There are people out there you need to meet. There is purposeful work for you to do in the world and you’re not there yet. You have to feel that calling, you know, for something bigger and more important for your life. You could ask yourself: “Is there something I must do before I pass away from this life in this world? Is there something I must do? What’s waiting for me?” And if there is and you can feel that, that’s what would compel you into this evaluation, to begin to gain movement and authority over your own life so that you could go there and fulfill that. 

You know, a huge part of this Deep Evaluation is learning to say no. It’s actually learning to say no to those things that you have said yes to mindlessly and in a way that’s not good for you. It’s learning to conserve your energy. So all of that psychic energy you’re sending out, focusing on, you know, theories and conjecture, conspiracies—outer, outer, outer. You need to bring that home to yourself; you need that energy now. It almost doesn’t matter; it almost doesn’t matter who’s behind what and what forces in the world you think is controlling this or that. How are you doing? You know, if your health is in rough shape, if your relationships are in rough shape, if you’re not…if you don’t have a spiritual practice or any sense of connection to Knowledge, that’s the problem, right? So that’s the conspiracy to uncover is why is it that you, a spiritual being with gifts to give, are living the wrong life in the wrong place, potentially with the wrong people, without the energy to go somewhere new? Why is that? That’s the conspiracy to uncover. And it’s not a conspiracy of others. It’s a conspiracy of dynamics in relationship that are exerting influence upon you, probably over decades. And until you uncover what those are and begin to change them, you are not reclaiming your own power. And that’s what you’ll need. 

You will need power, internal power, to go through a multi-year financial depression, potentially, a major health crisis that could reshape the landscape at least for the next few years, and then all the Great Waves of change to come: climate change, sea level rise, increasing war and conflict, and more. So where are we going to find the power, the energy, the will? 

Well, we have it; it’s bound up in other things. It’s bound up in addictions. It’s bound up in unhealthy relationships, obsessive careers, too many possessions. It’s bound up.

This clip is an excerpt from: Living in the COVID19 Pandemic: How to Get Centered in Uncertain Times, April 18, 2020. View the full broadcast.

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