We’re gonna go through something big. And you need to make it because you are a person of promise. You have a higher purpose for being in the world. You have gifts to give to the world that need to be given five years or ten years or 20 years from now. So it’s important that you make it.

And there will be numerous casualties to this, many of them economic, many of them in terms of mental health. This will tear up marriages. This will destroy career paths. This will produce addiction and mental illness. And you need to not be a part of that casualty, that number of casualties in the world. You need to be someone who makes it through, who used this crisis for a positive and beneficial purpose to develop something on the inside so that you can be in a position to give to others. That’s what the world is going to need.

And this pandemic is but one of a number of Great Waves of change that are coming. And those waves will sweep across our world in ten years, in 20 years. We’re talking about climate change, sea level rise, desertification, the collapse of agriculture in whole parts of the world. We’re talking about major, major changes that will have their own sweeping effect, but not now but later. But these are all stacking up. And so even if you make it through this and it’s all okay and you go back to your job and life is normal, the next one is coming. So when will you get strong? When will you rebuild your foundation? I would recommend now. I would recommend not just kind of checking out on the world and checking out on your life and just going into the basement of the house and then hunkering down for two years there, you know, with Netflix and some computer games and unlimited food and whatever. I mean, this is not a time to check out. This is a wake up call for you. Will you use this to get ready?

Or will you not? And if you don’t, you will recall a time when you faced something big and you slunk away, you pulled away into the shadows of your life. And that will be a discouragement at that future time that you can do it then. So I think you need a success. You need to stack up a success for yourself, not a failure, not a lost opportunity, a success, so that when you face something bigger in the future…because as we teach and as the New Message that we represent teaches, we are facing ever bigger challenges as the years go on. How are you going to face those if you can’t face this? So that’s the opportunity here.

Reed Summers teaches about taking this time during one pandemic of many to become in a position to give. We will face ever bigger challenges in the future, so why not face something big in your life now?

This video is taken from a full broadcast on May 23rd, 2020 with Marshall, Patricia and Reed Summers: “Living in the COVID19 Pandemic: 7 Key Skills You Will Need in a World Facing Great Change.”

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