Excerpt from The Messenger’s Vigil in February 2022.

What is the New Message from God?

In 1982 and 1983 my father Marshall Vian Summers had a series of initiations with an Angelic Presence. And this Angelic Presence called him into the deserts of the American Southwest and told him to record, to begin to record, a series of messages for the world. And he did that. And in the years that followed, those messages came through him and those messages are now what we call the New Message from God. The New Message from God is a series of revelations delivered to Marshall over a 38-year period. There have been over 850 Angelic encounters that he has had with a mysterious Presence and Voice that first came to him back in the 80s in that desert setting and is now still with him today.

And through those encounters came individual revelations, usually 30 minutes to 60 minutes in length, and then in addition, whole books of revelation given as books. And at present, 388 of those individual revelations are now available to the world. And 20 books of the Revelation are currently published, with 19 more yet to be published. And some of these books of Revelation Marshall himself is compiling from the individual revelations that were not given as a book. 

All told, this is over 9000 pages of original Revelation from a Divine Source. And this Revelation is now being translated into these 36 languages. And week after week, more and more of it is available to be read and shared in those languages.

And yet, when I step back and think to myself, What is the New Message?, I also feel that it is more than just these books and these revelations, these texts and these audio recordings, which I’ll speak more about in a moment. It really is communication at its heart. This is an extension of love and connection from a Divine Source through the Angelic Presence that oversees our world, into this world, to you. It is fundamentally communication beneath words and beyond words, and that communication lives on in this day even though some of these revelations were given many years ago. The intention, the will and the relationship that you have with that Higher Power is reflected in these words. These words point back to it, and it is a living experience that you can have by studying these words, by practicing these words, by living these words. 

So the Message is more than a message. The books are more than just books. It really is an extension of this relationship that we have and a communication of a new intention, a new will for our human race as it goes into the next phase of its evolution and steps out into a larger universe of life. So I’ll speak more about that in a moment.

And before I depart this question, these are the books of the New Message from God as they stand right now—the ones that are online, or mostly online—all free and available for anyone in the world to read and to study. They’re organized into seven volumes. And Patricia and I, my mother who’s with me tonight, we’re going to talk more about these volumes tonight and tomorrow. 

Volume One is the Revelation of a new set of realities, and you can see those new realities reflected in the titles of the books of Volume One. And tomorrow morning, we’re going to be going into what it means to learn about those new realities, to integrate them and then to act upon them in your life. So this is the New Message from God. 

The next question, very important: 

Why is it here and why is it needed?

The New Message is fundamentally here because of two enormous evolutionary changes occurring in our world. The first is our emergence into a universe of intelligent life, which is occurring now through contact with that intelligent life here in our world. And the second reason it’s here is because of the degradation of our environment and what the New Message calls the Great Waves of environmental, economic, and social change that are literally reshaping the surface of our human world at this moment, and that we are all dealing with increasingly, even in the context of a global pandemic.

These two great evolutionary leaps, steps, hurdles, walls—however you want to picture them—are things that we must have a Revelation from a Higher Power to fully understand—well, first to recognize even and then to understand—and then to wisely act upon, not just in haste in this moment, but over decades and even centuries. Because who on Earth is looking ahead more than one, two, five, maybe ten years? Who’s looking 100 years into the future? Who’s looking 500 years? 

Well, the answer is that the Creator of all life is looking that far ahead and that we are not. And though we do need to deal with what’s in front of us today, the pressing matters facing our societies, in our own personal lives as well, we need to be acting in a way that hopefully prefers a beneficial outcome in that 100 to 500 and beyond time frame, so that our race, the human race that has been on this planet for many thousands of years can continue to evolve and grow and make a contribution to other life, life beyond our world ultimately. That’s the vision. 

And so without a new Revelation to tell us what’s really happening within and beyond our world, how to hold it or how to regard it beyond our own personal self-interests, beyond the identities of our nations and our tribes and our religions, without a Revelation to tell us what to do individually that would be a part of a greater coordination of individuals within our world that transcends our own personal self-interest, how would we be able to know these things and take those kinds of actions? We couldn’t. It takes a Higher Power to show us what we cannot see because we do not know what we do not know, and therefore how could we ever act upon those things we cannot know and see without a Revelation from a Higher Power? So those are the two big reasons the New Message from God is here. And there are many others.

And a deep one, a really important one—and I can’t go through them all, but I want to touch on this one—is that it is here in the world, because we are here in the world. Who we are is a soul passing across lifetimes, making an appearance in physical life to make a specific contribution, one that we wanted to make, which is why we’re here. And where we came from before this life, that spiritual reality—a permanent reality—has sent this Message from God to reach us here to allow us to remember a greater life that we had, a greater will that we had before entering this world; and to give us the tools we need to access what it calls Knowledge, the spiritual Mind that we now carry, which can, through us, give unique and greatly needed gifts to the world in concert with others.

And so the New Message is here because we’re here. It comes from the same Greater Reality that we came from. It is a message from Home to us who live adrift or in exile or in isolation or estranged from our greater spiritual reality. And it invites us home so that we can bring Home here to a world that desperately needs that experience. So this is part of why the New Message is here.

And lastly before I depart this question, it is the very immediate, very urgent crises that we are facing in the world today. Some of those crises I’ll share with you on screen here: 

Climate change and catastrophic weather, rising seas in the decades ahead, declining resources around the world, overpopulation, economic instability, escalating war and conflict, human migration, the loss of arable land and fresh water, destruction of our natural environment, pandemic illness, and finally Intervention by forces from beyond our world.

These are the urgent crises that the New Message from God has long spoken of for years and that it responds to very directly, and that it gives us the clarity and the comprehension and the tools to act, not just on the surface of things, but at a deeper level of things as well. And so the New Message from God is all about these crises, which humanity has been unable or unwilling to respond to adequately for the survival of the human race because that is our foundation. Our foundation is: Can we survive? And if we can survive, we can give; we can make a greater achievement and contribution.

But the Creator of all life wants us first to survive, and presently we are not on the path of surviving. The New Message makes this very clear. Presently we are not on the path of surviving into the deep future on a time scale that will allow us to bring forward humanity’s greatest gifts. That is why there’s a New Message from God in the world. The next question: 

Who is it for?

The New Message is a communication from the Source of all life. It is not a God…coming from a God that belongs to one tradition, one part of the world, one tribe, one chosen people. This is the Creator of all life speaking to all humanity. This message is for everyone. It is for those of any religion or no religion. It is coming from the same Source that has guided humanity since the beginnings of time. This is the Divine Source of life in our universe and that guides us here in the world today. And as such, it’s inherently uniting.

This is not a force to divide or to claim exclusive rights to God’s Word and Creation and Will. This is simply the next communication from the same God that has been seeking to guide us all along. And therefore, it’s a gift to people of all religions that can hopefully bring them back to the heart of their religions. It’s a gift to those who have no religion or are not even interested in religion, or don’t even believe in God. It’s still a message for them. It’s a gift to them as well.

And so the onus is not to believe or to conform or to change where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with, your family, your tribe, your religion. It’s a calling to receive an original communication to the heart of you and to the heart of the world, to the most fundamental core of what unites us so that that can radiate out through all the tribes and all the religions and families and nations of the world to touch every side of every crisis and issue that we’re facing. That’s what the New Message is and who it’s for.

Next I’d like to talk about where it came from. The New Message from God says of God that God is the presence of all relationship in the universe. God is not an entity or a singular personage or person or father. God is a Presence that binds and unites all life in the universe of life, which is a universe of billions and billions of inhabited worlds. The New Message came from that God. 

But this is a God that does not speak the English language, that does not know much about your life and who you’re married to and what’s next for you and what you like for breakfast and the problems that are waiting for you on a Monday morning at work.

This is a big God, a big Presence that infuses the universe in which we live. And yet it must touch all those throughout separate form in this universe. And so, there is a cascading hierarchy of Angelic Presence that reaches down to touch all of us. And they do know your name and who you’re married to and where you’re going in your life, and maybe even what’s waiting for you at your desk on Monday morning. They are intimately connected to you. The New Message calls them a number of things, but one is your Spiritual Family and the Unseen Ones, or the Angelic Presence.

And so, the New Message is a communication beyond words that has now been translated into words by the Angelic Presence that oversees life in our world. And that is where it comes from. It is a communication beyond words. And the words that you read are the words of that communication now translated into a form that we can understand and translate into all the languages of Earth and share with one another. So its source is Divine. Its source is also Angelic.

And yet, I do want to touch on here that it’s not just a message to reach us who are disconnected ourselves or completely separate from that Higher Power; we are intrinsically still connected at the level of Knowledge, the spiritual Mind within us. And so the New Message is a communication reaching down to us, you could imagine from on high if you want, or from beyond, whichever sense of direction you like. But it is also a communication that is already reaching up through us, through Knowledge within us. So it’s not like we’re just on the receiving end of a phone call or we just got a letter from a distant continent. This is also emerging right through us, right like the water table rising up through the land itself. It’s the spiritual presence of God that is in us now, trying to reach up through us, trying to reach from beyond us with this Message.

Next I’d like to bring this down to more of the facts and the story and the journey of Marshall, my father, and how this was received. Patricia is going to talk more about this, so I’m not going to say a whole lot at the moment. But I just want to briefly tell you how the New Message came into the form that you now see it on a website or in a book or in a recording. 

Since those early days in the 80s, Marshall would find that this Angelic Presence that had been with him for many years grew in power, almost to the point of overtaking his ability to resist it or to ignore it, and overtaking even his faculties of speech in time. And it would come occasionally, not that often, at various intervals. It would come upon him and he would feel he had to relent to the power of its Voice and his voice then became the Voice that you now hear in the recordings of the New Message. Those recordings are Marshall in this state of revelation, this overpowering sense of Presence, of an Angelic Presence, which is then speaking through his voice, Marshall’s body and voice, but in a very different kind of tone than he would ever speak in, and you’ll hear that in the recordings.

Those spoken communications were recorded, usually on tape, or in digital form now, and were then transcribed in text and are now what you see in the books of the New Message. Everything you see in the New Message was largely spoken in this state and recorded and transcribed. There are a few cases of Marshall writing this without speaking it, and that typically happened in times when his health was not strong enough to receive the Voice because the Voice experience, in his own words, is massively overpowering, like doing a day’s work in 20 minutes, as if a symphony hall of 100 musicians just played one of the greatest classical compositions in history in his mind within him. So, very, very powerful, very taxing on his physiology, took a big toll on his health. And so, but that is how the New Message was received. 

And before I pass the stage over to Patricia, who’s going to give us more of that story and that context for how the New Message came into the world, I do want to just step back—make sure that I do this because I think it’s really important—and just for a moment look at the core message of the New Message. Because within 9000 pages, you can imagine there are thousands of messages, but what is the core message? What is the heart of all of this? And I think it’s very important to stop and consider that. 

I’d like to share that the heart of the New Message is that our world is taking its next step. It’s emerging into this universe of life for which it is greatly unprepared, not united, not clear-minded and not acting, even now on Earth, in the ways that will give it a successful future in this larger universe. So we are emerging. We are an emerging race. At the same time, our world is being despoiled and our runway for survival is being shortened and shortened and shortened. And yet this always happens when a race emerges into the universe of intelligent life. Very interesting. We can talk more about that later.

At this time of emergence and planetary crisis, people have been born with a purpose to serve that world at that time. And we are those people. And yet our purpose can only be revealed through the timeless part of us, what the New Message calls Knowledge. It cannot be revealed through the worldly part of us that’s been shaped and conditioned by culture and family and religion. And so we need to make contact with Knowledge, take the Steps to Knowledge, become students of Knowledge so that that Knowledge can emerge up out of us in our lives through our words and actions and make a contribution that we may personally never thought we would make, and that’s because it comes from a higher power that is moving through us.

The New Message is about this emergence, this planetary crisis and this Knowledge in the human race. That’s its core. From that, it touches many, many, many other aspects of life, many, many other problems in the world. It reveals the nature of God, a new experience of God, but of the Greater Community of life in which we live, not just a God of Earth in our tribal histories. It talks about new forces in the world like new environments like the mental environment, the environment of thought that we exist in. It teaches about relationships of a higher order, what it calls Relationships of Higher Purpose [link].

It is a set of very strong and very powerful messages to the religions of the world regarding what they need to stop doing, the ideas and beliefs they need to let go of. So it’s a very strong set of admonitions in religion. It’s all of this. But at its heart and at its core, it is our emergence into the universe of life, the next step, the planetary crisis we are now in and the activation of Knowledge in us, in you, so that we can make our contribution to that.

So I think that’s very powerful and mysterious and big, and it’s beyond me, that’s for sure, but I’m privileged and happy to be a part of it. 

And then, finally, what is this all for? 

What is the New Message here to do in the world? 

This is an important one as well. Well, the New Message is putting forth a new vision for the human race, one in which our world is united under a new sense of identity of that of being human, not just a person of a tribe or a nation or a religion; and that as a human family, we can emerge successfully into the Greater Community of life. We can thwart this very dangerous Intervention that is occurring in our world. We can heal the environment of our world enough to provide a sustainable future and in time, step out into this larger universe and interact with forms of life that will interact with us, whether we like it or not. 

And so this is the change that the New Message is seeking to stimulate in the world. It is all going to be done through Knowledge in the individual, and through the recognition that we individually have to participate in something bigger and beyond us.

It’s not a political movement. It’s not a movement to confront or to change societies or religions. It’s a gift and a calling and a warning as well. And yet, it will be the individual who receives it, not the institutions, not the governments. And that’s why the New Message has been given to one man with no worldly position, no worldly associations, so that you individually could receive it unadulterated by any of that. It’s a pure Message received by one man for you. And so with that, thank you.

I hope that was a helpful orientation for you, or an introduction if this is completely new to you. And I do want to share…let’s see if I have that…no, I do not, but all of the books of the New Message that are being made available you can read at newmessage.org/library. So everything I’ve shared with you is right there to be seen, to be read and to be heard originally from the Revelation itself. So I invite you to do that. It’s a big journey to take. It’s a big education. It’s a big life practice that’s required here and it’s a new way of living and being in the world.

And as we go into the Vigil in the days ahead, we’re going to be spending time on each of those, on this new education, this new practice and this new way of being in the world. 

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