Jesus is not the only way to God. Jesus isn’t even the way God reaches you directly. In the New Message from God, it is taught that God reaches us through the deeper spiritual mind that God has put within us. To think that all people can only reach God through one person, is a huge error in religious thinking. Read more about Religious Fundamentalism as taught by the New Message…

“To believe that your great spiritual teacher, the founder of your religion, is the only great teacher, or the final great teacher, is a fundamental mistake.”

God speaks to us at the center of our being, not through another person or authority beyond us…

“The Higher Authority speaks to you in your most private place, the center of your Being, deep beneath the surface of your mind.

This is your greatest relationship and the Source of meaning and purpose in all of your relationships with people, with places and even with things.

You need this Higher Authority now to speak to the deeper part of you, to acquaint you with the deeper part of you and to prepare you for living in a new world and for engaging with a universe of intelligent life…”
Read more about “The Deep Union with God”

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Charlie · April 10, 2019 at 4:44 pm

Hello and Thank your for De Scribing Your Message. But it is incorrect and your details lack knowledge. To Know the Way is Je Connais and The Only Way to Get To God Is through Our Self. But our minds cannot be elevated and believe what the Torah holds True Unless We are Compelled. How Do You Serve God? With A Daily Offering ~ An Aroma Of Food ~ Jesus is the Fragrant Offering and Atonement and He Is The ONLY way to the Father ~ however Jesus is The Anointed One and The Righteous Branch ~

#QnAwGoD What Happens when you add wood to fire? Fire Wood and An Aroma Of the daily Offerings. QnAwGoD What is the oldest and first plant God created? #Hemp~ and Now welcome to The Land of Cana and The Endo Cana Binoid system. #Numbers16:46 #Romans3:25 #Genesis27:27 #Exodus 20:20

If we are to Serve God we must be Like Moses and Go To The Mountain with an Offer. Eat No Bread And Drink No Water but We Can Be Co Airs With Jesus in The Temple420 Of Hashem.
The Only Way To God is to Obey His commands and Serve Him Only.
Numbers28 ~ Be Scrupulous To Feed Me At My Appointed times ~ My Offerings My Food For My Fire ~ Ahh Enjoy the Oil and The Smell Of My Son @ A420BibleStudyandTorahTour

Hilary Canto · August 21, 2019 at 3:02 pm

Hi Reed, it is so wonderful to KNOW God within and to hear you speak of the New Message. I hope you don’t mind if I add this comment?

It is much harder for those new to the New Message teachings of the Way of Knowledge to fully comprehend the meaning of understanding God within. The Jewish people have a unique covenant with God that can not be understood unless you are a Jew. The Christians understand Jesus to be the way and the light because of the wording of the Testaments and how they have been taught.Judaism is the foundation for Christianity and Islam.

Everyone forgets that all religious teachers were ordinary people that were gifted by God to help us at the difficult times humanity faced when they incarnated on earth. Be it Moses, Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha etc.

It is good to talk of a greater religion and the unity of religion, about the great love of God however that is worshipped and how God can work through us, we can help people understand that it is the love of God embodied within Knowledge, the holy spirit that works through us to serve others in the world. This is how Jesus as the messenger of those times demonstrated knowledge in the way for the Christian understanding meaning the ONLY way to God was through him because he was the light and love of God. We allow ourselves to enter the mystery through the process of building our deeper relationship with the light and love that Christ brought and showed us from the father. The father of all creation on earth and in the universe.

I hope Charlie can see from this that the way Knowledge has been taught through Christianity and the relationship with Jesus is the doorway for the foundation of his religion, to help him come to God and serve in his community.To recognise the relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and ultimately God is the same essence of what we speak of as Knowledge.

The interpretation literally as a physical way to God is what limits the relationship with God and therefore it is the opening of the heart in interpreting and perceiving a deeper experience of the relationship within, feeling the essence of Knowledge which is there in each religion and can bring a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and all religions into coming closer to God however they perceive God to be.

Knowledge is within us all and in every religion. Our great religions need only open to the greater love of God through the mystery of Knowledge to understand what Jesus was really saying and to bring a greater religion of love and unity to our world.

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