The Messenger in Seoul

The sky hung low over the rice fields west of Seoul. As our bus jostled back and forth, I watched the Messenger look upon the gray landscape of apartment blocks, construction cranes, highway flyovers and the many, many greenhouses that seemed to fill every space in between. Our bus turned Read more…


Over the Far North

The Messenger’s journey to Korea began on a cold October morning in Colorado. His flight would carry him across the Pacific, brushing the norther arctic and taking him over the wilds of Russia and then south to the city of Seoul. We shared the plane from Denver to San Franscisco Read more…

Leadville, CO

God Speaks at 12,000 Feet

On a fall evening in 2011, Marshall, Patricia and I walked at 12,300 feet in the hills above Leadville, Colorado. Its a tortured landscape above this former mining town: hewed ridges, residue slides, broken mine equipment and hills that aren’t actually hills, but mine tailings heaped several stories high. The Read more…