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There’s so much to talk about on this important issue and sometimes the open internet isn’t the best place for it. I would love to share with you my deeper thought process regarding Contact as well as insights and resources to aid in the personal experience of what can be a very opaque and confusing reality.

alien Disclosure

Insightful perspective into the campaign for UFO disclosure and the paths to getting this within and beyond government

Activities of the non-human intelligence (NHI)

The overt and subtle activities of NHI behavior in the world and the dynamics at play with vested interests in the secrecy apparatus.

rational Implications of Contact

Exploring the implications of Contact for our societies, religions and human institutions and the major ontological, philosophical and spiritual challenges and opportunities this presents


If the human species is being discovered, that means us. We are the members of the human species going through this major event. I explore what this means at a personal level, the mental and emotional experience of this event and the calling to become a part of this evolutionary event by preparing for it, living within it, and acting through it in our lives.

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