but would that be what the breakaway civilization now has done? I mean, there’s people flying around in man-made and possibly ET type craft in the skies. I mean, and this is the breakaway civilization. It may have been off planet. They may be the ones leading the charge to this galactic trade sort of community. So is that maybe the people that have succumbed to this technology, this influence, the ones that are already breaking away from us with…?

RS: Yeah, well some have succumbed. The degree to which they have been able to capitalize on what they’ve been given or what they’ve recovered falling out of the sky, I don’t know. But I think it’s important to know that the Intervention is really the originator of all this. They are the force behind the human forces. And one of the classic strategies of intervention—you can see it in human history—is to create a puppet government or a proxy through whom you rule. And likely that’ll be a local leader and the people will direct their anger and frustration at the local, not understanding who’s behind the local leader.
And so most conspiracies that I hear, most calls for disclosure that I hear, are conspiracies about human governments and their agenda, or human groups, human elites. And most calls for disclosure are demands for disclosure from the government. Nobody demands disclosure from the extraterrestrial presence.

GR: Yeah.

RS: In fact, they treat the government kind of like it’s the dumpster of human ethics. And they treat the ET visitors as if it’s like an adventure in consciousness, like it could be anything. There’s no ceiling on the profundity and the wonder of contact with these beings. And of course these beings are happy to play into that narrative.

GR: Yeah.

RS: They’ll tell us basically anything we want to hear—the return of a Savior, the return of Jesus Christ, the raising our frequencies, or ascension, or any any of these ideas could be played into. Even if they’re authentic, even if they’re true. You know, our greatest spiritual aspirations can be slowly manipulated in this way.

GR: What kind of trouble you think Graham could get himself in here with his CE5 and they go out in the dark and try and summon aliens. Do you think that’s a risky endeavor?

RS: I don’t think it’s a good idea. No.

GR: That’s what I’m sayin.

RS: I mean, if you knew who…It’s almost like, how would you feel going out at night outside your front door, if you lived in one of the most dangerous cities in the world? It’s not that all cities in the world are dangerous, but you live in a dangerous part of a dangerous city. But if you didn’t know that, if you thought this was, you know, a beautiful, safe and welcoming community, then you would go out at night and walk around not knowing who you’re interacting with. And so I wouldn’t go out into the night, point my eyes to the sky and call in ETs.

GR: And lasers and everything else.

RS: I mean, you have to know who’s in the world. And the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity, that’s why they’re here. They’re here to basically give us the short answer on that epic question, really, of what’s happening, why is it happening and what does it mean? Who is in our world? There is a short answer to it.

GR: What is the short answer?

RS: And that’s what the Allies…The short answer is that this is Intervention. You’re making first contact with predatory races in the universe. And you need to know why they’re here, what they’re doing, and undertake specific action and preparation for it, all the while knowing that your destiny is out there. And this contact is, in a way, a step in that direction, toward that destiny. So it’s not a negative event. It’s really a historic evolutionary event with forces with negative intent.
But the promise here is that we’re meant to move in this direction of becoming one people on one Earth in contact with other life in the universe. That’s our destiny. That’s where it’s all headed. But we need to navigate our first steps, you know, off the porch and onto the street.

GR: And our picture of the street is way different than what it really is then, is what you’re saying. Our picture of the street is different. Like, this is like, you know, to be free you can’t, you know, engage in this. And if you do engage with it, you’re gonna end up being caught up in like you said, you’re free, but you’re in a cage in a way, you know?

RS: Exactly. I mean, I think of some of these parts of the third world where young people are struggling to have a normal life, like to go to school, be a kid because there are gangs in their neighborhood. And if that gang identifies that young person as a resource, they will do anything, literally anything, thus, you know, prompting a significant refugee crisis even on this continent. So it’s kind of like that. It’s, you know, we are meant to step out into our neighborhood, but we need to know who’s in our neighborhood and what they’re doing, and how to wisely engage with them. And that…who but an extraterrestrial observer or a Divine observer could reveal that to us?

GR: Yeah.

RS: I wouldn’t know. Even the governments of the world have no clue. They don’t know what’s going on out there.

GR: Yeah. Well, it’s one thing I found about the writings is they’re not partisan, right? Like, they’re not saying, you know, follow this government or this type of group or even…It’s very even. Even as far as environmentalism goes, it’s not dogmatic really. It’s…and so that’s obviously on purpose. They’re not getting you, you know, fighting against the other side or whatever. It’s not, you know, left versus right kind of politics. It’s like that on purpose. So is it trying…? So how do we figure it all out ourselves then without being told, exactly?

RS: Well, that’s a critical assertion that we even need to, that we have the right to and the ability to. And the Allies, this is where they put the power. They put it with the people, the human people and with the individual. I mean, they talk about our greatest strength moving into this universe of life and interaction not being our technology, not being our cultural assets or our religions, but instead the spiritual Mind within us.

GR: The universal spirituality?

RS: That may sound airy-fairy in the face of a very prosaic event, like in human history. But the reason they put priority on Knowledge, this spiritual Intelligence, is because that is the only part of us that cannot be manipulated and influenced by a greater psychological authority.

GR: I was going to say, wow…

RS: Because again, going back to the universe, the universe is competing and vying forces who are using influence more than force. And they have found ways to generate power in a whole parallel reality to the physical. And this again is called the mental, it’s the mental environment; it runs parallel to the physical. They, these forces, have found ways to harness power in that environment. And here we are, you know, not very strong-minded, not very united, not very clear about our priorities, and we’re very easily influenced not only at the level of like messaging or symbolism, but literally thought and emotion.

GR: Yeah.

RS: And this is one of the activities of the Intervention. The Allies of Humanity call it the pacification program. And it is literally to generate influence, thought forms, that affect human beings to pacify them, to distract them and to lead them into conflict with each other. And that is behind some of the conflict, you know, that’s flaring up in the world.

GR: So how do we develop that spiritual Mind? Yeah, how do we develop that? What are some tools then?

RS: Well, you know, there’s many names for it. This is not foreign or new to us. We’ve long been talking as human beings about awareness or consciousness or presence, a spiritual presence. There’s so many words for this in many different cultures. So we know what this is like. And I think individually we all know what this feels like. You’ve all known something, you know, like you’re about to step into some place you shouldn’t be, and it’s like some part of you is like, “Don’t do that.” And you’re, like, arguing with it; you’re bargaining with it.
But this other voice in you is like, “Don’t do that”; speaks in short phrases, to the point, and it acts in your best interest. And of course, we’ve gone against that best interest. And we’ve lived out, you know, romances and business ventures as, you know, that haven’t panned out.
So I think every person can feel within themselves: “Okay, have I known something? Have I had, like, an inexplicable sense or confidence or certainty in something that I have followed?” I think many people would would feel, Yes; they would recall those moments.
And so Marshall, my father, his message to you through all of his decades of teaching and the revelations he’s received, is that that voice, that Intelligence that’s beneath the thinking intelligence, that has the power to protect you from the Intervention and from any influence or manipulation from any physical entity—human or alien. And it has the power to lead you somewhere specific based upon your nature, your design as a human being—you individually—like, where you need to be doing what you need to be doing, with who you need to be doing it: people, place and purpose. This Knowledge can take you there.
It’s like the tip of the iceberg. I mean, we’ve all seen this floating iceberg, but nobody has a clue how deep this goes and how actually, like, manifest and real its results are in the life of a person.

GR: So that’s a challenge, though. How do you separate out your, you know, your thinking voice, your egoic voice, like you were mentioning, and your intuitive voice? You know, it’s like the whole typical like devil and angel on one side of your head on your shoulders. You know, how do you listen to the [cross talk] right? So Darin and I were talking about that book you read recently called Surrender, whatever, where it’s telling you to not listen to your voice, which I think it’s saying the same thing as he’s saying, is, you don’t listen to your egoic voice, you listen to that intuition. But how do you tell the difference between that? I mean, that’s the trick. For me, I can barely feel stuff in my body, like, or feel, you know, how that…Like we were talking earlier tonight about feeling those emotions in your body
You gotta feel it instead of think it.

RS: It’s not easy.

GR: And even if you can’t tap into that exact emotion, you can usually tap into whether it’s a positive or a negative feeling.
Like when your fear tells you, you know, like you’re scared to do something, that’s probably not your intuition. That’s just your fear response, you know.

RS: Well, I mean, to be totally honest, it’s a journey. There’s no, like, instantaneous enlightenment or quick step you can take that’s just gonna get you there…


RS: …or some, like, easy maxim, some, like, aphorism, you know, that you can say that just makes it so. We’ve lived apart from this thinking—I’m sorry—this knowing mind for, like, a lot of our lives. And so it’ll be a journey of some years to get back in contact with it.
But really, I mean, that’s at the heart of Marshall’s teaching. And the central book of it all is called Steps to Knowledge. And it is a book of daily practice specifically to write an answer to this question, which is: How do you actually find this experience of Knowledge, hear it and then follow it? Like, really, how do you do that?
And so that’s why there’s a New Message from God.

GR: Yeah.

RS: That’s why Steps to Knowledge, the book of practice in the New Message, was given because the world is a noisy place. It’s a challenging place. And more than that, it’s undergoing forms of influence now that make it very challenging to feel Knowledge, to feel the spiritual Intelligence. So I think a pathway is needed. And that’s what Marshall has given his life to receive and to teach.

GR: It reminds me, it really does, I think that the whole Buddhist thing of mindfulness is a way there as well, which probably is overlapping with what you’re doing. And once you become aware of those thoughts and separate yourself from the thoughts, like you’re the awareness behind the thoughts, so that’s where you’re getting that message from.
Yeah, that’s like the first clue, is that if you can observe those thoughts, then you’re not the thoughts. That’s the kind of little mini breakthrough you get.
Yeah, so is that part of like…Can you give us an example of something that’s in that book on the Steps to Knowledge? Like what…is there an example of the meditative practice you might do? Or what something…

RS: Sure well, I’ll just, I’ve got it right here, PDF, I’ll open it up and…

GR: It would seem like there’s people all over are tapping into this in different ways, like, you know, athletes are maybe getting there with flow, you know, and athletes or high-level athletes sort of get in the zone. They’re not really thinking about what they’re doing, you know. There’s no way they’re thinking about…I mean, I was even watching some videos of some guys skateboarding last week and it’s like, you know, those guys are going at such a rate there’s no way they’re thinking that fast.
Once you practice the system, once you’ve practiced it enough so it’s second nature, then it can happen in that flow state. I mean, I believe you have to have a certain…
…other people are meditating…
…attributes in practice.
…psychedelics or, you know, I think there’s probably like, you know, a dozen different avenues that people are using to get to that same sort of state. I mean, for some people it’s as simple as driving down the highway. You can get to the point where, you know, I think when you get to that thing where you’ve forgotten about a hundred kilometres, that’s because, you know, your ego took a nap, or your thinking brain took a nap and you were luckily not in the ditch.

RS: Yeah, well, you’re right. I mean, there are many forms…I mean, there are so many ways to experience Knowledge. I mean, you can experience it through your body, you can experience it certainly in your work, your relationships—spontaneously. I mean, it’s not…Knowledge is not Christian, it’s not Muslim, it’s not of a certain religion. This is the universal spiritual Mind at the heart of all sentient life. And you are sentient and so you have this. And how do you tap into it?
Well, that’s a great question. I think it can happen at anytime, and it does. But in order to make it not just a random every month or two experience, or every year or two, ten years, you need some sort of practice. You need some sort of Way of Knowledge. So that’s again what Marshall teaches, The Way of Knowledge, which is the way of living in contact and in connection with this knowing Mind. And more specifically in The Way of Knowledge that Marshall teaches, it’s the Greater Community Way of Knowledge.
So it’s how do you follow the Way of Knowledge in the world at a time when it is undergoing contact with a Greater Community of life? Because that Greater Community will influence your mind, your thinking mind, in profound ways. It will influence the landscape of humanity, all areas of our society. And so to function as a person of Knowledge or a person motivated by this spiritual intelligence, you need potentially a unique preparation for that. So that…

GR: Sorry. Is the spiritual Intelligence, is that, like, unique to humans?
You know, so we’re talking about all these aliens running around shooting up the place. [cross talk] They’re drawing from this same sort of thing, the same military takeover, either, right that’s not I think…I mean, everything starts to… [cross talk]

RS: Say to yourself that every human alive right now has this Knowledge and could follow it, and then go take a drive around town. Many people are not following this Knowledge. Some people are acting against it. They’re actually like a force of dissonance against it. And so step out into the universe.

GR: I was gonna say that so much has changed since he’s been teaching this over the last couple decades. I mean, things are more distracting now than ever, they’re more polarized than ever, so it must…you know, the challenge is getting…
If I was to be on board with that, then it’d just be like…I could totally see that. I mean…And that just means that they’re, you know, running the film industry and the television industry. And then, you know, you’d easily see how there’s an evil hand at play that isn’t just humanity.

RS: And that’s critical to see because we could easily blame one another and point fingers and then fantasize about life and the stars and who would visit our world and what they could give us. And I think that’s the unfortunate and very easy trap to fall into, you know, is we’re all kind of discouraged, you know. There’s a lot of problems in the world and the levels of the problems are growing—planetary problems like climate change, for example. And we’re not taking the actions needed quick enough.
And so you might look to an off-planet reality as something full of potential, possibility. And it is, it is, and that’s authentic to want that. But then you have to get down to the real business again of someone’s at your door. Who’s at your door? The world is our house and we have an intruder in the house. It doesn’t mean everyone in the city would be an intruder in our house.
But the fact is, we have an intruder and we didn’t grant them access to this world. They’re taking people against their will. They’re working with our governments in different ways, divisive ways, without the knowledge of the people of this world. This is not a friendly force. And I frankly have to say there’s no evidence, there’s no observable phenomena, that suggests an altruistic intent by these visitors. I mean, this is divide and conquer in a very subtle and intelligent way, without destroying the environment or the people. So we have to deal with the intruder.
And the New Message talks about, then what comes next? Well, once you do that, once the Intervention…we say no to that Intervention, we take the steps required to eject it from our world, what happens? And that’s the vision that the New Message from God provides. That’s a Divine Revelation about where this race is headed—the human race. I mean, what is our…why are we in this universe? Now that we know we’re in a universe of intelligent life, what do we do? Where are we going? And that very inspiring vision is what’s presented.

GR: So is that like a 50% thing? Is it like that’s how it works if 50% of humanity wakes up, or you know, for lack of a better word?

RS: Less than that, a lot less than that.

GR: What percentage do we need? Three?

RS: Don’t know, but small percentages of people have always moved the course of human history—dedicated people, united people, and people who are moving, again, from Knowledge, this spiritual Intelligence. And that’s what’s kept good alive in the world as it is.

GR: Humans being better humans?

RS: Humans following this deeper motivation within them to do good, not to think good, not to, you know, try to change the world and make it better. No. To serve others, to help others, to give in ways that they may not personally have given, but they felt moved to give. I mean, there’s so many examples of that. And every time you hear about that, you know, somebody jumps in the lake to save a drowning child, somebody goes across a border to help people not of their own culture or community, I mean, somebody acts out of that motivation, it’s like, wow. It’s like a light in the world. It’s like, wow, there’s hope.

GR: Yeah. These days, just smiling at the guy that pumps your gas and look at him in the eyes is like a little bit of that.

RS: Sure. Absolutely: goodness. And so be a part of a greater force for good in the world. But you don’t do that by adopting a partisan position or a philosophy or a political agenda. You do that by connecting on the inside. I mean, it all comes down to where are you coming from? I mean, if you’re here in the world to take advantage of opportunities and push an agenda that would benefit you personally and align with a group or a leader that would benefit you personally…I mean, it’s logical self-interest, right, and fear of loss—that’s a big motivator—or, on the other side of the fence, it’s another motivation for us being in the world entirely.
And this is kind of the motivation that brought you into the world. This is why you’re here in the first place. Because in the New Message it’s said that we have come from a Spiritual Family beyond this world to manifest ourselves here at this time to give in a specific way with specific people to give, to serve. And if that becomes your motivation, phew.

So I’d take 5% of humanity motivated by that. I’d take 2%. And that would solve a lot, you know, because people being moved at that level, they’re not going to use and abuse the environment. They are not going to promote human war and conflict over one nation over another. And they’re not going to acquiesce to an Intervention that’s making claims upon this world and degrading our own sense of self-worth and native value. You know, they’re not gonna believe that either.
And so, in a way, it’s this Knowledge within us and connecting with it, learning what it feels like and sounds like within your own mind, and following that. That’s the answer, which then leads to many answers. Because Knowledge, like I said, it leads to very manifest solutions, very real, tangible. This is not airy-fairy spirituality. This is like trenches spirituality.

GR: The aliens are not…I believe. I agree with that a hundred percent.

RS: Sorry…What do you agree with?

GR: That whole statement that you just said about us serving, giving… Yeah, with or without aliens, that would make the world a whole lot of a better place pretty quickly.

RS: And basically what differentiates the Allies of Humanity from those others who are here is that that’s what moves them. That’s why they’re here. Otherwise they’d be…

GR: Any chance they are like, they’re scamming us?

RS: Possible.

GR: They could be manipulating our psyche.

RS: I mean, you have to keep your eyes open. Sure…well…But you know, when you go read the Briefings, feel the tone of the message; see what they’re talking about. You know, is it even plausible?

GR: Yeah.

RS: Because some of these ET messages are not plausible, you know. They’re just claiming the moon and the stars and everything beyond and just expecting us to believe, whereas the Allies of Humanity are saying: “Here’s the position of your world. Here’s the natural universe you live in. And here are the forces you’ll have to contend with. And in the end, only you should claim ownership of this world and find a way for yourselves. Only you, humans, have to generate the solution. We, the Allies of Humanity, make no claims. We want no association, trade or any other self-interest in…” There’s nothing like that.
Basically, their message leaves us with what we know we need to do. So could that be manipulation? It could be, but why? I mean, who would come here and deliver a message that basically says, “Your planet is at risk. Your spiritual Intelligence is your greatest gift. And you need to act now for your own survival and only you can secure it. So unite, preserve your environment and become a race of people who are united and inspired because that will help the universe, once you step out there.” And that’s their message. So that feels valid to me.

GR: Yeah, I mean, it feels valid to me too, but how do we get people that are, you know, just getting on board now, with the government and the media saying, “Hey, there actually is unidentified aerial phenomena” and, you know, the U.S. Navy’s admitted it? And they’re finally waking up to maybe some kind of UFO in the skies and now we’re gonna tell them, “You know, they’ve been here for decades and they’re manipulating everything.” I mean, that’s a tough pill to swallow for people.

RS: It is.

GR: How can we give them something tangible? [crosstalk]

RS: You know, to me the starting point is one of caution. It’s one that sees the universe as nature so it doesn’t…it’s not a universe that defies nature, meaning like there’s no competition in the universe. It’s like, why would you start there? Why would you begin your inquiry into the UFO phenomenon, thinking that the universe is love and light and that we are evil or dark or, you know, degenerate? I mean, why would you start there? You could end there, after real inquiry, but the place to start, is that: Okay, our world is probably a rare planet in the universe we live in. That’s what our science is telling us based upon findings of exoplanets, the rarity of Earth-like worlds in the universe. Now, there are others out there, but they’re not common. That’s a starting point.
Second is: Somebody at some point may desire this planet. That’s pretty plausible, right? I mean, if it’s a rare planet, someone might want it.

GR: Yeah.

RS: Third: We human beings are destroying the environmental habitability and viability of this planet. We are doing damage, some of it irreparable for millennia. And we are putting at risk our own survival here by poisoning our atmosphere, you know, and more than that. So we’re destroying this world.
And now, appearing in our skies are unidentified objects, you know, unidentified aerial phenomena, whatever you call it—craft. And when you look at the research and the evidence, it’s pretty evident some of that is not of human origin. And when you look at the activities of those craft, flying over military installations, you know, zipping through the sky, not revealing their intentions, potentially taking people, potentially putting things inside of people, potentially killing or mutilating animals, livestock.
Okay, mmm. So we live on a valuable planet. The universe is probably inhabited by not just us. Somebody may eventually want this planet or come here seeking something from it. And here they are, or someone is in our skies doing things that…

GR: And in our water and deep within in our oceans, too.

RS: Absolutely. And perhaps it’s an Intervention, you know. It’s like, I think of the native peoples of this continent, North America and South America. When they first saw those tall ships, initially they thought, “Well, these are emissaries from the spirit realm. This is the prophecy coming true. Look at their dress. Look at the feather in their cap. Look at the ship. Look at the gun powder, the horse.” It’s all new, right? And they associated it with their belief system, which is understandable. And then these forces, seeing those beliefs, played into them to gain access, to gain a landing point.
All it would take is for someone coming to the chiefs of those villages or those dispersed tribes and saying, “Look, I know you think this or believe that or want that. This is who they are. They’re here to take your land. They are. Sorry.” And that’s what the Allies have done. It’s a message.
It’s almost like it’s a communication, almost of a diplomatic nature because it comes in good spirit. It comes to engage, but to inform us, who are very confused about this phenomena.
And so your question is a really important one. I mean, how do you get this kind of understanding across to those who are first finding out about contact? And to me, it’s: Start with the obvious. Start where you should start. Don’t start with extraterrestrial saviors or the return of Jesus Christ, the alien. Don’t go there. That’s not where you start.
You start with nature.You start with Earth. You start with the position, the environmental crisis, on Earth. And then you work down from there. And the logical series of steps to take is what I laid out. It’s that we live in an inhabited universe. Our world is rare; Earth-like worlds are rare. Our world is desired by others. We are destroying our world. Others have appeared. They are doing things that suggest less than positive intent. And therefore, what are we facing? We’re facing an intruder—simple as that.
And, I think many, many people can get that. Many people, millions of people, the millions of people who will learn about the UFO phenomenon in the years ahead, either because of planned disclosure or accidental disclosure, or pure curiosity, or, you know, conversations like this—they can get that. It’s like, yeah, we all know what an intruder is and why they intrude and what you do with an intruder. You say, “No.”
And, you know, it’s confounding to see, out there on the internet, people harboring these beliefs, for example, about abduction saying they had a soul contract to be taken, or willingly calling their child an indigo child, the star child, a child that is the product of an extraterrestrial hybridization program, as if that’s a good thing. I mean, this is the loss of reason, this is the abandonment of ration to me. This is not where you start.
So my feeling is that many people, the majority, who come in contact with the awareness of this phenomenon of UFOs or government involvement with off-planet forces, can come to that very real, logical conclusion that we have an intruder in the house.

GS: What about God’s Message, what did you name it? Was it…Do you think about the repercussions of saying God in the message, like that kind of thing, the religious connotations it comes with? Or is this more of like…Are you pretty specific in the Message, that it’s a universal Deity, that it’s not a dogmatic God of the Earth kind of thing?

RS: It’s definitely not a dogmatic God of the Earth. God…this is…The New Message…

GS: You must have risked that a little bit using God in the terms, right, you know?

RS: Oh sure we, you know, I get a lot of resistance and reaction to that statement of “a New Message from God.” But this is not the old God, the God in the sky, father in robes in the clouds. I mean, this is the Presence that is moving life intelligently and unifying it across the universe. I mean, this is what gives order to life, meaning to life.
It’s not that this God, however, is, you know, governing the universe or is determining all events because the New Message, you know, it says that God set in motion the forces of evolution, and now those forces are running themselves. So this isn’t a creationist God that just sparked Earth and the universe within days or weeks. No. This is a Divine Presence that has been at work in the universe since before humanity ever existed—billions of years, working across billions of worlds who are never going to adopt our religious founders or saviours. They have their own, or they have none.

GS: Yeah.

RS: But it’s that God, that God is what has spoken again to this world. And it’s the God of the Greater Community. And that’s like, “wow,” that’s a revelation in and of itself. It’s that God is not a father. God is not…didn’t make humanity the center of the universe. God did not choose one people over others. No. God is the Creator of the universe. And that, when you begin to go into that kind of God experience, it’s very liberating.

GS: Yeah.

RS: I don’t have a problem with the word God.

GS: Yeah, no I don’t either anymore. But I can see how…

RS: Once you know, right, once you know you’re not talking about a human created God, a God we have made in our image, you’re talking about an Intelligence that infuses all life. And the New Message, it says that God is really the sum of all of this Knowledge, this spiritual Intelligence. It’s all linked together.

GS: Yeah.

RS: It’s like a network that has common direction, and the nodes of the network are in each of us. And that’s why when you find this experience of Knowledge for yourself and begin to follow it, it intelligently brings you into purpose and into relationship. And it brings you…it takes you places you wouldn’t ever think to go because your thinking is too small. Your thinking is human bound. We’re not yet thinking in terms of a Greater Community of life, but Knowledge is.

RS: The spiritual Intelligence, it knows about the universe. It knows about contact. It knows about the Intervention. It knows the plight of humanity right now. And so when you respond to Knowledge, it’s responding to that, too. And so in a way, it’s the most intelligent choice you could make. You know some people would think, “Well, no, no, no. ‘It’s about Knowledge, spirituality.’ That’s wishy-washy airy-fairy. That’s the fluff. It’s all about science and technology and governments.”
But what is the mind that is generating the decisions that determine those things? Because the world is the result of billions of decisions being made every day. So what kind of mind is making those decisions? And I think we have to know that our mind, it does act in self-interest. It is inherently afraid of destruction, of isolation. And it is not yet aware or educated about the context for life, which is the universe. The universe, it is the context
So in a kind of an amazing way, this spiritual Mind, it is the most intelligent driver for the human race. And if more people could realize that, “My God, I need to be a part of that. I need to be a man or woman of Knowledge,” then that right there will generate very unpredictable, very miraculous kinds of things in the world. Hard to call, hard to know what will happen when people do all that.

GS: I can dig it. Where can our listeners track down the books if they want to read them for themselves? Are they available for purchase anywhere or online in PDF form?

RS: They are available free online. NewMessage.org is the New Message from God. And we have almost all the books are up that we’ve published. They’re up there free, free online. Steps to Knowledge is there. And the Allies of Humanity briefings are also free online, all four books. And those are at alliesofhumanity.org.

GS: Those available on audio yet?

RS: The New Message…well the New Message is…the more recently revealed message is available in audio form so you can…I mean, there’s hundreds and hundreds of the original mp3s of this Voice, this Angelic Voice speaking through Marshall, my father.

GR: Oh, perfect.

RS: And so what you see in the books is what happened after he hit record.

GS: Wow.

RS: He hit record; this Presence descended upon him and our family, and it spoke. And afterwards he doesn’t even often know what it said through him. And what it said is extremely coherent and reasonable and logical and mysterious and inspiring and modern. You know, this is not the old God of the clouds and the skies, you know, and the throne. This is a Presence, an Angelic Presence communicating a Divine Intent. And that’s what the New Message from God is.

GS: Right on. I do have one last question…
Oh boy.
Yeah. Might open up a can of worms, but…
Here it comes.
I don’t want to drag us through this polarized trap, but how do we navigate the complex waters of stuff like climate change? Because, you know, they’re about to start spraying—no, no let’s—just bear with me here because it’s not as simple as you think. I mean, they’re about to start spraying chemicals in the air to block the sun because of the supposed warming. You know, when the temperature records have been used selectively to show certain things…So you know, this is a complex issue. I mean, I’m, we’re all for the environment and to try and clean it up and to try and take care of it. But you know, it’s not as simple as an answer. I mean are, you know, trees okay? They’re somewhat renewable or you know, like what? There’s it’s a very, very hot topic, so how do we navigate that, you know, properly without falling into traps of propaganda and all this kind of crap?

RS: Right, right. Well, there’s what you know you can do already, you know.

GS: Yeah.

RS: I have two electric cars and electric bicycles and that’s what I know to do. I can’t burn gas very often. I just can’t do that. That’s Knowledge. Nobody told me to do that. That’s not a philosophy or a political party that told me to do that. I just knew it, and one day it clicked in me and that old gas junker, I just couldn’t hit the pedal; I couldn’t gas that thing anymore.
So I mean that, you know, for me that was a moment of knowing that led to pretty big change, you know, in terms of my energy use. And so that’s available to people. There are solutions out there that are supportable. I mean, we need the forests to be preserved; they are the carbon sink. They are the lungs of the world. And so there are things to support.
But above and beyond it all, when you realize that we’re facing Intervention that has the power to enslave this world in time, a quiet slavery, a peaceful prison with hidden bars that is hybridizing our race, that is affecting our genetics, our thinking, really, this is take over. This is a quiet…this is another organism taking over another organism. And when you see that, you start to look at other people, whether they’re Russian or Chinese or from anywhere in the world, as like, we’re really human. We’re all…we really are on each other’s side now.
And a common threat…I don’t want to make a threat out of something that isn’t one, but this is one. This is a threat. The Intervention is a threat. And when people begin to realize that—some governments, some factions in government have already realized that; some are resisting this Intervention already—when more realize that, that becomes the impetus, the landslide towards preserving our environment. Why? Because if our environment is degraded, we are vulnerable and we are not self-sufficient and we will need foreign technology to survive. And that will make us dependent on the sources of that technology.
And they’re not just gonna give it to us. There’s just there’s no free lunch in the universe where someone just gives it. No. It’s like what do they get, right?
And the Allies say: You will fall into the sphere of influence of larger powers and they will breed out of you your ability to know. They will change your thinking. They will constrict your societies. They will ostracize your critics and your free thinkers. And freedom as we now know it will be gone, and we will lose more or less the entirety of what we have created in our civilization, in all cultures. All the great works of humanity will be relics or memories or totally forgotten.
And that…I mean, think about it…like, how tragic if the world, all of what’s gone on on earth…a lot of trauma, a lot of problems and pain conflict, but a lot of beauty. Like, we are a spiritually rich race. And the Allies say that, by the way, richer than others out there, richer than the overall environment. We have gifts to give. We have assets to bring to the table to our local region of space. How tragic if that multi-millennia investment in this race was eliminated. And if we quietly succumb to the Intervention and continue to go to war with each other and degrade our environment, that’s what will happen. That’s what the Allies say.

GS: It feels close. It feels close.
Closer than ever.

RS: So now we need to promote the preservation of our environment so that we remain self-sufficient in the universe. We need to promote human unity as often and in as many places as we possibly can because you can’t step into the universe as a world of 180-plus nations. You step into the universe as one. And it’s obvious that’s where we need to go but we need to go there you know like there are…

GS: We need to go there organically, though. We need to go there organically, not from some government control. I mean, that’s the…

RS: Truly. The urge to merge is right there in us, you know. It’s what gives direction to our own lives, our own personal lives, to come into relationship. So we need unity and relationship with each other.
And then lastly, the Allies call for us to become discreet in the universe. We’ve been broadcasting into space the entirety of our thinking and tendencies and behaviors and weaknesses for decades, and that has been picked up. Those signals have been picked up and that content has been viewed. And we have been watched and analyzed beyond what we know. And so every way to get at a human being, to pull our strings, to penetrate our weaknesses, to inflame our anger towards each other, it has been discerned and it is being used against us. And so that’s the third.
And last—and a challenging one—is to become discreet, which is to seal our borders to space so that we can organize our world and slowly step out and move in this direction that is our destiny. Whether it takes 50 years or 300 years or 1000 years, this is gonna happen.
But at the end of all, you’re either a client state of a greater power or you are a free world. And the Allies of Humanity, they are races that chose the latter. They chose that unique and difficult journey of becoming a free world. And they know how difficult it is and they look back to us human beings and they’re thinking, “They’re gonna need some guidance on this. They’re gonna need to know what they’re facing.”
And so that’s really what the Briefings are. They’re almost…they’re an act of…they’re like bequeathing wisdom from a race that’s gone through something to a race that hasn’t. Just like a human being, like an act of grace or wisdom would be someone who’s been through life to give to someone who’s about to go through life.
And of course, they don’t give that young person the answer of what they need to do with their life. They don’t make the decisions for them. They don’t affirm that they’re really weak and young and incapable, so let me, the elder tell you what to do. Now okay, that’s the Intervention speaking. The Allies speaking is: “You are a young emerging world about to go through what we went through, and only you can do it. And here are the keys. Here’s your key strength. Here’s what you’ll face, some of it, but in the end, you have to know and you have to take the right steps on your own behalf.” And that’s how wisdom is given.

GS: You can’t really argue with that message, I mean, it’s very…
Yeah. I can dig it.
Right on, Reed. Thanks for coming on buddy. It was a fun chat.
Absolutely. I’m gonna check out some of that audio for sure. I enjoy your passion.

RS: Thank you both, guys.

GS: Yeah, we’ll put all the links in the show notes and stuff. We’ll let you know when it comes out in podcast form as well. And yeah, thanks so much.
Good conversation. Important.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
Come back sometime. Let us know how we’re doing in the war on consciousness. And we’ll keep doing we can here to try and wake people up one way or another.

RS: Good. Well, a huge gift and service is just to tell the truth about contact, you know, and share that logical reason-based, nature-based perspective with people who are finding out that, “Whoa, we are not alone.” That’s huge, right? And people need some perspective I think around that discovery.

GS: Right on. Thanks a lot.

RS: Okay, thank you both…all right, bye guys. [signs off]

GS: That was our chat with Reed Summers, son of Marshall Summers, on the Allies of Humanity Briefings. Whew, that was a very interesting chat.
Yes, I agree. [the talk continues]

Original broadcast: https://grimerica.ca/2019/10/27/385-reed-summers/

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