What do you need to feel right with yourself and with where your life is going? It may not be what you think. It may be something different than where your mind wants to go, okay? But if you can tap that and get right there, it’s going to have huge downstream effects throughout your life.

If you need to be preparing for a major career and you’re not even near that, doing it, not even started, you’re gonna feel it. And that feeling will persist and it’ll wear you down. It’ll degrade your health. And then you’ll think your health is the problem, right, when no, it’s something else that you’ve been living with for far too long. Go to that and it will resolve and relieve all sorts of things downstream. You’ll sleep. You’ll digest food. You won’t feel so socially anxious, right, because your life is going where it needs to go. And I cannot stress enough the negative impact of not doing something you know you need to do for a long time.

It’s huge, what it can do to your health, for example. So stop, scan your life, feel out the whole spectrum of your life. Do a life map. It’s a practice we do in the New Message where you map out your life in its various stages to understand the direction, the arc, right, the trajectory that your life is on. And if there’s a lot of hard times and disturbing times, okay. But there are probably times of presence and confirmation where you really saw something, right, you saw something about your future. Mark those times; trace a line. And begin to take action.

If you have a sense that it’s, “Okay, I need to go back to school” or “okay, I need to address this relationship” or “I’m not in the right place”, begin to take steps. Go look at schools. Talk to that person. Look at other places to live. Look at the best cities in America to live in. Even at the level of superficial, just begin to take action because you’ll feel confirmation, or you’ll feel the opposite, which is a contraction. Expansion or contraction, expansion or contraction. But you’ll feel that when you start to do something. So if you’re frozen, you know, you need to start to do something new around which you can feel expansion or contraction at the level of Knowledge.

And I think with that repeated effort over time, you’re gonna find it. You’re gonna find which tunnel has the cheese, right? The mouse is hunting down the tunnel looking for the cheese, right? Well, if the mouse is just sitting there depressed, frozen in the middle of the maze, what kind of an experiment is that, right? So you need to start looking around, hunting around, become active.

What do you need to feel right with yourself? How can you find confirmation in your life? Reed discusses the process of confirming your right next step.ur right next step.

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Shawn Mathieson · May 29, 2020 at 8:40 pm

Timely and so helpful… thank you Reed for your continuing contribution and clarity. You always bring challenging wisdom with a healthy and happy dose of good will.


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