Recorded live on January 26, 2018 During the Messenger’s Vigil in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Read the Revelation “How Does God Participate in the World?”

Reed: We can return to that permanent state of relationship from which we came. What a remarkable thing. Here the reality of God is being re-centered, I feel, in the individual. It’s not in a book. It’s not in a church. It’s not with a religious leader. It’s actually within you. You brought that portal point to access that network of relationship right within you into this life.

And this gives a major hint as to this next question, which is, How does God communicate in the world? Well, we would have to say that God communicates in the world as God communicates in the universe. And this precisely is why we need a revelation about life in the universe, which has come, in which reveals this timeless plan of God at work in all worlds and in a very universal way. Obviously it can’t be pinned to one prophet or one book of Scripture. It has to be based upon this core and abiding spiritual intelligence. What else? Could it be based upon the work and life of Jesus? Muhammad? If that’s what we hold to, I don’t think our ability to connect with other forms of life would be that deep, that real. Because, again, that’s an idea.

And so the core of how God communicates in the world is how God communicates in the universe. And I’d like to share three fundamental ways that that communication happens. First is through Knowledge. God moves through Knowledge in the individual. And this strikes at the purpose for life on this earth, which is to rediscover that Knowledge, build a bridge between the thinking mind and the knowing mind, and allow Knowledge to communicate over that bridge into the separate world to serve the world. And this is the major way that God is moving right now—every night, every day—on Earth. And it is through Knowledge that God is able to move through these second two channels.

The second is through relationships of purpose, relationships between two people or more, unified in a purpose in service to others. And the New Message says that it is through these relationships that your experience of God becomes manifest in perhaps the most powerful way. And this reality of relationship I personally have found so deep and inspiring, because we may want God now; we may want to bridge the Separation and Return, and reach out and find the Divine and, you know, heal the divide. But the New Message reveals that God works through relationship. It’s not just about 7 billion points of light, or 7 trillion points of light, or 7 to the 500 points of light, all reaching for the Divine individually. It’s about rivers. It’s about streams becoming rivers, becoming great channels. And this is relationship, all leading back to the ocean of this timeless state of relationship that we all came from. And so God seeks to connect us to others and then seeks to connect them to others, purposefully. And this is really how God, beyond the presence of Knowledge in the individual, moves, impacts the world.

And then lastly is through Revelation. At certain times God needs to speak to the whole world at once with one message, not many messages that would be, you know, compared and contrasted and confused between each other. One message needs to reach the hearts of many, many people, in a short period of time. And that is the reality of Revelation. And in that process, a Messenger is sent into the world from the Angelic Presence that watches over the world and receives this communication for that world at that time. And this indeed has happened now through Marshall Vian Summers.

So I’d like to read a passage here that beautifully explains this process and how all three are in motion. [reads:]

God speaks to the world through [a] deeper Knowledge within the individual and through the power of United relationships, where this deeper power can be expressed and experienced between two or more people.

Periodically, God speaks to the world to deliver a message to the world. This is very infrequent, perhaps only happening every few centuries… God speaks to the world through these great Messages. They are beyond the immediate needs of the individual. They encompass the needs of humanity as a whole and are for the welfare and evolution of humanity as a whole.

And so that point where the redemption and the return can begin is always there, no matter what your circumstance, no matter what you’ve done in this life or not done in this life. The opportunity to begin the journey home is with you always—again, part of the revolution of the New God experience.

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